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CAT 2018 Analysis – The IIM Calcutta has conducted the CAT 2018 on November 25, 2018. The students must be checking for the exam analysis for CAT 2018. Here at Aglasem, we have provided the complete analysis for the Common Admission Test for both the sessions. Through the CAT 2018 Analysis, you can identify the difficulty level of each session and subject as well, then identify the good score and what are your chances of qualifying the entrance examination. CAT 2018 Exam Analysis comprises the difficulty level of each topic, the number of questions asked from each subject, good score in each section, etc. You can check all these details about the CAT exam analysis for Slot 1 and Slot 2 from this page.

CAT 2018 Live Updates | CAT 2018 Answer Key


  • Quant section of slot 2 is lengthy and VARC section is quite tougher than slot 1.
  • CAT 2018 Analysis Slot 2 is now available. Check it below.
  • Career Launcher has also released the CAT 2018 Exam Analysis for Slot 1
  • The CAT 2018 Analysis Slot 1 is now available. Check it below.
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CAT 2018 Analysis

IIM Calcutta has conducted the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 on 25 November 2018 in two shifts, after which, CAT 2018 Analysis has now been published. The analysis for each slot is available and contain detailed break down on questions, cut off, and explanations.

CAT 2018 Students Analysis – New!

For Slot 2 – The CAT 2018 exam for Slot 2 is now over. The candidates can check the student’s reaction and review for CAT 2018 Slot 2 from below.

  1. The exam pattern for CAT 2018 was similar as last year for both Slot 1 and Slot 2.
  2. Quantitative Ability section was a bit easy but many students said that it was a bit lengthy
  3. DILR was of the Difficult level.
  4. VARC section was of the Easy level and the questions were pretty straightforward
  5. The overall difficulty level of Slot 2 in comparison to last year was a bit difficult.

The overall raw score for CAT 2018 is expected to be about 150 to 155.

For Slot 1 – The CAT 2018 exam for Slot 1 has been conducted successfully at all the test centers. The candidates can now check the complete analysis of the exam for Slot 1 as given by the students below:

  1. No technical glitches were reported at the test center.
  2. Quantitative Ability section did not threw any major surprise in the CAT 2018 exam. It was of MODERATE difficulty level. Many students found some question from the QA section tricky. Major questions were from Arithmetic.
  3. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section of the EASY level. The maximum number of questions were asked from para jumble, odd one out and para summary.
  4. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was comparatively easy in comparison to the last yera. Hence it can be said that it was of MODERATE – DIFFICULT. 
  5. This year, there were no question of arrangements in the Logical Reasoning section.
  6. Permutation and Combination questions from the QA section was a bit difficult, Logarithms was easy, there were no questions from the Arithmetic Progression.
  7. There were about 2-3 number of questions from the Probability topic, which is less in comparison to last year.
  8. VARC had a total of 7 number of MCQ questions.
  9. The difficulty level of VARC section is EASY
  10. The Passages in the RC section were a bit long but 2 were easy
  11. There were 04 question from the para jumbled section.

Exam Pattern for CAT 2018

The exam structure for CAT 2018 was as follows:

Name of the Section   Number of MCQ type questions Number of Non-MCQ type questions
VARC 27 07
DILR 24 08
QA 22 12
IIMs Admission Process Just after the announcement of the result

Overall CAT 2018 exam was of Moderate- Difficulty level; same as last year

CAT 2018 Analysis for Slot 1

Analysis of CAT 2018 Slot 1 is now available.

Total number of test takers Approximately 2 lakhs
Total number of questions 100
Number of total MCQ type questions 73
Number of total non-MCQ type questions 27
Overall Difficulty Level Range Moderate to Difficult
Difficulty level of VARC Easy
Difficulty level of DILR Moderate
Difficulty level of QA Difficult
Topics in VARC Plastics and Environment (5 questions), Economy and happiness (5 questions), India and World War 2 (5 questions), Elephants and Humans (5 questions), Genetics (4 questions)
Topics in DILR Caselet, Quant based PnC, Logic-based DI 2 sets, Pie charts, group arrangements, suduku type nXn matrix
Topics in QA Arithmetic, Geometry, Modern Maths etc
Overall expected cutoff Around 170

CAT 2018 Analysis for Slot 2

Analysis of CAT 2018 Slot 2 is available here

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by Coaching Institutes

As said earlier, coaching institutes such as TIME, Career Launcher, Byjus and many more also releases the exam analysis for Slot 1 and Slot 2. The CAT 2018 exam analysis by these coaching institutes not only provides you with a comprehensive analysis of the exam but it is further divided for each section and each slot. The coaching institutes published the CAT 2018 Analysis an hour or two later after the exam is over. Here, the candidates can check also the CAT Exam Analysis by TIME, Career Launcher, etc.

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by Carrer Launcher – Slot 1 (Available!)

One of the most well-known coaching institute for CAT, Career Launcher has published the CAT 2018 exam analysis for Slot 1. Check it below.

  • As per CL, there has been no big change in the exam pattern
  • There was only one change, and that was in the VARC section. There where 4 passages had 5 questions each and 1 passage had 4 questions.
  • The overall difficulty of the CAT 2018 exam was higher in comparison to last year.
  • VARC continued to be easy
  • DILR was easier than last year with sets that took less time to solve.
  • Quantitative was tougher.

Expected Cut off by Carrer Launcher for CAT 2018 Slot 1: On the basis of the analysis above, it is expected that to get a 99%ile one will have to obtain a score of 50 or lower. An overall raw score of around 155 should fetch a 99%ile in CAT 2018.

Section Expected score for 99%ile
DILR 48-50
Quant 45-50
Overall 155-160

CAT 2018 General Analysis

In this section, we will provide you the General Analysis for CAT 2018 exam. Hence, keep visiting this page to check the CAT 2018 general analysis.

  1. There is three section in the CAT exam – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension; Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning; Quantitative Ability.
  2. Earlier, the questions from VARC section used to be differentiated, but now the questions from Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension are jumbled up.
  3. The VARC section is comparatively easy from the other sections. Many students have also commented that if compared in VA and RC, the later is a bit time-consuming for the students.
  4. The next section, which is DILR is said to be of much higher difficulty level amongst all the three sections.
  5. The Quantitative Ability section is of Moderate difficulty level. Non-engineers do find it one of the other tough section in the CAT exam but if a candidate is well prepared then s/he can score good marks in this section.

Key Points in CAT 2018 Exam Analysis

Important dates pertaining to analysis are given below. Important dates pertaining to analysis are given below. Here are some of the key points pertaining to CAT 2018 analysis:

  1. CAT 2018 is going to be conducted in two shifts. Shift 1 is from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Shift 2 is from 02:30 PM till 05:30 PM.
  2. One exam analysis will be available soon after the Shift 1 is over, the other exam analysis will be published after Shift 2 is over.
  3. There are various coaching institutes such as T.I.M.E, Career Launcher, etc which also releases the exam analysis.
  4. On the basis of CAT 2018 Analysis, an expected cut off can also be predicted.

CAT 2018 Exam Pattern

Before we proceed to take a look at the exam analysis of CAT exam, let us first revise the exam pattern and marking scheme.

Section name Total questions Total MCQs Total Non-MCQs Maximum marks
VARC 34 24 to 27 7 to 10 102
DILR 34 24 8 96
Quant 34 23 to 27 7 to 11 102

Marking Scheme for CAT 2018 

  • For a Correct Answer, you will +3 marks
  • There is a negative marking of 01 marks for MCQ type questions
  • There is no negative Marking for Non- MCQ type questions
  • No marks will be deducted for unanswered questions

CAT Exam Analysis: Past 05 years

In the table below, the candidates can check the past 05-year analysis for CAT exam.

CAT Exam Year Name of the Section Difficult Moderate Easy Number of Good Attempts
2017 VARC Few questions were difficult Few questions were moderate x 20-22
DILR x x 8-10
QA x x 20-22
2016 VARC Few questions were difficult Few questions were moderate x 20-22
DILR x x 14-16
QA Few questions were difficult Few questions were moderate x 19-21
2015 VARC Few questions were difficult Few questions were moderate x 22-24
DILR x x 11-12
QA x x 21-23
2014 VARC x Few questions were moderate Few questions were easy 35+
DILR x 35+
QA x x 35+
2013 VARC x x x
DILR x x x
QA Few questions were difficult Few questions were moderate x x

CAT Exam Comprehensive Analysis for Past 03 years

Below, the candidates can check the detailed exam analysis for the CAT exam year 2017, 2016 and 2015. Going through this, you can actually estimate what could be the difficulty level for CAT 2018 exam.

CAT Exam Analysis – 2017

As per the reports, CAT exam held in the year 2017 was of MODERATE difficulty level. There were no such surprises in the paper format or the exam pattern. If the analysis of the CAT exam year of 2017 is to be explained it can be as follows: tough LRDI section —> doable QA section —-> VARC sections. The level of difficulty was broadly similar across both the slots. However, many students commented that the questions from LRDI in the 2nd slot were easy in comparison to the 1st slot.

Section No. of Questions No. of Non MCQ Questions Difficulty level
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 34 7 Moderate-Difficult
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 32 8 Difficult
Quantitative Ability 34 11 Moderate
Total 100 26 Moderate-Difficult

CAT Exam Analysis – 2016

As CAT exam is known to throw surprises to the students, the exam held in the year 2016 did not disappoint them at all. there were quite a few doable questions across sections for the year 2016. The number of tough questions were significantly more in numbers. There were many tricky questions and the added possibility of silly mistakes, the cutoffs were a bit high.

Name of the Section
Number of Questions
Number of Non MCQ Questions
Difficulty level
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Ability

CAT Exam Analysis – 2015

The CAT exam held in the year 2015 underwent few changes. The surprise in this year, was the ‘high’ number of Non MCQs across the three sections. The difficulty of the paper, across sections was largely similar in both the slots. It was observed that the QA section was relatively much easier compared to the other two, followed by VARC, which was of moderate to difficult level. DILR was the section that troubled many this time with an unexpectedly high level of difficulty across multiple sets, which was true to both the slots.

Morning Slot Afternoon Slot
99 %ile 60 47 63 60 57 63
95 %ile 45 34 49 45 43 49
85 %ile 34 26 37 34 30 37
Overall Scaled Score
99 %ile 166
95 %ile 133

What to Expect for CAT 2018 on the basis of past 3 years analysis?

Since the exam pattern for CAT 2018 is same as last year, it can be expected that the difficulty level of the test shall be increased this year. The DILR section of 2016 was the toughest ever, therefore one can expect the same level or a marginal drop in this section. The sections QA, VARC were reasonably good int he past 3 years, hence there are high chances that the level of difficulty for these questions may rise. With the predicted rise in the level of difficulty, one can expect a score of 140-145 to lead to a 99+ percentile. The test taker must have a clear idea about the number of questions they must attempt to get 99+ percentile.

CAT 2018 Cut Off

The Cut Off for CAT 2018 has been announced by some IIMs, for example, IIM Ahmedabad has published the minimum cut off for CAT 2018. The cut off for CAT 2018 will be prepared considering various factors in mind such as the number of candidates appeared for the test, difficulty level of the test, etc. Other than IIMs, management colleges such as FMS, SPJIMR and more have also announced the cut off for CAT 2018. Check the CAT 2018 Cut Off from the table below.

CAT 2018 Cut Off by IIM Ahmedabad

Category Percentile Rank in Verbal & Reading Comprehension (PVRC) Percentile rank in Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (PDILR) Percentile Rank in Quantitative Aptitude (PQA) Overall Percentile Rank
General 70 70 70 80
NC-OBC cum transgender 65 65 65 75
SC 60 60 60 70
ST 50 50 50 60
PwD (All categories except ST) 60 60 60 70
PwD (ST) 50 50 50 60

CAT 2018 Cut Off by FMS, DU

Name of the Sections Cut off
VARC 40%
DILR 30%
QA 30%

CAT 2018 Cut Off by SPJIMR

Name of the Section Cut off Percentile
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 75
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 75
Quantitative Ability 75
Overall 85

If you have any questions regarding the CAT 2018 Exam Analysis, then let us know in the comment section below. 

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