Total Marks: 70

Time 2 Hours

  • The Admission Test Booklet has been designed to test your knowledge on English language, general knowledge, computer knowledge, current affairs, media, culture and tradition of North East India etc.
  • There will be passages, and questions following them. You will have to read the passages thoroughly and then answer the questions.
  • There will be some questions on synonyms and antonyms.
  • Some idioms or phrases might also be given and you will have to choose the right option for the correct meaning of the phrase.
  • Questions on general knowledge, computer, current affairs and media might be on the following lines:

A. Find the su itable answer from among the choices

1. IPCC means
a. Indian Penal for Climate Change
b. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change
c. International public and Climate change on any two
d. Indian People and Climate change

2. Name of the union minister for Information and Broadcasting
a. Mr. Jay Ram Ramesh
b. Ms. Renuka Chaudhery
c. Ms. Ambika Soni
d. Mr. N.D.Tiwari

  • There will be short answer type questions

A. “Rangmilir Hanhi’ was written by………………………………………..
B. Oja Pali is a folk dance form in the state of ………………………………..

Besides the above, you will be asked to write essays. This is to test your perceptions, vocabulary, expression, style of writing, presentation, creativity and analytical skills etc.

Write an essay not exceeding 500 words on any one of the following topics.
a. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
b. Role of Media in Youth Empowerment
c. Effects of Global Warming.

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