Anjishnu Bose and Jhuma Bose

Anjishnu Bose and Jhuma Bose

Anjishnu Bose, with his mother Mrs. Jhuma Bose share a light moment together after declaration of JEE Advanced Result, in which the brilliant 17 year old bagged AIR 26.

Anjishnu Bose is head over heels in love with Physics. A big fan of Stephen Hawking, he wishes to become an Astrophysicist. An NTSE and KVPY scholar, he scored 97.4% in class 12 board exams as well. Though his journey has not been cakewalk, but his latest achievement is like a big cherry on the cake. In what is referred to as India’s toughest engineering entrance exam, the IIT JEE Advanced, he has ranked 26.

His parents Mr. Tapash Bose, and Mrs. Jhuma Bose are undoubtedly proud of his achievements but even more so for his undeterred focus. AglaSem catches up with Anjishnu to know his success mantra, and his journey.

Latest update – Anjishnu Bose has also bagged the 16th rank in Joint Entrance Examination (Main) 2015.

Name – Anjishnu Bose
JEE Advanced 2015 AIR – 26 (Delhi Topper)
JEE Main 2015 AIR – 16

A big congratulations to Anjishnu Bose for having added another feather in the cap. We wish you all the success in the world!

To prepare for your exams, which books did you refer to?

Firstly and most importantly, all NCERT books.

Secondly I studied from the following books for practising extra numerical:

  • Physics: H.C.Verma, Resnick and Halliday, I.E Irodov,
  • Chemistry: R.C.Mukherjee for physical, J.De Lee for inorganic and Himanshu Pandey for organic,
  • Maths: S.L.Loney for coordinate and trigo, TMH for rest.

Thirdly I practised chapter-wise practice books of FIITJEE very thoroughly.

I also practised from question bank provided in the portal aglasem.

How many hours a day did you study?

It’s difficult to answer in one sentence. Also, as I look back, I find it was not uniform in XIth and XIIth. During class XI, I used to study about 10-11 hours a day in the weekends and non-school days. On school days or FIITJEE days, I could manage around 4-5 hours and on both school and FIITJEE days, I could get hardly one hour.

In class XIIth, my study hours in weekend and non-school days came down to 9 to 10 hours. Same remained my study hours during the entire period after the pre-boards and the period before JEE advanced. My study hours for second and third category of days were about 4 hours and one hour respectively.

What was your favourite subject?

Physics, undoubtedly.  Of course, I love Mathematics also.

How did you manage board examination and entrance examination preparation?

My preparation for board examination and JEE mains was based on studies in school (I am from DAV Public school, Dayanand Vihar), NCERT books, reference books, FIITJEE classes & JEE mains study material and question bank from aglasem. I also attended practical classes in the school regularly as they constitute 30% marks.

My JEE advance preparation was totally based on FIITJEE classes, chapter-wise study material, archives, the test series. All my doubts were clarified by my esteemed FIITJEE East Delhi Centre faculties in classes, in doubt sessions, over phones. For JEE advanced preparation I am extremely grateful to IK sir, SM sir and AGR sir of FIITJE East Delhi and the coordination activities done by all other staff of the centre.

Regarding division of time for these two kinds of preparation, I must say that they almost went in parallel with time ratio being 20:80 between board and IIT preparations. One month before the board examination, I concentrated more on board papers and JEE mains. And, after JEE mains, it was all about JEE advanced – the final go.

When you faced a difficult topic, how did you crack it?

Again, the answer cannot be a simple one liner. My emphasis has always been to understand the concept. If it was a difficulty in conceptual clarity, I tried to go through it again, take help from school teachers for board syllabus and took help from my FIITJEE Gurus for JEE level difficulties. Let me admit, that for some odd cases (especially some vague subjective theories), I had to sometime mug it up (you know, some topics of Chemistry are like that).

By when had you completed your syllabus?

I am really grateful to FIITJEE course structure for this. I completed my XIth syllabus in Nov-Dec of my class XI and started with XIIth syllabus. I could complete my XIIth syllabus once by Oct of class XII which gave me ample time for revision.

What’s your success mantra? Please elaborate.

There’s no substitute for hard work.

  • One needs to follow a structured study plan.
  • Time management, rather, time optimisation is very important. One should select a reasonably good school and a good coaching institute not very far from home. Every half an hour extra travel to school and coaching institute will cost about 400 hours.
  • For JEE advanced preparation, one needs professional practise material and coaching like I got from FIITJEE East Delhi Centre.
  • The practice tests like AITS of FIITJEE are of great help as match practice.
  • One needs lots of support and encouragement from family and parents like I got, especially when one is exhausted and tired.
  • One needs mental strength through prayers and chanting (I am a follower of Buddhism) as I have been doing with my mother.
  • Finally one needs the blessings of Almighty to perform best on the most important days – the days of the board exams, JEE mains and JEE advance.

What are your hobbies/ what else you do other than studies?

Oh, I love doing lots of other things. I am ardent reader – science fiction, science, mysteries, thrillers, action adventures, fantasy etc etc and all that. My favourite authors are Stephen Hawkings, Carl Sagan, Asimov, Agatha Christie, Robert Ludlum, tom Clancy, james luceno, drew karpashyn etc. I like seeing mystery & sci fi movies (Matrix, Intersteller, Star Wars are my favourites), science shows (like Discovery channel, the Alien show, the Star talk). I still like playing with my plastic blocks of childhood. I love music – I play keyboard since my childhood. My mom used to take me to a music teacher when I was in class 2. Slowly I developed aptitude and cleared London Trinity examinations. I cleared level 5 examination with distinction when I was in class IX.

Who are your inspirations/ Who all you want to thank?

My parents, my sister, both my grandmothers, the families of my uncles, aunts and cousins, all other relatives, my teachers of my first school Bal Bharati, Brij Vihar; my current school, DAV Dayanand Vihar and my Gurus of FIITJEE East Delhi Centre. I get lot of inspiration and wisdom from the words of Bhagavata Gita. And, finally it’s the blessings of Almighty in all forms.

What are your plans now?

Physics is my passion. Hence, I may be little unconventional. Though both my father and sister are engineers by profession, I am not likely to pursue engineering profession. I think, I am going for UG course in Physics in IISC followed by Masters. I want to specialise in astrophysics. I dream to work on the mysterious concepts of worm holes, dark matter, the unified law, breaking the barrier of speed of light etc.

May you learn all the mysteries of space and beyond Anjishnu Bose. We are very proud of you!

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