Top 10 Tips to prepare for NEET 2019


My father always wanted me to be a doctor, and I also had my interest in ‘helping people’. So today I will be discussing with you all some tips to prepare thoroughly for your NEET 2019 examination. Well, I’m no medical expert but the strategies to prepare for NEET 2019 that I’ll be discussing re all tried and tested.

National Eligibility and Entrance Test or NEET started off as All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) and it became NEET in 2012 for the first time. It totally replaced AIPMT in few years. It has been so since then. All the medical colleges of India except All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, and Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER) are outside the NEET’s purview.

Students in India who are aspiring to take up medicine and make it their career will have to sit for NEET Exam to get admitted in any Indian Medical College except the ones mentioned above as these institutes were set up by separate laws. So, if you have MBBS / BDS in your mind, NEET is very important to crack.

Don’t panic.. I’ll be sharing 10 awesome tips and strategies to prepare fruitfully using practical measures for your NEET 2019 here.

Get Your Formulas ready

Formulas form an integral part of Physics so there’s no escaping them. You have to get your formulas right every time and know them as the back of their hand. So, the only way to do that is by learning them regularly and repetitively. Getting your formulas correct can be your No.1 secret weapon to excel in this subject.

Clear your Concepts

In the case of understanding different concepts, mugging up won’t help you in the long run. You have to understand each and every concept since all of them are related to one another. Once your concept is clear you will be ready for the next thing and you can inter-relate them for your better study.

Know your time

In NEET 2018 paper there will be 180 minutes for you to answer 180 questions. (Check Exam Pattern Here) It’s not like that 1 minute is available for each question as all the questions have varied levels of difficulty. So, time management is very important to know how much time you’re spending on each question and how to manage 180 questions in 180 minutes.

Setting a practical time table

If you want to stay focused on your goals you have got to follow a fixed time table for your daily chores. There are situations where students have to complete the 2 year syllabus in a year or even less than that. Creating a practical time table will not only help you prepare effectively for your NEET 2018 but will also help you with your consistency. A well formatted time -table while organize your preparation for NEET 2018. Studying for minimum 3 hours at a go, allocating time based on your strength and drawbacks are somethings to start you off with. Don’t forget to have fun it’s also important. Follow your time-table with utter faith but don’t hesitate to modify it as and when required.

Don’t miss out on anything

If you want to know the best way to prepare for NEET 2018 I would suggest you to have a basic understanding of all the concepts there in the syllabus. It is a MUST. Once you’re clear with all the concepts when you can focus on important concepts and chapters and refer all the best books for NEET 2018 preparation.

Regular Practice

Practicing for you NEET 2018 examinations on a daily basis is very much important. You must practice regularly if you want to know where you’re exactly standing after preparing. Solving practice questions from all the chapters, marking the questions that are difficult and working on your weakness is how you should practice regularly.

Full length mock test

Build your confidence and stamina by taking mock test on a daily basis. You can take tests chapter-wise, subject-wise or on the entire syllabus of NEET. By taking the mock test you can assess your performance and find your weaker spots and work on them eventually.

Last years’ papers

As we all know the saying that practice makes a man perfect, the same is applicable in the case of NEET preparation. If you have to crack NEET for sure keep on attempting last ten years’ question papers for as many times as possible. Objective questions on the NEET papers are usually repeated after every two years so practicing the papers from previous years’ will make you familiar with those questions. By doing this, students learn how to allocate their time and finish the whole paper within the time allotted.

Health is wealth

Students should always take care of their healths and most importantly during the exams or while preparing for it. You can concentrate better only by having a sound body and mind. Try avoiding all oily and junk foods available readily and go for healthy diets habits at least while you’re preparing for your NEET 2018 and even during the exams. Yoga exercises and meditation can do wonders in developing concentration.

Regular revision

Even if you have mastered any particular concept, topic, chapter or subject don’t forget to revise them on a daily basis. Revise more the parts which are important as well as the parts in which you’re weak. Go through the derivations and formulae as you’ve to get them right all the time. Revise the important equations, mechanisms and reactions. Remember, revision is vital to perform well in NEET 2018.

Bonus Video – Get some motivation

Well, after discussing all that, you still won’t know your preparation status till you take a mock test for NEET 2018. You will have to judge your performance from the test and identify the weak areas else the mock tests won’t matter.

NEET Preparation Syllabus Sample Paper Question Paper

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