A candidate admitted to Post Graduate (Master in Arts) Degree course shall register himself/ herself as a full-time student of The Sanskrit College and University. All Under Graduate and Post Graduate (Master in Arts) Degree courses will follow the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). Get Sanskrit College and University Merit List 2017 complete information here.

Sanskrit College and University Merit List 2017

Merit List of various courses has been released by Sanskrit College and University on the website. Candidates can check the Merit List from the official website OR through the links provided below.

For Under Graduate Programme

Based on the performance of students, each student will be awarded Grade in each subject at the end of the semester following seven point grading system on the base of TEN (10). The letter grades and the corresponding grade points are as follows:

Further there shall be another grade ‘I’ (with Point 0) for students for whom disciplinary actions remain pending.

The Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) will be computed in each semester as per the following formula

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will be computed at the end of each semester as per the following formula

For Post Graduate Programme

The qualifying marks for each paper under the categories Core Course (CC), Major Elective (ME), Project-Viva-Seminar (CC) will be 20 marks out of the full marks of 50, while for Open Elective (OE) it will be 20 marks out of the full marks of 50.

A student who fails to secure the qualifying marks in any paper will be allowed to appear in that paper when the corresponding semester examination is held next. He/ she will be allowed two such consecutive chances for qualifying each paper.

A student, if he/ she so desires, may apply in prescribed format (and after paying the requisite fees) for the cancellation of any paper or papers (maximum two) in any semester examination within 10 working days from the date of issue the Mark Sheet and may reappear in those papers in the next available examination. The marks obtained in that examination will be treated as his/ her final marks. This facility shall however be offered only once per semester. It is stipulated that a candidate opting for cancellation of any paper or papers will have to qualify in those papers within four (04) years from his/her date of registration.

A student will be declared to have passed the Post Graduate (Master in Arts) Degree examination on the basis of the results in semesters I, II, III and IV examinations and will be eligible to receive appropriate degree issued by The Sanskrit College and University.

The final mark-sheet shall categorically indicate the paper code, paper title and paper credit, full marks, marks obtained by the candidate in each paper along with the total marks, separately showing marks for internal assessment and semester-end examinations, in numerical and in CGPS.

A student registered for Post Graduate (Master in Arts) Degree course in a particular subject shall not be permitted to seek admission and pursue concurrently to any other equivalent or higher degree course in this university or elsewhere.

A student shall be deemed to have pursued a regular course of study in a subject provided he/ she has an attendance of at least 75 per cent. Taking part in field trips/ educational tours, undertaking projects, presenting seminars, writing dissertations, appearing for VIVA etc. will be treated mandatory in calculation of the said percentage. A student will only be allowed to write the end-semester examination if his/her total attendance percentage for that semester is 75% and above.

The attendance of a candidate shall be counted from the date on which the respective classes begin (to be notified by the respective departments), or from the date on which he/ she is admitted, whichever is later.

A candidate with attendance between 65% to 74% will be declared Non-collegiate. Such a candidate may be permitted to write his/her end semester examination after being allowed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Head of the Department in writing and after having paid the appropriate Non-collegiate fees.

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