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Choose the correct option and Answer in OMR answer sheet

1. The degree of polymerization of polypropylene with molecular weight 126000 g/mole is
a) 1000 b) 3000 c) 500 d) 10000

2. Nylon 6,6 is produced by –
a) Addition b) self- condensation c) cross-condensation d) ring opening polymerization process.

3. Which one is not a colligative property of a solution?
a) Osmotic Pressure b) lowering of vapour pressure c) Molecular weight d) Depression freezing point

4. The efficiency of any real heat engine is
a) Equal to Carnot efficiency b) greater than Carnot efficiency c) Less than Carnot efficiency d) Carnot be produced

5. Thermoplastics are
a) soluble b) flowable c) fusable d) All of these

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