Full Marks: 100

Time: 2 hours

The test paper shall contain 100 objective type questions from 10+2 Mathematics (30%), Physics (20 %) and Chemistry (20 %) and General Knowledge & Aptitude (30%).

Section A

Choose the correct answer:

1. The term independent of x in the expansion of (x2+1/x)12  is

(i) 120 (ii) 285 (iii) 495 (iv) 595

2. General form of equation of a line is
(i) ax+by+c=0 (ii) ax+by-c=0 (iii) ax-by+c=0 (iv) ax-by-c=0

3. A variable whose values depend on the outcomes of random experiment is called
(i) Constant (ii) parameter
(iii) statistic (iv) random variable

Section B

1. One kilowatt hour is equal to

(i) 36×10-5 J (ii) 36×10-3 J (iii) 36×103 J (iv) 36×105 J

2. The amount of heat required to melt one kg of ice at 00Cis called
(i) Heat of vaporization (ii) heat capacity
(iii) Latent heat of fusion (iv) none of these

3. Moment of inertia is measured in
(i) Kgm-3 (ii) Kgm-2 (iii) N.S (iv) red/sec

Section C

1. Which salt dissolved in water forms a solution with a pH greater than 7

(i) NaCl (ii) CuSo4 (iii) Na2CO3 (iv) NH4Cl

2. The reaction between fat and NaOH is called
(i) esterification (ii) saponification
(iii) hydrogenolysis (iv) fermentation

3. Changing the number of neutrons of an atom changes its:
(i) isotope (ii) element (iii) ion (iv) charge

Section D

1. Pickles can be preserved by ——————–
(i) Salt (ii) Sugar (iii) Vineger (iv) All of the above

2. Vitamin C is also otherwise known as
(i) Citric Acid (ii) Ascorbic Acid (iii) Formic Acid (iv) Acetic acid

3. Among the following shape which is having minimum surface area
(i) Square (ii) Circle (iii) Tringle (iv) Rectangle

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