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With the Joint Entrance Examination being the largest engineering entrance exam of India, level of competition is bound to be sky high. You, being a worthy candidate, need to get ahead to secure a seat in your dream engineering college. Of course you must be eyeing one of the IITs. The Indian Institute of Technology is definitely a great place to give you a gentle push to a wonderful career ahead. To do reach the IITs, you have to clear two hurdles. One is the JEE Main exam, and next comes the JEE Advanced.

But how will you get your favorite college? How should you prepare for the JEE Main exam? Is it enough to study NCERT books? Is it enough to solve MCQs from various reference books? Is it enough to attend coaching classes?


For acing the JEE exam, you need to have a planned and well executed preparation strategy that involves a lot of self studies and smart work.

JEE Main 2019 Preparation Tips

Here are Top 10 Tips for JEE Main 2019 Preparation that will help you clear the JEE Main exam with high score.

Top 10 Tips for JEE Main Preparation

You must have a practical study plan.

A study plan involves marking before hand the number of chapters you are going to finish in a given time, the type of test papers you will solve, and the contribution of self analysis.

Refer fewer books for theory.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

NCERT books are best for understanding theory and covering your JEE Main syllabus. Don’t pick up books by foreign authors to read the theory portions. In fact the problem questions for physics, chemistry and mathematics, must be solved from NCERT. After that is done, you can move on to books like HC Verma for Physics, OP Tandon, P Bahadur for Chemistry and RD Sharma for Mathematics.

Books recommended for JEE Main

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New Pattern Mathematics – A master practice book for JEE Main and Advanced Buy Online
Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Waves and Thermodynamics Buy Online
Organic Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination Buy Online
Wiley’s Solomons & Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry for JEE (Main and Advanced) Buy Online
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Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Self analysis is the best analysis.

You must learn from your mistakes and move ahead. Improve yourself with each mistake you have made. If you think you cannot solve problems of Ray optics in physics, devote extra time to crack that topic. If you think you are absolutely unbeatable in Calculus, give yourself a pat in the back and only focus on MCQ solving for such topics.

Click Here to know more on how to do a SWOT analysis for your JEE Main Preparation.

JEE Main Mock Tests will help you analyze your preparation better. Take a JEE Main Mock Test

Try the shortest approach to any MCQ.

Anything that saves time will lead to more marks.

JEE Main exam is a significant milestone for you. To reach to a good All India Rank, you must score high. That’s a simple statement, which is a little more difficult to achieve than to just state.

Remember about efficiency you have studied in physics? Well your efficiency is defined like this.

Your efficiency for JEE Mains = (Effort put in) / (Satisfaction of JEE Main performance)

You will definitely have to work on the numerator indicated in the equation’s right side. And of course it will automatically improve the denominator. But the factor of time management in exam is crucial. To have a better time management, you need to devote less time per question, while increasing accuracy.

To lessen time per question, you must know the shorter approach to solving it.

  • You will have to solve 90 questions in 180 minutes.
  • On an average you have two minutes per question.
  • But some questions that involve calculations will take more time.
  • If you save half a minute on every question you automatically will be able to attempt more questions and in a better fashion.
  • You can attempt at least 5-6 more questions correctly by saving time. It will lead to increase in at least 20 to 24 marks. This will improve your rank by hundreds and thousands!

Plan your weekly and daily time table.

Set your goals realistically. Do not try to outdo your capabilities.

It is not humanly possible to finish the complete syllabus in a day. So unless you are flash, don’t write down in your calendar “Today I will finish the entire syllabus!”

Chart a weekly time table in which note down the chapters you will solve from so-and-so book; number of sample papers you will solve and revision.

Also create a day-wise time table outlining important subjects for study and goals. We have written more on this in this article – JEE Main Preparation in 30 days.

Do not get tensed frequently.

A little bit of worry is good. A lot of worry leads to wreckage.

Be happy and stay calm. JEE or any engineering entrance exam is not the end of your world. You need to stay focused and repeatedly tell yourself that you can do it!

Ignore pesky and bothersome relatives or so-called well wishers who keep bothering you about marks or taunting your performance. Take every criticism positively and work with only one goal in mind – I am going to give my best!

Practice previous year papers.

Take a leaf from the past.

Technically, that’s not actually a phrase, but it just wants to convey one thing – You must learn and understand the exam from past year papers. JEE Main and AIEEE past year papers are available here for you – JEE Main previous year question papers and answers. You must most definitely practice past year papers and analyse your performance.

You can read our article on important JEE Main preparation guidelines to understand how past year papers must be solved.

Use self taken notes to revise formulas.

Revision does not mean reading the whole book again. That’s when notes come in useful.

You might be great at time management. But it is not feasible to read all the chapters two days before the exam. We strongly suggest that in the three to four days before your JEE Main exam, go through self written notes you have taken during your preparation for JEE Mains.

Method of elimination to answer MCQs.

There are only four options and one of them is the key to +4 marks.

JEE Main has only multiple choice questions with single correct answer. JEE Advanced may have some questions on MCQs with multiple correct answer. Use the MCQ pattern to your advantage.

Instead of asking yourself “Which of these options is right?“, ask “Which of these are wrong?“. But please note that the process of elimination (POE) may not work on all questions.

Take care of your health.

Eat healthy, stay healthy and sleep well.

You must keep your sleeping pattern in check as well. At least a week before the exam day, start sleeping early and waking up after a good sleep. If you are a late sleeper and late riser, you may feel sleepy on the exam day because of sleep deficiency on that day.

Also, good and health eating  habits will make you feel more fresh and alert during your JEE Main preparation.

Best of luck for your exam!!!

This article is a part of the series on JEE Main 2019-2019 and JEE Advanced 2019-2019 Preparation. If you have any queries on Top 10 Tips for JEE Main 2019 Preparation, you can ask in comments below.

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