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TANCET is also known as Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test which is conducted by ANNA university, Chennai. The exam will take place in the month of March for admission to various programs MCA/M.B.A/M.E etc.

As you have seen that the day of the exam is just around the corner you should begin preparing now. It is not yet too late to put in your hard work.

Follow these carefully selected 5 tips for you to prepare for TANCET this year and excel in your subjects.

Now we’re stressed out.

We often hear students been advised to stay stress-free while preparing for their exams.

However, you if you are not at all worried about your exam you may become a little lenient towards your practices.

A little bit of worry is never too harmful.

Stress keeps our mind attentive to details. But please bear in mind that this is not the kind of drug you want to be high on. It is not conducive to our health.

Refrain from overstressing.

Reader takes the slot

It is mandatory for you to read the syllabus as to avoid any confusion related to the syllabus for your exam. Do not worry if one or two questions may come out of the syllabus you still have the majority of marks within your hands. Do not leave any topic completely. Try to go through all the topics at least for once.

If the topics are taking too long to finish then this next tip is for you


For complete detailed syllabus information, students can follow the link provided.

What’s Today’s Plan

All the aspirants must carefully guide their plan.

You need to divide your study hours and practice hours separately.

Do not practice your queries related to your unsolved questions along with a revision of the questions you have attempted before.

Take more time to solve basic questions. Once your basics are clear all the difficult questions will automatically become easy to solve.

Shortcut is the Key To Success

If the duration of the exam is comparatively short, students must prepare themselves by learning small tricks to solve mathematical problems. The time you save here can be reserved for the ones that take hectic formulas to be solved. Practice the solved model question papers from previous years regularly. The solved answers also show some useful tips which were put to use to reach the desired answers. That can help you a lot.

May the Best Logic win

Do not try to mark your answers randomly. Read your question first. Listen to the demand of the question and then begin solving your problems.

Students often panic when they are unable to solve their questions with one logic or formula.
Do not give up. Divert your mind. Solve other questions first and then come back to it later.

We hope that these tips will be useful for you. You can reach us on our forum to help other students if you have more tips to suggest.

Best of luck!

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