Entry of options by the candidates will begin only after the receipt of seat matrix from the Government. The details of the College wise, Course wise and Category wise seats available for allotment will be published on the KEA website http://kea.kar.nic.in which can be downloaded and printed.

Latest : Karnataka PGCET 2017 Second round Option entry has been started, check the link below.

The candidate who becomes eligible after verification will only be considered for entry of options. The candidate may enter the course / college of his choice from among the seats available which is displayed at the time of entry of options i.e., college wise, category wise and course wise, discipline wise. The candidate will be allowed to enter all the options in the discipline to which he/she is eligible.

Karnataka PGCET Option Entry 2017 and Mock Allotment

Candidate shall enter the options for all the discipline at once. If the candidate is eligible for multiple disciplines i.e., both for MBA and MCA or MBA and M.E. / M.Tech or M.Tech and MCA, options can be exercised for all the discipline in the same entry form. Upon entry of preliminary information by the candidate on the internet at the specified URL, the option entry form will be displayed. (Candidate has to enter his secret key and valid Password.) The candidate has to first select the Discipline in the option entry form. Upon selection of a discipline, the entry form display the list of colleges in case of MBA, 2nd year Lateral Entry MCA and first year MCA courses. In case of M.E. / M.Tech / M.Arch discipline the entry form display the list of colleges with their courses. The candidate has to enter the priority number in front of the displayed college / course to which they are eligible and interested.

Second Round Option Entry & Seat Matrix – New!

That means, first option may be M.E. / M.Tech, second option may also be M.E. / M.Tech, third option may be MCA, fourth one may be again M.E. / M.Tech, fifth option can be MCA Lateral Entry and the sixth may be MCA First Year etc and so on.

IMPORTANT: Please note that for admission to 2nd year MCA Lateral Entry, eligible candidates have to enter their priority of options by selecting the MCA Lateral Entry discipline in the option entry portal. For admission to 1st year MCA course, eligible candidates have to enter their priority of options by selecting the MCA first year discipline. If the candidate is eligible for both the disciplines i.e., for Lateral Entry MCA and First year MCA, can exercise their priority of options for both or for either of the one discipline.

Mock Allotment

Note on Mock Allotment

After the entry of options are completed, based on the real data mock allotment will be carried out and the allotment status will be hosted on the KEA website for the information of the candidates. Two days time will be given to the candidates to verify the status of their allotment. Here, the candidate after ascertaining college and course allotted, if he / she wants to change / modify his / her options can do so within the stipulated date and time. Then based on the modified entry of options the real allotment will be carried out.

Why do we conduct Mock Allotment?

Based on the Mock Allotment a candidate can know his / her status of allotment as per his / her priority of options. This gives a clear view to the candidate to change or retain the entered options. Candidate can come to know that the other candidate with lower merit has got seat which he was eligible but for his not entering that option. Therefore, candidates will be given one more choice to change the priority of options, deletion of or addition of options.

Due to change in the options by candidates after Mock Allotment, one may not get the same seat in the real allotment as was allotted in the mock allotment.

FAQ’s on Option Entry

How to save Options entered?

Just below the option entry panel a button called “SAVE” is available on the website. Every time a candidate enters the options and wishes to exit the website he has to click the button “SAVE” and then he can logout from the website without any loss of information.

Does a candidate have to enter all the options at once?

No, a candidate can enter and alter the entries as many times as he wants, but before the last date and time prescribed for option entry. But each time candidate has to SAVE his options by clicking on the SAVE button.

How to make changes in Options saved and entered?

After completion of process of options entry is over, and if a candidate wants to change the options he can do so by changing the preference order in the “Modify Selected Option” panel. Then save the options. He can see the changed order of preference in the “Selected Option View” which shows all the saved options. But this can be done only before the last date and time for option entry is over.

Is it essential that a candidate key in all his / her Options in one sitting in front of your computer?

No, a candidate can enter as many times as he wants 24 X 7 at any number of sittings, but before the last date and time prescribed for option entry. But each time candidate has to SAVE his options by clicking the SAVE button.

Till what time can a candidate make changes in the Option Entry Form?

Before the last date and time prescribed for Option Entry.

How to Change Order of Priority?

Once the option entry is completed, the computer will display all such entered options in a separate panel “Modify Selected Option”. The candidate by viewing this can rearrange the options. The 54th option may be changed to 30th in the following method. Scroll down to the 54th option number, place the curser in front of it and enter as 30. Now this modified option will be placed at the position at 30, this can be viewed at the separate panel “Saved Options”. Like this a candidate can change the order of options and he can delete the entered options by entering zero in the order number.

Therefore, it is better to enter the options after you have written it down in the option entry sheet to avoid confusion.

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