Total Marks 100

2 Hours

Entrance test has 50 objective type questions. Each question carries 2 marks. For every incorrect answer 0.5 marks will be deducted. The question ratio will be as follows:- Physics:Chemistry:Biology :: 4:3:3

Typical questions are given below:

1. A field is irrotational if it is
a) gradian b) div c) Curl d) None of the above

2. The relation between two current amplification factors of a transistor is
a) ƒÀ = ƒ¿/(1+ƒ¿) b) ƒÀ = (1-ƒ¿)/ƒ¿ c) ƒÀ = ƒ¿/(1-ƒ¿) d) ƒÀ = (1+ƒ¿)/ƒ¿

3. Insulin is secreted by the ____________ cells of pancreas
a) a b) b c) d d) ab

4. What is the total number of moles of hydrogen gas contained in 9.03 x 1023
a) 1.5 moles b) 2.00 moles c) 0.02 moles d) 0.03 moles

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