Write the correct answer

There will be negative marking. For every wrong answer 1/4 th of the marks will be deducted.

1. Which of the following meters has the highest accuracy?
(a) moving iron meter (b) moving coil meter (c) rectifier type meter (d) thermocouple meter

2. The internal resistance of an ammeter should be very low in order to have
(a) high accuracy (b) high sensitivity (c) maximum voltage drop (d) minimum effect on the across the meter current in the circuit

3. The characteristic equation of a closed loop control system is given as The resonant frequency in radians/sec of the system is
(a) 2 (b) (c) 4 (d)

4. For the root locus plot of the system having the loop transfer function given by
(a) no breakaway point (b) three real breakaway point
(c) only one breakaway point (d) one real and two complex breakaway points

5. A Class-A transformer coupled, transistor power amplifier is required to deliver a power output of 10 W. The maximum power rating of the transistor should not be less than
(a) 5 W (b) 10 W (c) 20 W (d) 40 W

6. The early effect in a bipolar junction transistor is caused by
(a) fast turn on (b) fast turn off (c) large collector base reverse bias (d) large emitter base forward bias

7. In an 8085 microprocessor system with memory mapped I/O
(a) I/O devices have 16 – bit address (b) I/O devices are accessed using IN and OUT instruction
(c) there can be a maximum of 256 input (d) arithmetic and logic and 256 output devices operations can be directly performed
with the I/O data.

8. The minimum number of NAND gates required to implement the Boolean function is equal to
(a) 3 (b) 1 (c) 4 (d) 7

9. An amplitude modulated voltage has modulation index of 100%. If the carrier is suppressed, the percentage power saving is
(a) 50 % (b) 66.6% (c) 75 % (d) 25 %

10. The drawback of FM relative to AM is that
(a) noise is very high for high (b) larger bandwidth is required modulation frequencies
(c) higher modulating power is required (d) higher output power is required.

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