Candidates who are planning to apply for TNEA 2017 should know about the Random Number. It is basically a number, which is issued to each candidate who participate in Anna University Counselling. The purpose of TNEA Random Number is to allocate the merit position when there is a tie. However, it is the last resort and is only used if all the other mediums to break the tie fail.

For the upcoming counselling, the random number has been generated on June 20, 2017. As the name suggest, there is no process for allocating these numbers. They are given to a candidate on the random basis. The candidates with the higher TNEA Random Number is assigned the merit. Candidates can check more details about TNEA 2017 Random Number from this page.

TNEA 2017 Random Number and Rank Publication

It is an important event in Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions. The overall rank and Community wise rank lists will be published in Anna University website. The separate announcement will not be given in Newspapers. The candidates will also be informed of their rank individually by post through the counselling Call Letter. The college and the branch will be provisionally allotted through counselling only, as per their choice.

Official website where Random number published –

About the TNEA Random Number

  • A random number is a number generated by a process, whose outcome is unpredictable, and which cannot be subsequently reliably reproduced.
  • Before ranking, after the application scrutiny, a random number will be assigned to every candidate.
  • In order to make this random number assignment transparent, it will be assigned in public amidst the media and will subsequently be published in the TNEA website.
  • Along with the random number, the raw data captured from the coding sheet and verified during scrutiny will be published.
  • After random number assignment, the rank list will be prepared and published in the website.

Usually, re-evaluation marks will be released after the publication of TNEA rank list. In which case, the candidate’s marks if revised, their marks and rank will be updated on production of authenticated supporting documents. In which case, the candidate can attend the counselling by his/her revised rank and revised date of counselling calculated by the candidate itself subject to scrutiny and approval of TNEA administrators.

One of the main eligibility criteria is the minimum eligibility mark and it is the sum of marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Maths divided by sum of maximum marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The candidate satisfying all the rules put forth now and then by Government of Tamil Nadu as described in TNEA booklet. The candidate should satisfy all the minimum eligibility criteria like minimum eligibility mark as per the Government of Tamil Nadu described in the TNEA booklet.

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