The test paper shall have multiple choice type questions of 10+2 and under graduate level science.
(No negative marking for wrong answer)

Marks: 100

Time: 2 hours

Following are some model questions:

1. Condensation is a process which occurs when
(a) temperature falls below 0о C
(b) absolute humidity becomes equal to relative humidity
(c) temperature in the air parcel remains static
(d) relative humidity becomes 100%

2. A black body emits:
(a) Radiation of all wave lengths (b) no radiations
(c) radiations of only one wavelength (d) radiations of selected wavelengths

3. Wind changes its direction due to:
(a) coriolis force (b) density differences
(c) frictional drag of winds (d) all of the above

4. The isotope of carbon used in radio carbon dating is

(a) 12C  (b) 13C  (c ) 14C  (d) 15C

5. For a process to be spontaneous
(a) ΔG must be -ve (b) ΔG should be +ve
(c ) ΔH must be -ve (d) ΔS must be -ve

6. Stomata of a plant open due to
(a) Influx of potassium ions (b) Efflux of potassium ions
(c) Influx of hydrogen ions (d) Influx of calcium ions

7. Which of the following is non symbiotic biofertilizer?
(a) Anabaena (b) Rhizobium (c) VAM (d) Azotobacter

8. Which group of vertebrates comprises the highest number of endangered species?
(a) Mammals (b) Fishes (c) Reptiles (d) Birds

9. In short day plants, following is induced by
(a) Photoperiod less than 12 hours
(b) Photoperiod below a critical length and uninterrupted long night
(c) Long night (d) Short photoperiod and long night

10. Itai itai disease is caused due to poisoning of
(a) Zn, (b) Pb (c) Cd (d) As

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