Preparation for WBJEE, like many other major engineering entrance exams, begin as early as class 11. Many students believe in preparing for WBJEE alongside JEE (Main and Advanced). Nevertheless, many students are also such who take out time for entrance exam preparation much later. As long as one studies diligently and smartly, there are good chances of getting a good rank in WBJEE. These preparation tips are useful for students who will appear in WBJEE 2018 (appearing now), WBJEE 2019 (students in class 11), and WBJEE 2020 (students who will now come in class 11).

1. Studying from textbooks for WBJEE – If you are a student of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education then you should refer to textbooks followed in school. Otherwise you can also study from NCERT textbooks. Ideally, you should complete syllabus from textbooks at least three months before exams.

2. Problem solving for WBJEE 2018 preparation – This is to be done side by side study of theory. After you complete one chapter, solve some problems of that chapter. Do exercise questions of textbook, then pick up one reference book to solve its’ questions. At the same time you can solve questions from book having only MCQs since in engineering entrance exam you have to solve MCQs.


3. Focus on each topic in WBJEE syllabus – The syllabus of WBJEE 2018 is similar to class 11th and 12th syllabus, however there are some minor variations. Hence it is wise to first take a look at the official exam syllabus. If the syllabus is not yet available check last year’s exam syllabus (applicable to WBJEE 2019 and WBJEE 2020 students).

4. Time table that is realistic – Draw up a suitable WBJEE preparation time table. Keep in mind that it be realistic and suitable to your school and coaching. Also keep major chunk of studies at times you are most alert. For time duration you are prone to be tired or less focused, solve questions in that time.

5. Exam preparation analysis – From time to time, keep a track of how well you are doing and which areas you need to work on more. The best way to do that is to solve questions in a timed manner. Also you can take mock tests.

6. Practice tests / mock tests / sample papers – Sets of paper that contain questions from the syllabus of WBJEE, and also on the pattern of WBJEE are referred to as practice tests / mock tests / sample papers. It is important to solve them on regular basis, especially in the weeks leading up to the exam. This builds up speed and accuracy.

7. Self confidence and belief in performing well – Prepare well, and believe that you will do well. This is equally important in the WBJEE Preparation.

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