If you are planning to drop 1 year for JEE Mains, then this is for you. If you are planning to a 1 year drop after 12th then also this, is for you. And, if you have a thought in a corner of your mind to get a 2 year drop after 12th, please read on.

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Having shuffled from school to tuition and tuition to coaching, I am somehow halfway done with my Board preparations and less than half with JEE Main 2018 prep. With no intention to boost myself, I have managed to maintain my grade pretty well throughout my school years. I look forward to class 12th Boards with full confidence and awareness that last few month are crucial and will change the game entirely. However, for a long time, I couldn’t feel the same for Joint Engineering Entrance Examination.

I have done my research well and competing with 12 to 13 lakh students for few thousand seats is not a cakewalk. What I fear is not that I will be unable to secure a seat in an engineering college but that I will not be able to secure it in a good one. The dilemma to appearing for JEE Main 2018, on  April 08, 15, and 16, 2018, or to drop the year and prepare well for a year has kept me and my parents awake for nights. However, after hours of discussion, drama, consulting professionals, and guidance from teachers I have finally decided to appear for JEE Main 2018.

The factors which set my mind for the motion of JEE Main have been laid down below. However, I do not advise my fellow mates to let these bend their perspective. My only aim is to help someone as perplexed as me to take a decision and not hang in balance, amid the mental stress. So, here it goes:

#Factor 1: We Only Have Three Attempts and Why to Waste One?

Central Board of Secondary Education has clearly mentioned that every candidate only have three attempts to crack JEE Main and get admission. These attempts start from the year we appear for class 12th. The catch is that if you missed the first year, then also you get only two years. Hence, I see no point in wasting precious attempts. If I did not get through then I can prepare for the exam again and I will be wiser then ‘coz I would have seen the dragon and would know how it moves. But not giving JEE and preparing for it blindly would be less beneficial.

#Factor 2: God Knows What NTA Has in Store?

Talks of National Test Agency taking over the entrance examination has been hovering for some time now. In Union Budget 2017, Arun Jaitley removed all the opacity and announced that NTA will be soon taking the burden from CBSE and AICTE and will conduct the entrance examination. For now, we do not know much of what NTA will is planning but we do know that:

  • It will first take over examinations conducts by CBSE.
  • It will be handled by a suitable candidate from MHRD
  • The entrance examinations will be conducted online.
  • Examinations will be held twice a year.
  • More and more exam centres will be established for the convenience of fellows in rural areas.

How does this impact us? Well, uncertainty is not a comfortable place to be in! NTA will be conducting examinations twice and to some, it might seem like a good opportunity but not everything that glitters is gold. More attempts in a year, with a limited number of seats, can lead to higher JEE Main 2018 cutoff as well. 

From time to time, the news of a change in exam pattern of engineering entrance exam has also been making round. I would rather give my best shot at something I already know, than shooting in dark, aiming at a changed JEE Main exam pattern.

In this tech-savvy world, the online examination is not a big deal for many candidates but I will still prefer pen and paper examination. If JEE Main is not held offline next year, then it will a slight hassle I guess. Also, my sister is a medical aspirant and the struggles they are facing for few years are no less than a nightmare. Till the time engineering admission are less complex and better bask in it.

These are the few factors which helped me in going for JEE Main 2018. The last date to apply for the exam is January 01, 2018, and if you think like me then do apply. As I said earlier if you do not feel the same way they do not let this become something close to peer pressure. Talk to your parents, teachers, and even consult professional but the final decision should be purely yours. No regrets right!. All the very best to all of us!

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