Full Marks 100

Time 2 Hours

Answer either Part A or Part B (Write the correct answer)

Instructions There will be total 50 questions in each part. Each Question will carry equal marks. There will be negative marking. For every wrong answer 1/4th of the marks will be deducted.


1) Electro- Encephalograph is
A) Diagnostic tool for heart ailment B) Diagnostic tool for Brain ailment
C) Instrument used for measuring blood pressure D) Instrument used to hear pulse/heart beat

2) In modern electronic multimeters a FET or MOSFET is preferred over BJT because
A) Its input resistance is high B) Its input resistance is high and does not vary with change of range
C) Its input resistance is low

3) A dc electronic voltmeter using chopper stabilization is free from errors due to
A) Low CMRR B) Amplifier drift
C) Source output impedance D) Interference

4) Feedback is an amplifier
(A) Reduces sensitivity and increase gain (B) Reduces sensitivity as well as gain
(C) Increases sensitivity as well as gain (D) Increases sensitivity and reduces gain

5) The ECG is used to detect
(A) Heart attack (B) Heart block
(C) Coronary of thrombosis (D) All the above


1) The best definition for resolution is:
A. The minimum distance between two objects that can be distinguished B. The magnification of a microscope
C. The observed size divided by the actual size D. None of the above

2) In ionic bonds,
A) electrons are shared unequally between atoms B) neutrons are transferred between atoms
C) protons are shared equally between atoms D) electrons are transferred between atoms

3) The chemical properties of an atom are primarily determined by the number of
A) neutrons it has in its nucleus B) isotopes it forms
C) protons it has in its nucleus D) electrons it has in its outermost energy level

4) Ions involved in the conduction of nerve impulse is
(A) Na+, K+ (B) Na+, Ca2+
(C) Ca2+, Mg2+ (D) K+, Mg2+

5) Which is mismatched?
(A) Cerebrum – memory (B) Medulla oblongata – temperature regulation
(C) Cerebellum – equilibrium (D) Olfactory lobes – smell

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