Type 1:

Show your acquaintance with the following in 50 words 5*4=20
Satras of Assam; Loktak lake; Nongkrem dance; Baul Songs; Kathakali;

Type 2:

Tick the correct option in the following: 1*10=10
i. Ali-aye-ligang is a festival of the Bodos/Misings/Karbis/none of the above.
ii. Dhokla is a Gujrati/ Marathi/ Assamese/Bengali food item.
iii. Kimono is worn by a Kenyan/ Sudanese/ Japanese/ Mexican woman.
iv. The Golden Bough is a famous garden/movie/book/painting.

Type 3:

Give the full forms of the following: 2*5=10

Type 4:

Mark the odd item out with reason: 2*5=10
i. Mughlai Chicken/Biryani/Kebab/Chowmein
ii. Prakash Padukone/Syde Modi/ Dipankar Bhattacharjee/ Leander Paes
iii. Baghdad/Bangkok/Bangalore/Bejing.

Type 5:

Match the followings 1*5=5
i. Dokhna Mising
ii. Ribigaseng Literature
iii. Jhumpa Lahiri Bodo

Type 6:

Write notes on any two of the following: 10*2=20
i. Brahmaputra
ii. Women in TV Serials
iii. Shopping Mall
iv. Multiplex and Cinema

Type 7:

Comprehension Test.

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