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How To Prepare For CS Foundation Exam 2019 – CS Foundation Exam is scheduled to be conducted on June 8 & 9, 2019. So, the preparations done in these 6 months will bear your efforts, the sweetest fruits, only if you work accordingly to achieve it. Most of you, candidates have already started working to clear CS Foundation Exam 2019, as last-minute preparations seem too unrealistic for this course. At Aglasem, we believe in guiding students so that they can make the best of their studies. In this article, we are going to tell you about how one should prepare for CS Foundation exam 2019.

How To Prepare For CS Foundation Exam 2019 

Here, we have provided certain preparation tips to clear this theoretical subject, which seems pretty difficult for many students. These 6 months are very crucial for all the CS Foundation aspirants. Target your weaknesses, thrive to make them your strengths and have confidence in you! Moreover, if you have not yet started with your preparations, gear up folks! It’s high time to start your preparations.

Preparation Tips For CS Foundation

6 Month Preparation Schedule – The Ideal One!

Experts and previous year toppers have claimed that a candidate can start their preparations in full swing, 6 months before the exam commencement date. 6 months will be enough time to cover all the important topics of all the 4 Papers. If and only if, a candidate works diligently towards qualifying the CS Foundation level of exam.

  • First 2 months – Know and study each of the topics. Start your preparations from the most difficult ones. So, that if you have any doubts you can get it clarified, way before the exam.
  • 3rd & 4th month – Once you are done preparing, all the concepts from the reading material, focus on solving more and more sample papers. Meanwhile, you can consult some other reading materials, from the list provided below.
  • Last 2 months – Start your revisions! Go through each of the topics from each of the 4 papers. Devote at least  2-3 hours, per day. If you are not confident enough about learning a new concept, at the last minute, then don’t do it! You would be rather prone to getting confused, than to grasping something new.

Tip No. 1- Familiarise Yourself With The Exam Pattern

It is not at all a wise option to start your preparation unless you know how to go about it. The candidate who has decided to appear for the exam must first of all check the prescribed syllabus and the exam pattern. There are 4 papers in the exam for Foundation Program. The paper comprises of questions from the following topics:- English and Business Communication, Economics and Statistics, Financial Accounting and Elements of Business Laws and Management. You get 100 questions without any negative marking. A candidate is declared to have passed the Foundation program if he/she secures a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and 50% marks in aggregate including all subjects.

Tip No. 2 – Coaching is not mandatory for Foundation Program

Since the foundation programme is something where you get questions already covered in 12th class. One who has a clear understanding of the syllabus from 12th class can easily crack the CS Foundation exam. It is not at all the hardest nut to crack. The executive level is something that may be an option for you because the level here is a little advanced. But for the foundation programme, you may skip the coaching option and rather focus on self-study and clearing your concept with hard work and dedication yourself.

Tip No. 3 – Stay focused

It is of utmost importance that the candidate stays focussed while preparing for the CS Foundation program examination. There is not much time left for the exam. Once you know what the syllabus is what kind of questions are asked, the candidates are advised to prepare a timetable as per the dates. Do not deviate from your schedule at any cost. Procrastination of work is the weakest link in the way of success.

Practice papers

Practicing 5 objective papers each day will get the best of you. Time yourself and try to cover at least this much. As many papers, you cover it will help you in:-

  1. Knowing the pattern of the question paper
  2. Assessing your speed
  3. Which question to attempt 1st.
  4. Which section takes more time to solve
  5. Which section to study more

1 month To Go For CS Foundation Exam – How To Prepare Then?

Candidates usually get stuck at the point when they hardly have a month left for preparation. They impatiently look for the tips that can get them best of the results. Guys! There is no tip in the world that can replace hard work. You can only concise your syllabus. Break it down to studying only the most important topics and practicing them more. But it would be best if you start preparing at least 6 months before any exam. Still, if you don’t have much time left, you can divide you CS Foundation subjects using the following points.

Time to devote for each subject when only 1 month is left:-

  • Business environment and entrepreneurship: 10 days
  • Business management, ethics, and communication: 6–7 days
  • Business economics: not more than 6 days
  • Fundamentals of accounting and auditing: 6–7 days


CS Foundation 2019 Important Books For Preparation

Below, we have provided some authentic reading materials which you can consult for your CS Foundation exam. The institute sends the material in form of 4 books covering all the syllabus and topics subject wise. To make your studies concise and effective, first cover the books sent to you then go to any extra reading material. But, you need to stick to these books, only if you are pretty sure that you won’t get confused!

Book Name Buying Link
NCERT Business Studies Text Book for Class 10+2 Click Here
M.C. Shukla  A Manual of Mercantile Laws; Sultan Chand & Company, New  Delhi Click Here
N.D. Kapoor Mercantile Law; Sultan Chand & Co., New Delhi Click Here
L.M. Prasad Principles and Practice of Management Click Here
Andrew Crane & Dirk Matten Business Ethics, 3rd Edition; Oxford University Press Click Here
Atmanand Managerial Economics; Excel Publication Click Here
Dr. Vivek Mittal Business Environment; Excel Publication Click Here
M. C. Shukla, T. S. Grewal & S. C. Gupta Advanced Accounts Vol. I, S. Chand & Company Ltd., Ram Nagar, New Delhi-55. Click Here
R. L. Gupta & V. K. Gupta Financial Accounting, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi – 2. Click Here
P. C. Tulsian Financial Accounting, Sultan Chand & Company, New Delhi. Click Here
S. P. Gupta Statistical Methods; Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi. Click Here

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