JoSAA 2017 Seat Allotment Result is announced online. Result of JoSAA 2017 seat allotment can be checked with roll number of JEE and password.

Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) is conducting counselling for JEE Main 2017 and JEE Advanced 2017 qualifiers. Through JoSAA counselling, the admission to the candidates will be granted in IITs, NITs, IIITs, and GFTI’s.

The JoSAA 2017 Seat Allotment Result is declared in all the seven rounds of counselling. It is made available on the official website, i.e. The candidates can check the allotment from the link below. Also, read the article further to check more details on JoSAA Seat Allotment 2017.

JoSAA 2017 Seat Allotment

Round 7 seat allotment result of JoSAA 2017 has been announced on 21 July 2017. Also Check Preparatory Candidates Allotted in JoSAA Round 7 below.

The seat to the candidates will be allocated on the basis of preference and the rank secured by them, in JEE Main or JEE Advanced 2017. The allotment is announced online, on Only those candidates are allocated seats, who fulfill the formalities of registration and choice filling.

A seat to the highest possible choice of academic program is allocated to the candidate considering the following factors:

  • The category of the candidate from which he belongs to such as:- GEN, OBC-NCL, SC, etc.
  • The rank of the candidate in the rank list
  • The order of the academic programs chosen by the candidate
  • Seat availability in different categories after applying seat quota

JoSAA Seat Allotment 2017 Important Dates

Candidates may check all the important dates of JoSAA 2017 Seat Allotment from the table below.

Seat Allotment Rounds Important Dates
Round 1 June 28, 2017
Round 2 July 04, 2017
Round 3 July 07, 2017 July 11 to 13, 2017
Round 4 July 10, 2017 July 14 to 15, 2017
Round 5 July 13, 2017 July 17, 2017 July 16, 2017
Round 6 July 15, 2017 July 18, 2017
Round 7 July 18, 2017 July 21, 2017 5:00 P.M

Mock Display of Seat Allocation-I (20 June 2017 at 05:00 PM)

The online filling of choices will begin from 15 June 2017. Before the 1st round of counselling begins, the JoSAA will display a mock seat allocation-I on 20 June 2017. Meaning that based on the choices that candidate will fill by 20 June 017, JoSAA will publish the list of the possible seats that will be given to the candidate in the colleges and courses. This mock display is for the purpose of giving you an idea of the seat matrix distribution and how it will be carried on next. Candidate after checking the seat matrix can shuffle their choices before the next mock seat allocation is displayed online.

  • First Mock display has ended!…

Mock Display of Seat Allocation-II (23 June 2017 at 05:00 PM)

Another list known as mock display seat allocation-I will be published on 23 June 2017. The seat matrix will be revised and published again. Candidate will be able to check their rank. It is possible that the course and college may vary in this list after the course switching. Both these lists shall give you an approximate idea of the college that you might get. It is not guaranteed that this is the college you will get. Candidate will be registered till 26 June 2017.

  • Second Mock display has ended…!!

JoSAA 2017 Round 1 Seat Allotment (28 June 2017)

On 27 June 2017, JoSAA has reconcile the data and display it on the website. The number of seats available in all the colleges and course has been displayed against which the number of candidates called to attend the counselling process has also been mentioned. It either have opening or closing rank or inform the number of candidate such as from roll number 1 to roll number 5000. 100 % seats has been visible here on the portal for the 1st round of counselling. As per the schedule, candidates will come and attend the 1st counselling process on 28 June 2017. Their documents will be verified and seat will be offered to them. They will put forward their option and secure a seat by paying the fees right there at the time of counselling. Candidate will accept the seat by reporting at the centre from 29 June 2017 to 03 July 2017. You will get maximum 5 days for accepting seat.

  • JoSAA 2017 Round 1 Institute wise Allotment – Check Here

JoSAA has displayed the matrix as per the seats filled and the status of the leftover seats on 04 July 2017. Check it through the link provided below.

  • Click Here to check Vacant seats after round 1 allotment.
  • Click Here to check Vacant seats after round 1 seat acceptance.


The date by which any event related to 1st round of counselling will be entertained is 03 July 2017. Candidates selected in 1st round may also apply for withdrawal on 2 days i.e 05 and 06 July 2017. and attend 2nd round of counselling for seeking admission in other course.

JoSAA 2017 Round 2 Seat Allotment (04 July 2017)

The left over seats will be displayed online for the next range of candidates by 04 July 2017 10:00 AM and seat has been allocated by 05:00 PM same day. The process will be repeated including steps such as document verification and paying the course fees.

  • JoSAA 2017 Round 2 Seat Allotment Result – Check Here

Withdrawal of seat and acceptance of seat

Candidates select can either accept the seat or request for withdrawal  from 10:00 to 05:00 pm on the dates 05 and 06 July 2017.  On the same day, the 3rd list of carrying vacant seats for 3rd round will be published as well. On 7th July the left status of the left overs seats will be published.

JoSAA 2017 Round 3 Seat Allotment (10 July 2017)

Candidates have been allotted seats on new date. Delay was caused due to court hearings in JEE Adv answer key debacle. Now students can accept / withdraw seats by reporting at reporting center for 3rd round on 11, 12, 14 Jul 2017.

  • JoSAA 2017 Round 3 Seat Allotment Result – Check Here

JoSAA 2017 Round 4 Seat Allotment (13 July 2017)

Seta already filled will be displayed and candidate waiting in the next range should report at the center with all the documents to get a clear ticket for admission. You must satisfy all the criteria and pay the fees to secure a seat. If you want to accept or reject the seat then you must do it on dates instructed by admission authorities. Seats vacant will be opened for the remaining candidates.

  • JoSAA 2017 Round 4 Seat Allotment Result – Check Here

JoSAA 2017 Round 5 Seat Allotment (16 July 2017)

Seat allocation of 5th round has been done on 16 July 2017. Candidate get only allotted days time to accept the allotted seat or withdraw their admission if offered a seat in 5th round. You must do it by last date indicated. Then the remaining seats will be displayed.

  • JoSAA 2017 Round 5 Seat Allotment Result – Check Here

JoSAA 2017 Round 6 Seat Allotment (July 2017)

Seat allocation of 6th round has been done on 18 July 2017. Candidate get only allotted days time to accept the allotted seat or withdraw their admission if offered a seat in 6th round. You must do it by last date indicated. Then the remaining seats will be displayed.

  • JoSAA 2017 Round 6 Seat Allotment Result – Check Here

JoSAA 2017 Round 7 Seat Allotment (21 July 2017)

On 18 July 2017, the seats filled and the remaining seats is displayed on the official website and the 7th round of seat allocation is also begin on the same day from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM. candidates undergo document verification and will be given chance to choose their course and college. If the seat is left in that college then you can report in that colleges and secure your seat by submitting the documents and paying the fees.

  • JoSAA 2017 Round 7 Seat Allotment Result – Check Here
  • Preparatory Candidates Allotted in JoSAA Round 7 – Check Here

Documents Required at the Time of Seat Acceptance

Choices After JoSAA 2017 Seat Allotment

Freezing of Seat: Candidates will have to freeze a seat if they wish to take admission in the allotted college or course.

Withdrawal of Seat: If the candidates are not satisfied with the allotment then they may choose the withdraw option and opt for the next round of counseling

Floating: The candidates may opt for this option if they wish to seek other options as well, before taking admission in the confirmed seat.

How is seat allotted?

JoSAA allocates seats as per the seat matrix data sent by the participating institutes. These institutions are provide the seat matrix which is taken into consideration as per the reservation and other policies decided by JoSAA 2017. Candidates will be ranked as per their category including Common Rank List, OBC-NCL rank list, SC/ST rank list, CRL-PWD rank list, SC-PWD rank list etc.

NOTE- There will be 7 rounds of counselling. However, this year there shall be No spot round just like last year. From the last 2 years, JOSAA has not been conducting Spot round.

Online Registration and Choice Filling

Candidates have to register themselves first. Registration is a simple process that involves refilling of certain basic details such as gender, state code of eligibility, nationality, and contact details. The number of seats are indicated before each round and candidate have to secure his/her seat by paying the fees. The institute regularly update the pupil and renders all the information through its website candidates are offered the seat and if they choose to accept it, candidate must pay acceptance fee and report at the respective centre. They must report within the prescribed time for document verification. Withdrawal option is not allowed at the time of last round. The counselling process is scheduled to take place in online mode from 15 June 2017 10:00 AM. At this point, candidates will register at the institute’s system and fill in the course and college choice. Candidate who wrote AAT entrance exam can fill the choices from 19 June 2017. This step will include choosing option of course and college that the students wishes to join.

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