The Visiting Students’ Research Programme (VSRP-2019) is Scheduled to be held at TIFR, Mumbai from May 06 to July 28, 2019. The application forms are be made available online as well as offline mode. However, the official organizing body encourages students to fill up their forms online. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) organizes summer programmes every year that allows talented students to research in the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. The students selected for the programme are expected to work on a research project under the supervision of a TIFR researcher. Candidates can check complete details of TIFR VSRP 2019 from the article below.

Latest: TIFR VSRP has released the selection list for admission. Scroll down to check the same.


Application for VSRP 2019 has started. Selection of a candidate is purely based on the academic performance of the students, submitted write-up and referee report. The table below consists of important dates that the candidates should know about VSRP 2019. Candidates are advised to go through the information brochure, that would make the candidate aware of the organizing body and hence encourage them to apply for the programme.

VSRP 2019 Important Dates – The candidates can check the important date for VSRP 2019 from the table below

Events Dates
Registration for VSPR – 2019 Started!
VSRP – 2019 06 May to 28 June 2019
Last date for Application 31 Jan 2019 For all other exams
28 Feb 2019 For Maths
  • The Visiting Students’ Research Programme (VSRP-2019) will be held at TIFR, Mumbai during the period May 6 to June 28, 2019.
  • VSRP for Mathematics will be held from May 14 – June 14, 2019.
  • VSRP at NCRA, Pune will be held from May 2 to June 28, 2019.

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The result of TIFR VSRP 2019 has been released on the official website. Candidates can check the result from the official website or from the link provided below.


  • Click here to check the list of students selected for TIFR, Mumbai.
  • Click here to check the list of students selected for School of Maths, TIFR, Mumbai
  • Click here to check the list of students selected for TCIS, Hyderabad

TIFR VSRP 2019: Eligibility

Candidates who fulfill eligibility criteria of TIFR VSRP 2019 can apply for the program. Candidates can pursue their research courses in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer & Systems Sciences. The details about the eligibility criteria for pursuing the research program in any of the desired fields are listed below:

  • The candidate should have done two years of undergraduate course work in an academic institution.
  • The candidate should not have participated in VSRP before.
  • VSRP program is for students currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program and not for Ph.D. students or faculty members.

TIFR VSRP 2019: Application Forms

Students can register themselves for the Visiting Students’ Research Programme 2019. The registration has been started and the last date of submitting is February 28, 2019 for Maths and January 31, 2019 for other subjects. Candidate are encouraged to register themselves through the online mode. However, we have provided the steps through which the candidate can register themselves through online.

TIFR VSRP 2019: Steps To Register Online

Students registering themselves through the online mode. There are two phases of online registration that are basic and advanced registration. Candidates need to follow the following steps listed below:

TIFR VSRP 2019: Basic Registration

  • Candidate should first visit the official page for TIFR VSRP.
  • Click on How to apply option.
  • A new screen will appear. Click on the Apply online option at the bottom of the page.
  • A new screen will open. Enter your basic registration details such as your “Prefered Subject” which indicates TIFR subject area you are applying for (Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Mathematics / Computer & Systems Sciences) and other personal details in the required fields and submit it.
  • After completing basic registration, an email will be sent to you with a link for advanced registration.

TIFR VSRP 2019: Advanced Registration

Before proceeding to advanced registration, please keep the following documents ready :

  • Scanned photo (.jpg file of size not exceeding 100kb )of candidate’s passport size photograph.
  • Students can select upto 2 departments, and for each department, they can fill in two areas of interest from the options available in the menu.
  • A write-up of up to 400 words, describing the interest of the candidates in the most preferred field of study has to be provided.
  • The write up should not contain any special characters. In particular, use of equations in write-ups is strongly discouraged by the officials.
  • Candidates are required to give the Names, Affiliation, Designation, Contact address (both email and physical address) and contact phone number of  two referees who would be filing their referee reports. They should be teachers or people with whom you have interacted academically.
  • The link for filling up the Referee Report Form online will be sent by email to both Referees after complete registration.

TIFR VSRP 2019: Selection Criteria

Selection of eligible candidates for TIFR VSRP 2019 would purely be based on the academic achievement of the student, submitted write-up and referee reports. There is no selection test/interview.

TIFR VSRP 2019: Speculated Stipend/Accommodation

Selected students may be paid around a monthly stipend of Rs 7000/- and to and fro travel money cover from the place of their residence.  Also, free shared accommodation on- or off- campus is tentatively provided.

TIFR VSRP 2019: Post Selection Procedure

The students selected for TIFR VSRP 2019 will be informed by an official mail which would be sent to the candidate on their email id listed by them while filing the application form.Candidates would also receive formal invitation letters from University Cell Office of TIFR. As soon as the candidates receive their news of selection they are required to confirm their participation by sending an email to [email protected] Confirmation emails should tentatively reach the officials by March 2019.

Shortlisted Candidates for Participation in VSRP-2019

The list of the Shortlisted Candidates for participation in VSRP-2019 has been released. Selected participants will be invited by E-mail and formal invitation letter. This programme allows talented students to research in various areas like Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much GPA / % is required to get admission into the VSRP program?

There is no cut-off GPA / % that is needed for the VSRP program. We look at the overall profile while making a decision. This includes academic performance as evinced by grades/GPA, referee reports, your write up, etc.

2. Who can apply? / What is the eligibility criteria for students to apply?

The common eligibility criteria for students to apply for the VSRP program are:

a) Two years of undergraduate study in an academic institution.
b) Must not have been selected for the VSRP program before.
Based on the above criteria, students in the final year of a three year undergrad program (e.g B.Sc.) or pre-final year of a four year degree program (e.g . BTech) or in a post-graduate/Masters program are eligible to apply.
Students finishing two years of undergraduate study before the commencement date of theprogram are also eligible to apply.
Students who have applied to the VSRP program before but NOT selected can also apply.

3. I`m a Ph.D. student at XXXX university. Can I apply for the VSRP program?

The VSRP program is primarily aimed at providing a research experience to pre-doctoral (undergraduate, masters) students. Thus, Ph.D. students are not eligible for the VSRP program.

4. I will be having my engineering 6th semester exams sometime in June due to which there might be a clash with the research program schedule. could you please clarify as to whether this clash could be avoided. If you can reschedule your program, then the clash can be avoided ?

The VSRP is an VERY INTENSIVE program, and we do not allow students to take off in the middle, or reschedule the timings. If you are NOT free for the ENTIRE period, please do NOT apply for the VSRP program.

5. It is not clear if any program is available for XXXX Engg. related research or if pre-final year XXXX Engg. student is eligible for a VSRP project in the YYYY department.

Anyone with any eligible degree is free to apply to any department. We do not restrict students from exploring projects in other areas if they demonstrate a keen interest and competency. Your research write up, recommendations etc. are all important, not just the degree / GPA.

6. I am doing my MSc physics at IIT-X.Actually i wanted to know how many students do you take from IITX ?

We have no fixed number of students that we take from any one institution. However, as we take typically ~40 students from all over India, very often, only one or two students are taken from a single institution, though this depends primarily on the merit of the student.

7. I am doing MSc in Physics. I am super interested in going for a summer project on the topic “Spin injection through different g-factor heterointerfaces using negative trions…..” Please mail me more information about the project as soon as possible so that I can apply for …….

The students do not decide the project topic as a rule. Depending on your interest and competency, the department will assign you a project guide (if you are selected), and you will together decide on the details of the project. If you would really like to work in a very particular area please mention your interests on the VSRP application form.

8. I am from India, but I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in the US. I am interested in applying to VSRP.

At present, the VSRP program admits only those students pursuing their studies at institutions within India. We however would encourage you to visit TIFR and interact with members in your area of interest when you visit India.

9. Is it compulsory to have a detailed knowledge about the particular research topic of interest ?

While no specialized knowledge is necessary, we would expect you to have a very thorough understanding of what is typically taught at the Pre-Final year level.

10. Are we to undertake a project on the research topic and finish it in the two month visiting time or is it a chance to read and enhance my knowledge on the particular topic.

You will be working on a focused research project.

11. Will I have to compulsorily stay at TIFR during the full duration of the program ?

No, but given the intensity of the project it will be very difficult for you to work on it if you do not stay somewhere close enough. Participants are paid a monthly stipend of Rs 7000/-, Sleeper class return railway fare and are provided with shared hostel accommodation.

For more details of TIFR VSRP 2019 – Information Brochure

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