BHU PET 2010 Question Papers

Year Courses
PET2010 M.Mus(Vocal)
PET2010 A.I.H.C. & Arch
PET2010 Applid Arts
PET2010 Bedant
PET2010 Bengali
PET2010 Dharmagam
PET2010 Dharmashastra
PET2010 Geography
PET2010 Geology
PET2010 Geophysics
PET2010 Health stat
PET2010 History of Arts
PET2010 Home Science
PET2010 L.L.M
PET2010 Librery information Science
PET2010 M.A Frennch
PET2010 M.A. Econamics
PET2010 M.A. English
PET2010 M.A. Func. Hindi
PET2010 M.A. German
PET2010 M.A. Hindi
PET2010 M.A. History
PET2010 M.A. Linguistics
PET2010 M.A. Politicalsc
PET2010 M.A. Sanskrit
PET2010 M.C.A – Set I
PET2010 M.A. Urdu
PET2010 M.A.Arbic
PET2010 M.A.I.P.R
PET2010 Tourisum Mangment
PET2010 M.A.Museology
Year Courses
PET2010 M.A.Pali
PET2010 M.A.Philosophy
PET2010 M.A.Public Adiministretion
PET2010 M.B.A in Agri Business
PET2010 M.C.A – Set II
PET2010 M.C.A – Set III
PET2010 M.Com
PET2010 M.Ed – Set I
PET2010 M.Ed – Set II
PET2010 M.F.A Pottrs & Ceremic
PET2010 M.F.A Textile
PET2010 M.F.A.Plastic Arts
PET2010 M.Fc.Sothers
PET2010 M.H.G
PET2010 M.Mus
PET2010 M.Mus(Kathak)
PET2010 M.Mus.(Tabla)
PET2010 M.Mus_Intrumental
PET2010 M.P.Ed
PET2010 M.P.M.R
PET2010 M.Sc Biochemistry
PET2010 M.Sc in Food Sc. & (Ag) Tech
PET2010 M.Sc Tech in enrironmental sc $Tech
PET2010 M.Sc. Botany
PET2010 M.Sc. Computer Science
PET2010 M.Sc. Environmental Science
PET2010 M.Sc. physices
PET2010 M.Tech.Ag.Engg
PET2010 Master of Social Work
PET2010 Nyay vaishesik

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