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GITAM University

GSAT 2018 – GITAM Science Admissions Test

GSAT 2018 is GITAM Science Admission Test. GITAM University is looking forward to conduct GSAT 2018. GSAT exam leads to admission to M.Sc, BEM,...
GITAM University

GSAT 2017 Syllabus

GSAT 2017 Syllabus Test 101 Applied Maths Syllabus Section-A (15 bits: 15 Marks) Real Number System, Sequences And Series: Field axioms, Dedikind’s axiom, Bolzano weistrass’s theorem, Countability...
GITAM University

GSAT 2015 Sample Questions

GSAT 2015 Sample Questions for various subjects Test 101 Applied Maths Sample Questions Test 102 Physics Electronics Sample Questions Test 103 Analaytical / Organic Chemistry Sample Questions Test...