What Will Be Your Rank in NEET 2018? Where Will You Get Admission? Should You Drop For NEET 2019?


NEET 2018 result will be announced on 5th June. The countdown has begun!

If you are very eager to predict your rank, here is the rank predictor. Also, we have discussed what is a good rank, as many of you had asked about it. Moreover, if you are planning to drop for NEET 2019, then you should listen to the end of the video.

Please note that the rank predictor is working on a data set of last year. The actual rank may vary a little as per the stats of current year.

NEET 2018 Result: https://medical.aglasem.com/neet-2018-result/

NEET 2018 Marks Calculator: https://medical.aglasem.com/neet-2018-marks-calculator/

NEET 2018 Rank Predictor by AglaSem: https://medical.aglasem.com/neet-2018-rank-predictor/

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