The question paper consists of three Sections A, B and C.

  •  Section A consists of 40 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each, Section B consists of 15 short questions of 2 marks each and Section C consists of conventional questions on Programming in C of total 30 marks.
  •  There will be no negative marks but no partial credit will be given for questions in Section A.


Q1. In which one of the following page replacement policies, Belady’s anomaly may occur?
A. FIFO B. Optimal C. LRU D. MRU E. None of them Ans _____

Q2. The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used for –

A. finding the IP address from the DNS

B. finding the IP address of the default gateway

C. finding the IP address that corresponds to a MAC address

D. finding the MAC address that corresponds to an IP address Ans _____


Q1. Consider a relation scheme R= (A, B, C, D) on which the following functional dependencies hold: {AB → D, CB → D, A → C, C → A}. What is the highest normal form satisfied in this relation scheme R?

Q2. Routing table of a router is shown below:

Destination Subnet Mask Interface Eth0 Eth2

On which interface will the router forward packets addressed to destinations 1 and respectively?

Q3. If one uses quick sort algorithm to sort the following numbers in ascending order 

20, 47, 15, 8, 9, 18, 4, 40, 30, 12

what would be the order of these numbers after 2nd pass of the algorithm? (Assume that the 1st element is taken as the pivot element)


Q1. Write a program in C which takes an integer as input and prints the 2’s complement representation of the integer using 32 bits.

Q2. Suppose an integer list is represented by the structure

struct inode { int val ;
struct inode *next ;};
typedef struct inode *intlist;

Write a function intlist reverse (intlist p) which returns the reversed list of the supplied list p.

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