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Knowing your strengths and weaknesses during JEE Main preparation is crucial. A SWOT analysis of your preparation for JEE Mains exam can be done at this stage to help determine the best strategy ahead. You need to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats right now.

After exam check JEE Main 2018 answer key, result.
  • Strengths – The topics which you find easiest and you are confident of answering all questions correctly.
  • Weaknesses – These topics you are not very confident about. You don’t think you can answer most question from this topic.
  • Opportunities – These could be topics in which you have average preparation at the moment.
  • Threats – Topics in which you always mess up during JEE Prep. You are pretty sure by now that you can hardly answer any question.

Strengths and Weaknesses for JEE Main Preparation

JEE Main Preparation – How to do SWOT Analysis?

To help analyze your preparation, you can take a JEE Main Mock Test.

After you have attempted a mock test, you can get an idea of which topics you were able to answer easily; these are your strengths.

Such questions where you could absolutely not answer, are your weaknesses and also threats. Remember, there is negative marking in the JEE Main exam. So your weaknesses can turn into threats and lower your score.

Questions that you could answer, but were not very sure of are your opportunities. A little hard work could turn them into strengths.

Take a notebook and one three pages give the heading Good Preparation, Bad Preparation, Average Preparation.

  • On the first page with title Good Preparation, note down those topics you are very confident about.
  • On the second page with title Bad Preparation, note down those topics which are least scoring for you at the moment.
  • On the third page with title Average Preparation, note down those topics which have some scope of improvement.

How to prepare for JEE Main exam after understanding strengths and weaknesses?

Now you know exactly where you stand. Don’t you? With the knowledge of such subjects and topics that you need to devote more or less time to, you can now chart the next course of action.

Make a study plan

In a week, divide time between all the three subjects physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Till December, in a day, give more time to your weaknesses. Work hard on them so that you can turn them into your strengths. You must devote time t o topics that you have not been able to understand so far. Try to get help from your teachers and friends if you are unable to understand approach to a problem or theory.

Set at least one day in a week for mock tests and sample papers. You should definitely solve past year JEE Main Question Papers. If you attempt a three hour sample paper, devote three more hours to go through the solution and work on the questions that you could not answer. The purpose of practice tests is to help you improve. Thus, after each JEE Main mock test, you must have improved your position in JEE Main preparation.

Reward yourself!

JEE Main Preparation

Nothing works better than incentives. Every three days, look at the three pages of Good Preparation, Bad Preparation, Average Preparation. Ask yourself two questions –

  1. Is there any topic under Bad Preparation that I can now move to Average Preparation?
  2. Is there any topic under Average Preparation that I can now move to Good Preparation?

If the answer to these questions is yes, reward yourself! Go and give yourself a treat! ;)

Preparation for JEE Mains requires hard work + smart work. So know your strengths and weaknesses quickly and start working now!

This article is a part of the series on JEE Main and JEE Advanced Preparation. If you have any queries on Strengths and Weaknesses for JEE Main Preparation, you can ask in comments below.

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