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Should I Opt For JEE Mains Online Exam or Offline? And Why?The JEE Main exam Paper 1 for BE/B.Tech (engineering) candidates will be held in both online and offline modes. The online mode would be a computer based test wherein questions will appear on the screen of a computer and candidate will have to mark answers. Many students are in the dilemma of whether to choose JEE Mains online exam or offline. There are many questions in the mind of JEE Main aspirant. What are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for online exam? Will the online exam be tougher or easier than the offline exam? Let us look into a few key points to help you decide.

JEE Main Offline Exam

In the pen and paper based test for JEE Main, candidates will be given a question paper with question in English and Hindi. An OMR sheet will be provided where candidate will have to mark the correct answer by filling in the bubble. The following are the pros and cons for appearing in the offline exam mode for JEE Main.


Familiarity with the offline exam pattern

Indian students have been habituated with the pen and paper based exam pattern. In school and coaching classes, the familiar mode of taking exams is offline. It is only lately that online mock tests have been provided as a study tool in cities, and even schools have promoted such tests. But over most part of their preparation, an engineering entrance exam candidate has solved questions by looking at it on a paper or book and marking the option. Thus, you might feel inclined towards feeling safer attempting the offline exam.

No worries about technical glitches

Quite an appreciable number of exams such as CAT and GATE are held as CBTs in India now. But despite the growing popularity, technical glitches and problems are a persistent issue. Many students have asked us what happens if there is a power problem during JEE Mains online exam? To this, we can safely say that CBSE will be taking all precautions to ensure that no such problems come up. And even if they do, immediate measures are taken. But for any system that involves power and technicalities, there are no guarantees.


Time taking process of marking answers in the OMR Sheet

You know what is worse than leaving a question and not getting marks for it? It is marking a question correct and still not get marks for it.

In an OMR sheet, you need to very accurately mark answers in the bubble.

How to mark answer in JEE Advanced 2015 ORS answer sheet? news Image

In a hurry if you partially fill the bubble or mark the bubble of an incorrect option, you lose precious marks.

And not only the answers, you also need to fill in your details in the application form like this. Takes up a lot of time.

Once an answer is marked, you cannot change it

That is another woe in any pen and paper based exam. But those who opt for the online mode can easily change their answers.

You might have filled a wrong option in the OMR sheet because you are in a hurry, or mark against the wrong question. For example, you solved question 85, but mistakenly mark the bubble of question 86. What do you do now? There is absolutely no way you can change the answer.

JEE Main Online (Computer Based) Exam

In the CBT or online exam of JEE Mains, you will be assigned a computer in the test center. The test will begin at the time mentioned in your admit card. You will be able to marks answers (options) by simply clicking on the bubble. Also, you will be able to move between sections and questions. There will also a be a question palette indicating which questions you have not yet attempted or marked for review. The points in favor and against appearing in the online JEE Main exam are listed below.


Questions can be marked for review and answers can be changed at any point of time.

You can move between questions by the click of a button. And also you can change answers even after marking one. Answering questions would be fool proof as there is no way you can mistakenly mark an answer. Also, if you get time after solving all the questions, you can revise the questions and change answers then.

If you are unsure of a question, mark it for review and come back to it after rest of the questions are done.

Less time wasted on marking answers

You don’t have to waste time filling in small bubbles. Just click on the answer and you are done.

You can see the official JEE online mock test before exam

In December, CBSE will launch the official JEE Main online mock test to help you familiarize with the computer based test pattern. So you can get a live experience then.

To practice for JEE online, check out JEE Main Online Mock Tests.


Low confidence

No, this is not applicable to all the candidates. But many of the applicants we have interacted with have come up with the same point “I am not confident about the online exam“. This could stem from the fact that for the past two years they have solved more pen and paper based exams than CBTs. The Olympiads and talent search examinations also have the same offline exam pattern of marking answers in an OMR sheet. So, candidates often feel a little less confident about going ahead with online JEE exam.

Noting wrong figures from the screen

All questions of mathematics, and most questions of physics, plus some of chemistry involve calculations. You will be provided with rough sheets during the online exam. While solving the calculation based questions, there is a chance of you noting down wrong figure or fact from the computer screen. Though this problem is also possible in the offline exam, but chances in CBT for this increases.

Should I Opt For Online JEE Main or Offline? What’s the final suggestion?

The final verdict is that choosing between online and offline exam should be a personal choice. We have highlighted the merits and demerits for both the modes. A quick recap is given below.

JEE Main Online


  • You can review questions and mark for later.
  • You can change answers.
  • Time is not wasted on marking bubbles in OMR sheet.
  • Chances of filling wrong bubble is eliminated.
  • You get 6 extra days to prepare.


  • You could face technical issues.
  • You could note down incorrect figures while solving a question.
  • You might not be familiar with the online pattern.

JEE Main Offline


  • You are probably more comfortable with offline exam pattern.
  • You will be able to mark figures and questions properly.
  • You will not have to waste time in keeping the pen down and using the mouse to mark answers on screen.


  • You cannot change an answer once marked.
  • You cannot mark a question for review.
  • You might mistakenly darken a bubble partially or against another question.

In the end, what matters is your preparation and confidence on the exam day. If you have worked hard and honestly, choice of online or offline JEE Main exam will not make a difference. A few more questions often asked about JEE Main online vs offline exam are answered below.

What about level of difficulty of JEE Main question papers in online and offline exam?

The question papers on both days are of equal difficulty level.

Will I get question paper of online exam?

Yes, after you have taken the test, CBSE will email you the question and answers of your online exam.

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If you have any queries, please ask in comments below.

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