Total Marks : 100

Time : 2 hours

  • The Admission Test Booklet has been designed to test your knowledge in the English language, general knowledge, current affairs, media, culture and tradition of North East India, etc.
  •  There will be passages and questions following them. You will have to read the passages thoroughly and then answer the questions.
  •  There will be some questions on synonyms and antonyms.
  •  There will be some questions with jumbled sentences. You will have to rearrange the jumbled parts into a meaningful sentence.

(P) are more likely to give birth prematurely
(Q) and their babies are at increased risk
(R) who are poorly nourished or sick
(S) of death and disability

Ans: (B)

  • Some idioms or phrases might also be given and you will have to choose the right option for the correct meaning of the phrase.
  • Questions on general knowledge, current affairs and media might be on the following lines:

1. ‘Folio’ is the supplement of which newspaper:
(A) The Hindu (B) The Statesman (C) Assam Tribune (D) The Telegraph

2. Which news channel of North-East recently launched the entertainment channel ‘Rang’?
(A) DY365 (B) Newslive (C) NETV D) Doordarshan

3. Who is the Chief Minister of Sikkim?
(A) Pawan Chamling (B) Mukut Mithi (C) Tarun Gogoi (D) None of these

4. In which year did AR Rahman win the Oscar for best music direction?
(A) 2009 (B) 2008 (C) 2007 (D) 2006

5. Life ho to Aisi is the advertising slogan of which of the following
(A) Coca-Cola (B) Pepsi (C) Thums Up (C) LIMCA

6. For many years, Neighbour’s Envy, Owner’s Pride was the advertising catchline of which of the following?

  •  There will also be short answer type questions

7. ‘Young India’ was edited by ________________

8. Nogkrem is a folk dance form in the state of _____________

  • Besides the above, you will be asked to write Essays / Features on a contemporary issue or a theme OR a feature by taking clues from a photograph. This is to test your perception, vocabulary, expression, style of writing, presentation, creativity and analytical skills etc.

9. Violence in the society is becoming more and more crude and gory. Are media acting as ‘fueler’ or spoiler of violence? Discuss.

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