DASA 2014 Application Form – Apply Online

DASA 2014 Application Form for Foreign Nationals/ Persons of Indian Origin/ Non-Resident Indians

The application forms for DASA 2014 are available here from 1st April 2014. Candidates can apply up till 26th May 2014.

Instructions to fill and submit the application form for DASA 2014

Candidates are advised to read all instructions carefully, before filling the online application form.

  • The application forms must be filled in English only. Application forms, filled in languages other than English will be summarily rejected.
  • Affix your recent photograph (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) in the duly completed and printed application form.
  • Fill in the fee payment details and attach Documentary evidence of payment as applicable.
  • Attach other supporting documents, as already specified in the preceding sections.
  • If any supporting documents are in languages other than English or Hindi, authenticated translated copy of the documents to English or Hindi must also be provided.
  • Candidates from Nepal and Bhutan should submit authenticated proof of citizenship in lieu of passport.
  • Candidate can fill up to 30 choices. See Appendix-IV for details about the Institute and Courses offered under DASA 2014-15 Scheme. A total of 2259 undergraduate seats are available for allotment.

Last Date for receipt of DASA 2014 Application Form

  • Last date for receipt of completed application form along with required fee and supporting documents at DASA Office, NITK Surathkal is 17:00HRS (IST) May 31, 2014.
  • The applications of candidates whose SAT Subject Test scores are not received, for any reason whatsoever, by May 31, 2014 will not be considered for allotment of seats in the first three rounds. However, their application may be considered for allotment of seats in Round 4 and Spot round against the seats remaining vacant.


Welcome to DASA 2014-15 , the online portal for the admissions of Foreign Nationals / Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) / Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) under DASA Scheme for the Academic Year 2014-15  to Undergraduate Courses in Engineering in National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), Schools of Planning and Architecture and other premier Technical Institutions in India.


Fee Payment

The candidates who fulfill the admission criteria specified in DASA Eligibility, should submit the print copy of the completed online application form duly signed by the candidate as well as parent / guardian along with requisite registration fee and first semester tuition fee. The fee can be paid either through SWIFT Transfer or E-payment. Charges for fee payment, if any, should be borne by the candidate.

A. Details for payment through SWIFT Transfer
Payment can be made through bank transfer to Corporation Bank:

i. Address of the Bank: Corporation Bank, Pandeshwar Branch, Mangalore 575001, India
ii.  SWIFT Code: CORPINBB133
iii. Account Number: EEFC900002
iv.  Name of the Beneficiary: NITK DASA
v. Remittance Details: Mention “Application Fee, <Your Passport number>, <Your Application ID>, <Applicant Name>”
vi. Telephone:  +91 824 2426462, +91 824 2474085
vii. Correspondent Bank of Corporation Bank in USA for US Dollar payment: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK N.A.
A/c NO. 0011400603
ABA ROUTING NO: 021000021

IMPORTANT: While transferring the money through SWIFT, all Bank transaction charges should be borne by the candidate. In the SWIFT payment form at field 71A: Details of Charges, type as ‘OUR’. Candidates are advised to ensure that all Bank charges are paid by themselves.

B. Details for Electronic Payment (E-Payment):

For E-payment, candidates have to use the weblink given in the online application form for paying through their credit/debit card. On successful completion of the transaction a Transaction ID would be generated automatically and will appear in the application form. Candidates are also advised to note the Transaction ID separately for future reference.

Note: Any transaction charges towards SWIFT / E-Payment should be borne by the candidate.

How To Apply for DASA 2014

The submission of DASA 2014 application is a two stage process, both of which are essential.

  1. Online application and submission of signed print copy of the application along with required documents and payment details to DASA Office, NITK Surathkal.
  2. SAT subject test score to be sent to NITK Surathkal through CollegeBoard, USA (Institute Code 6530).

[magz_toggle title=”Stage A – Online Application Registration and Form Filling” state=”closed”]

Register online for applying to DASA 2014

Create an account at http://www.dasanit.org by entering the following details to register:

  1. Username (to be chosen by the candidate)
  2. Email ID (valid email ID to which a web link will be mailed to complete the registration process)
  3. Captcha words (in the space provided)
  4. Once correct details are entered, click Create my account
  5. An email will be send to your email address with a link to complete the registration. Check your email and click the weblink.
  6. Enter Applicant ID (given in the email)
  7. Enter Password (preferably a combination of uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol to be chosen by the candidate)
  8. Confirm Password
  9. Once correct details are entered, registration is complete.
  10. Candidates are advised to note the Applicant ID and password for future logins (for completing the application form and checking the status of the application etc) and to keep it confidential.

Application filling and submission: The recommended sequence for filling the application form is given below.

Once an account is created candidates should Login using email address and Password.

  • Candidates should first upload their latest passport size photograph in JPG format (size ~ 3.5cmx3.5cm, file size < 100kB, you may use any image editing software like Microsoft Paint to resize your photograph. This photograph will appear on your admission order hence use a photograph with sufficient clarity and contrast).
  • Click Next, to start filling application.
  • Candidates are advised to fill the application with the following details.
Personal Details
  • Applicant Full Name (as in Passport)
  • Applicant ID (appears by default – do not edit)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality (Mandatory)
  • Parent / Guardian Name
  • Relationship with Applicant


Contact Details
  • Address abroad
  • Address in India (if any)


Passport /Citizenship card
  • Passport Number (Nationals of Nepal who do not have a passport shall give Citizenship ID number) Mandatory
  • Place of Issue
  • Issuing Country
  • Date of Issue
  • Valid up to


Qualifying Examination Details
  • SAT Subject Test Details
    • Name as given in SAT registration (Mandatory)
    • SAT Registration Number(s)
    • SAT Centre Location (s)
    • SAT exam date (s) (Mandatory)
  • Qualifying Examination
    • Name of the Examination
    • Aggregate Percentage/CGPA(if results are available)
    • Name of School / College
    • Place of the School & Country (Mandatory)
    • Name of the Board / University
    • Month &Year of Passing
    • Medium of Instruction in Qualifying Examination


Payment Details
  • Choose payment Mode
    • E-Payment
    • SWIFT Payment
  • E-Payment
    • Transaction ID (filled automatically, please note it)
    • Bank Account details for refund
  • SWIFT Transfer
    • Amount
    • Sender’s Name
    • Transaction ID
    • Bank Account details for refund


Institute & Course Choices You can enter up to 30 choices which can be of any combination of Institutes and / or courses of your choice in the order of priority (first being the highest priority). Candidates are strongly advised to fill the choices only after going through the websites of Institutes of their interest.SAVE & CONTINUE

Candidates are advised to click Preview Application Form button to preview the form and ensure that all the required details have been provided correctly. In case, there are some corrections to be made, candidates can click the Edit the Application Form button and edit the application. After ensuring that all the data provided are correct and in the required format the candidate should click the Submit the online application Form button to submit the online application. The submitted online application should be printed by making use of the Download Application Form button. Candidates should print at least two copies of the submitted online application form and are advised to use one copy for submission as explained below, and keep the other copy for their own records.


  • In one session, if a candidate is unable to fill the online application, he / she can do it in subsequent sessions and complete it.
  • Once the online application is submitted, the candidate will not be able to modify any of the data in the application form.

This completes the filling of the details in the online application form. The process of submission of application is given below. [/magz_toggle]

[magz_toggle title=”Stage B – Submission of hard copy of the application along with required documents” state=”closed”]The process to be followed during the submission of hard copy of the application is given below:

  • The printed application form should be duly signed by the candidate and parent / guardian.
  • Affix a recent Passport size photograph (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) in space provided in the printed application form, preferably same as the photo uploaded in the application portal.

Authentication of citizenship card for candidates from Nepal

Candidates applying under DASA Scheme 2014-15 from Nepal should submit a copy of the authenticated residence proof (Passport or Citizenship card) along with the hard copy of application, to be eligible for considering their application. Candidates can contact Embassy of India in Kathmandu, Nepal or Embassy of Nepal at New Delhi for verification and authentication of the residential proof certificates.[/magz_toggle]

Documents to be submitted with the application form

Attach the following supporting documents to the hard copy of the application.

  • Copy of candidate’s Passport (Nationals of Nepal who do not have a passport, copy of Authenticated Citizenship Card has to be submitted*)
  • Copy of proof for date of birth (Secondary Education Board / University Certificate [Class X or equivalent] or any certificate issued by the Government authorities)
  • Copy of Mark Sheet of 10th , 11th and 12th (or) Equivalent examination
  • Copy of certificate from School authorities (in the format given in Appendix-III on letter head of the school) as proof of completion of 11th and 12th Standard or equivalent.
  • Details and proof of fee payment – In case of payment by SWIFT transfer, the complete details should be attached with the printed application form.


After completing the above, candidate should send the duly completed and signed application form along with required documents to :

Coordinator DASA 2014-15
DASA Office
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
Mangalore 575 025 KARNATAKA, INDIA.

Change of Institute & Course Choices

Candidates are requested to fill in the choices of Institute & Course Choices carefully after consulting their parents/guardians. Please make sure that the Institute & Course Choices are upto your satisfaction (using the “Preview” feature) before you submit the online application form. Please note that once the application form is submitted online, DASA office will not entertain any requests for changes in the choices.

If you have any queries regarding DASA, please ask in comments below.

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