Why to appear for GATE

During the four years of B.TECH, students might not be certain about what they wish to achieve next. The changing of this ambiguity into a concrete, motivated thought requires determination, focus and guidance.

Why to appear for GATE 2015?

Following one’s strength is a key to long term success.

Considering the technical strength of majority of students, the IITs and IISC annually conducts GATE for the students who wish to pursue higher studies in technical fields. This exam provides students with great opportunities to rise and gain success in future.

What is GATE?

GATE – Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is the most competitive exam which tests the comprehensive understanding of Undergraduate subjects in engineering and Science.

It is conducted in unison by all seven Indian Institutes of Technology in (Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) on behalf of government of India, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and National Coordination Board-GATE.

It is considered to be one of the most difficult exams held ONLINE. GATE focuses on students’ technical skills in the various disciplines of Engineering and Science. The GATE score reflects the performance level of candidates.

How can GATE be useful for me?

GATE is a competitive exam which is conducted nation wide. You might be thinking that GATE can only be used for M.TECH admissions, but there is so much more to it.

Few important reasons why one should appear for this exam can be :

  • Portal to higher studies.
  • PSU recruitment after Graduation.
  • Provides Scholarships.


Many students are adamant about getting Post Graduation degree. What they are not sure of is the course they wish to master in. For students with good technical knowledge GATE is a portal to higher studies. Admissions in M.TECH colleges is made through GATE exams.


Another add on to the opportunities GATE exam provide is that many public sector undertakings recruits students on the basis of their GATE ranks. So, students interested in working for the government must apply for GATE.


Another aspect which encourages students to appear for GATE exam is Scholarship facilities.

Students who have strong technical skills and are among the top rankers in GATE exam get scholarships in M.TECH colleges.


Another dilemma that students mostly bear is whether appearing for GATE exam is an absolute choice for them?

GATE is most appropriate choice for students who –

  • Have research bent of mind,
  • Want to pursue higher studies in engineering and science in India.
  • Wish to work under government (in PSUs),
  • Have great technical skills,
  • Wish to do masters in technical field,
  • Have interests in research and development programs,
  • Want to get admissions in IITs.

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