Lloyd entrance test LET 2014

Lloyd Entrance Test 2013 Question Paper

Lloyd Entrance Test 2013 Question Paper


1. Which of the following books is written by Chetan Bhagat?
a) A General and his Army
b) A Possible India
c) Bitter Sweet
d) Revolution 2020

2. As per decision taken by the European Union and IMF, which of the following countries will receive a fresh assistance of 100 billion Euro by the year 2014?
a) Italy
b) Greece
c) Portugal
d) Spain

3. In which City was Osoma Bin Laden killed in May 2011?
a) Islamabad
b) Abbottabad
c) Faisalabad
d) Preshawar

4. Which of the following in India’s new rating index-developed by Ministry of Finance?

5. The first ever formula one race in India was held in
a) Greater Noida
b) Faridabad
c) Delhi
d) Pune

6. National Consumer Rights Day is observed on
a) December 4
b) December 7
c) December 10
d) December 24
7. Which is the leading natural gas producing country?
a) Canada
b) USA
c) Russia
d) Iran
8. Which one of the following began with the Dandi March?
a) Home Rule Movement
b) Non-Cooperation Movement
c) Civil Disobedience Movement
d) Quit India Movement

9. Who among the following issue the coin rupee for the first time?
a) Muhammad —bin-Tughluq
b) Allauddin Khilji
c) Sher Shah
d) Akbar

10.The seat of International Criminal Court is at
a) The Hauge c) Washington
b) Geneva d) Tokyo

11. When was the First World War declared?
a) 1914 c) 1918
b) 1915 d) 1913

12. Who said that, ‘Man is a social animal’?
a) Socrates c) Kahn
b) Aristotle d) Platoe

13.Which of the following is the national river of India?
a) Brahamputra
b) Narmada
c) Ganga
d) Kaveri

14.Harare is the capital of
a) Zambia
b) Zaire Republic
c) Zimbabwe
d) Yemen

15.Which of the following trees has medicinal value?
a) Pine
b) Teak
c) Oak
d) Neem

16. R.T.I. stands for
a) Rural and Transparency infrastructure
b) Research and Technology Institute
c) Right to Information
d) Revenue transactions in India

17.Where is the head quarter of Animal Welfare Board of India located?
a) Ahmedabad
b) Chennai
c) Hyderabad
d) Kolkata

18.Queensberry Rules’ is the name given to the rules in
a) Hockey
b) Cricket
c) Tennis
d) Boxing

19. Name the Supercomputer developed C DAC recently for Biology research.
a) Biochrome
b) PARAM Padma
c) Jaguar
d) The Earth Simulator

20.Where would the Common Wealth Games 2014 be held
a) Glasgow
b) Seoul
c) Goldcoast
d) Perth

21. Uniform Civil Code is envisaged in article of the Constitution of India.
a) 42
b) 43
c) 44
d) 45

22.To produce the Constitution the Constituent Assembly took
a) 2 years 11 months and 18 days
b) 3 years 10 months and 10 days
c) 4 years 11 months and 11 days
d) 5 year 5 months and 5 days

23. How many countries participated in London Olympics 2012?
a) 204
b) 205
c) 206
d) 207

24.Ma Ying-Jeou is the present president of
a) Taiwan
b) Fiji
c) Hong Kong
d) Thailand

25.The Reserve Bank of India does not decide the
a) Rate of Repo and Reverse Repo
b) Marginal standing facility of rates
c) Bank Rate
d) Rate of dearness allowance to Govt. employees

26.The National Anthem was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress in 1919 in:
a) Pune
b) Calcutta
c) Lucknow
d) Ahmadabad

27.The Indian State with the highest female sex ratio is:
a) Punjab
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Maharashtra
d) Kerala

28.The first recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award after it was revived in 1980 was:
a) Acharya Vinoba Bhave
b) Mother Teresa
c) M.G. Ramchandran
d) V.V. Gini

29.AII India Radio (A.I.R.) for broadcasting was named in the year
a) 1926
b) 1936
c) 1946
d) 1956

30.The famous Akshardham temple is situated in the city of .
a) Jamnagar
b) Gandhi Nagar
c) Jammu
d) Madurai


Questions: 31-35
Direction: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
A 23- year-old British woman was yesterday sentenced to six months in jail for leaving her two-year-old daughter home alone eight-hours-a-day, five days a week for a year while she went to work. The young mother from the central town of Warwick initially hired a babysitter, when she landed a job in a travel agency but eventually reached the point when she could not longer afford the facility, prosecutors said. The woman then started leaving the child home by herself, providing it with food and toys and removing all potentially dangerous objects from its reach. At first the mother came home at lunch time but had to stop because her daughter threw tantrums every time she left to go back to work.
The mother, who was not identified, told the Court, “if I had money I would not have done it. It was a case of that or not keeping my job and living on benefit.
The judge, Mr. Harrison Hall, however said “Having had a child, the absolute priority is to look after it. There must be an alternative to leaving a child alone all day, a thing you would not do even to a dog”

31. The young mother had to work in the office
a) 40 hours a week
b) 8 hours a week
c) 48 hours a week
d) All the seven days a week

32. The word ‘Facility’ in sentence refers to
a) Her job in the travel agency
b) Living in a well furnished apartment
c) Getting adequate salary
d) Employing someone to look after the child

33. The mother stopped coming home for lunch because
a) Her house was far away from the office
b) She was not able to control her angry baby
c) She had to work extra hours to earn more
d) She was not interested in looking after the baby

34. The sentence “If I had money, I would not have done it” means
a) I had money and so I did not leave the baby alone
b) I had money and so I left the baby alone
c) I had no money and so I left the baby alone
d) I had no money and so I did not leave the baby alone

35. Which one of the following statements about the judge Mr. Harrison Hall is correct?
a) He can tolerate cruelty to children but not to animals
b) He can tolerate cruelty to animals but not to children
c) He can tolerate cruelty both to children and animals
d) He can tolerate cruelty neither to children not to animals

Question: 36 — 40
Direction: In these questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which expresses the right meaning of the given word.

36 Indignation
a) Hatred
b) Anger
c) Disapproval
d) Contempt

37. Acronym
a) A word with two or more meanings
b) A word of new coinage
c) A word formed by the initial letters or words
d) A word or picturesque effect

38. Meticulous
a) Interfere
b) Courage
c) Agreement
d) Careful

39. Rescind
a) Change
b) Revoke
c) Repeat
d) Reconsider

40. Antipathy
a) Dishonesty
b) Disturbance
c) Demonstration
d) Dislike

Questions: 41-46
Direction: Given below are the sentences in which two spaces have been left blank. Choose from among the given choices, the pair of words which would fit the two blanks in the given order:

41. Prakash was initially _______ at the suggestion but was soon _______ it himself.
a) Thrilled, propagating
b) Suspicious, trusting
c) Shocked, advocating
d) Impressed, negating

42. The activities of the association have _______ from the _______ objectives set for it in the initial years.
a) Grown, simple
b) Deviated, original
c) Emerged, total
d) Increased, perverse

43. The _______ imposed for non-payment was too _______ for it to bring in improvement in collection.
a) Fine, severe
b) Toll, harsh
c) Damage, cruel
d) Penalty, law

44. Aamir was not _______ by the criticism and paid no _______ even when his best friend talked against him.
a) Deterred, heed
b) Bothered, attention
c) Troubled, mind
d) Shaken, indication

45. The industrial workers _______ a fair _______ for their work.
a) Request, price
b) Sought, salary
c) Demanded, wage
d) Asked, pay

46. Many tourists to India visit the beautiful _______ of Kashmir _______ in spring and summer.
a) Scenery, generally
b) Town, frequently
c) Lakes, rarely
d) Valley, especially

Question: 47 – 50
Direction: In each of these questions, find out words or group of words (a),(b),(c) and (d), given below the sentence, can most appropriately replace the word or group of words underlined in the given sentence:

47. careful and particular everything he writes.
a) Precise
b) Careful
c) Meticulous
d) Scrupulous

48. The train has to go back and forth every six hours.
a) Commute
b) Travel
c) Run
d) Shuttle

49. I find that what you say of her is not to my liking.
a) Irritating
b) Revolting
c) Painful
d) Aversion

50. The advertisement assured the public that the medicine would give back to users, their youthful vigour and appearance.
a) Replenish
b) Rejuvenate
c) Restore
d) Render

Question: 51 – 55
Direction: Find out in correct spelling.

51. a) Fulfill
b) Fullfil
c) Fulfil
d) Fullfill

52. a) Attendance
b) Attendence
c) Attandance
d) Attandence

53. a) Truely
b) Truelly
c) Trully
d) Truly

54. a) Spaceous
b) Spacious
c) Spacous
d) Spacaous

55. a) Acquittal
b) Acqquital
c) Acquital
d) Acuittal

Question: 56 – 60
Direction: Mark the correct meaning of the given word.

56. Genocide
a) The crime of killing family members due to property dispute
b) The crime of killing protected animals
c) The crime of killing of large no. of people belonging to a particular race
d) The crime of killing of large numbers of people who speak a particular language.

57. Claustrophobia
a) A fear of spiders
b) A fear of new technology esp. computers
c) A fear of foreigners
d) A fear of being in a small or, crowded place

58. Misogynist
a) A man who hates women
b) A women who hates men
c) A man who hates men
d) A woman who hates women

59. Ascetic
a) Someone who lives a very luxurious life
b) Someone who lives a very simple life
c) Someone who lives a very happy life
d) A notorious criminal

60. Philatelist
a) Someone who collects coins
b) Someone who collects books
c) Someone who collects stamps
d) Someone who collects paintings


Questions : 61 – 85
61. Abdul ranked ninth from the top and thirty-eighth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?
a) 46
b) 47
c) 48
d) 45

62. In a class of 60, where the number of girls is twice that of boys, Kunal ranked seventeenth from the top. If there are 9 girls ahead of Kunal, then how many boys are after him in the rank?
a) 5
b) 7
c) 9
d) 12

63. A bus for Pune leaves every thirty minutes from a bus-stand in Mumbai. An enquiry clerk told a passenger that the bus had already left ten minutes ago and the next bus will leave at 09:35 a.m. At what time did the enquiry clerk give this information to the passenger?
a) 8:55 am
b) 9:05 am
c) 9:10am
d) 9:15 am

64. The ratio of the present ages of Rahul and Ria is 2:1. The ratio of their ages after 30 ears will be 7:6. What is the present age of Rahul?
a) 6 Years
b) 10Years
c) 12 Years
d) None of these

65. Sum of the digits of a number is 6. If 18 is subtracted from the number, then the digits reverse their positions. The number is
a) 24
b) 15
c) 60
d) None of the these

66. Divide Rs. 1162 into three parts such that 4 times the first may be equal to 5 times the second and 7 times the third. The first part is
a) Rs. 490
b) Rs. 480
c) Rs. 440
d) Rs. None of these

67. A merchant allows a discount of 10% for the cash payment. How much percent above the cost price must he mark his goods so as to make a profit of 17%?
a) 27%
b) 30%
c) 33%
d) 40%

68. If a rectangle is called a circle, a circle is called a point, a point is called a triangle and a triangle is called a square, then the shape of the wheel is
a) Rectangle
b) Circle
c) Triangle
d) Point

69. If + means division, – means summation, × means subtraction and ÷ means multiplication, then ( 15 × 9) ÷ (12- 4) + (4 ÷ 4 ) equals
a) 96
b) 6
c) 3/128
d) 14/8

70. In a journey of 80 km, a train covers the first 60 km at 40 km/hr and the remaining distance at 20 km/hr. Calculate the average speed for the whole journey.
a) 42 km/hr
b) 36 km/hr
c) 34 m/hr
d) 32 km/hr

71. Had he bought it for 25% less and sold it for Rs. 60 less, then he would have made a profit of 32%. Find the cost price of the table.
a) Rs. 300
b) Rs. 350
c) Rs. 375
d) Rs. 400

72. A can do a piece of work in 12 days and B can do the same work in 20 days. They work together for 3 days and then A goes away. In how many days will B finish theremaining work?
a. 12 days
b. 13 days
c. 16 days
d. None of these

73. Reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of 3/5 and 7/3 is
a) 1/4
b) 21/44
c) 4/5
d) None of these

74. The length of a rectangle is increased by 30% and the width is decreased by the same percent. The change in the area is
a) 24%
b) 18%
c) 9%
d) 6%

75. The difference between a two digit number and the number obtained by interchanging its digits is 54. What is the difference between the two digits of the number?
a) 9
b) 6
c) 5
d) cannot be determined

76. If 3/16 of a tank is filled in 15 minutes, the rest of the tank can be filled in
a) 55 minutes
b) 60 minutes
c) 65 minutes
d) 70 minutes

77. In a library, 1/2 of the books are story books, 3/4 of the remaining are reference books and the remaining 300 are law books. How many of them are reference books?
a) 480
b) 380
c) 180
d) None of these

78. 5/7 of 644 = ?
a) 640
b) 460
c) 1460
d) None of these

79. The length of the longest pole than can be kept inside a room is 3 m × 4 m × 12 m
a) 19 m
b) 19/3 m
c) 12 m
d) 13 m

80. In what proportion should a milkman mix the milk at Rs. 2.40 per litre and Rs. 3.60 per litre so as to make the mixture worth Rs. 2.50 per litre?
a) 5 : 17
b) 1: 11
c) 11:1
d) 2 :3

81. If the input voltage is 100 V and output voltage is 200 V, then which side of the transformer windings will be primary?
a) 200 V side
b) 100 v side
c) Winding with more turns
d) Winding with less turns

82. If Tuesday falls on the fourth of the month, what day will dawn three days after the 24th?
a) Tuesday
b) Friday
c) Thursday
d) Monday

83. There are 10 lamps in a hall. Each one of them can be switched on independently. The number of ways in which hall can be illuminated is –
a) 102
b) 210
b) 1023
d) 10!

84. 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 ……………………………
a) 30
b) 35
c) 36
d) 39

85. 2/3, 4/7, 7/13, 11/21 …………………..
a) 15 / 29
b) 13 / 25
c) 16 / 31
d) 17 / 33


Questions: 86 – 96
Direction: The relation between the first two words is given, from the options find a word which will bear a similar relation with the third word has with the second.

86. Air: Atmosphere: : Water : ?
a) Island
b) Earth
c) Ocean
d) Drop

87. Obey : Defy : : Work : ?
a) Lazy
b) Rest
c) Labour
d) Challenge

88. Sorrow : Joy : : Pleasure : ?
a) Anger
b) Pain
c) Hatred
d) Jealously

89. Entrance : Exit : : Loyalty : ?
a) Falsehood
b) Dishonesty
c) Truth
d) Treachery

90. Disease : Pathology : : Planets : ?
a) Sun
b) Satellite
c) Astronomy
d) Astrology

91. Ancient : Modern : : Often : ?
a) Seldom
b) Always
c) Never
d) Regular

92. Statute : Size : : song : ?
a) Words
b) Beauty
c) Poetry
d) Singer

93. ? : Graceful : : Vulgarity : Elegance
a) Plain
b) Asperity
c) Comedy
d) Ugly

94. Newspaper: Press: : Cloth : ?
a) Cotton
b) Mill
c) Tailor
d) Market

95. Fosils : Creatures : : Mummies : ?
a) Mothers
b) Human Beings
c) Dried up dead bodies
d) Egypt

96. Plant : Tree : : House : ?
a) Home
b) Castle
c) Building
d) Residence

Questions: 97-104
Directions – In each of the following Questions four alternative answers are given. Find out the correct answer for each question.

97. If in certain language P R O S E is coded as P P O Q E, how is ‘L I G H T coded in the code ?
a) L I G F T
b) L L G F E
c) L G G H T
d) L G G F T

98. If in a certain language PRACTICE is coded as PICCTRAE, how is FLAMES coded in that code ?

99. If in a certain language, METAPHER is coded as EMATHPRE, how is ‘NORMAL’ coded in that code?

100. If n a certain language, FIELD is coded as GJFME, how is ‘SICKLE’ coded in that code?

101.Introducing a man, a woman says, “His wife is the only daughter of my father.” How is that man related to the woman?
a) Brother
b) Father-in-law
c) Maternal uncle
d) Husband

102 If PALM could be given the code number 43, then what code number can be given to SANTACRUZ?
a) 123
b) 120
c) 85
d) 75

103.If diamond is called gold, gold is called silver, silver is called ruby and ruby is called emerald, then which of the following is the cheapest jewel?
a) Diamond
b) Silver
c) Ruby
d) Gold

104. If water is called blue, blue is called red, red is called white, white is called sky, sky is called rain, rain is called green and green is called air, then which of the following is the colour of milk?
a) White
b) Sky
c) Air
d) Green

Question: 105 – 107
Directions: There are four alternative answers for each of the following questions. Find out the correct answer.

105. Among five friends, Deepti is in the middle
by age. Kamal is youngest. Ulka is older
than Nayan who is younger than Alka and
Deepti. Who is the oldest among them?
a) Kamal
b) Ulks
c) Nayan
d) Alka

106.Among five villages, Wadgaon is smaller
than Jategaon. Bhivani is larger than
Mohgaon and Ranjni is larger than
Jategaon, but not as large as Mohgaon.
Which is the largest village?
a) Wadgaon
b) Mohgaon.
c) Jategaon
d) Bhivani

107.If Geeta is more beautiful than Rupa but not so beautiful as Nita, which one of the following statements is correct?
a) Nita is more beautiful is than Rupa
b) Rupa is more beautiful than Nita
c) Nita is not more beautiful than Geeta
d) Geeta is the most beautiful

Question: 108 – 110
Directions – A team of five members is to be formed from five boys P, Q, R, S and T and four girls A, B, C and D. Some of the necessary conditions are :
(i) P and S are to remain together.
(ii) Q cannot remain together with B or C
(iii) R and A have to remain together.
(iv) T cannot remain with A or D.

108. If Q is one of the members, then the other members are –

109. If the three members are to be girls, then members of the team are –

110. If the four members are to be boys and one member is A, then the remaining members of the team are –


Questions: (111-135)

111. The Prime Minister is the chairman of thea)
Planning Commission
b) Minorities Commission
c) Finance Commission
d) None of the above

112. The High Court of a state is directly under
a) The president
b) The Supreme Court of India
c) The Governor of the State
d) The Chief Justice of India

113. The Indian Federal system is modeled on the Federal system of
a) USA
b) Canada
c) Australia
d) New Zealand

114. The High Courts are empowered to issue writs for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights under
a) Article 225
b) Article 226
c) Article 227
d) Article 228

115. Which of the following States has a separate Constitution?
a) Jammu and Kashmir
b) Nagaland
c) West Bengal
d) a and b

116. Which one of the following writs means “we command”
a) Certiorari
b) Prohibitio
c) Quo Warranto
d) Mandamus

117. At present, Right to Property is a
a) Fundamental Right
b) Human Right
c) Natural Right
d) Legal Right

118. Which of the following State for the first time established Panchayat Raj on October 2, 1959.
a) Maharashtra
b) Haryana
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Rajasthan

119. Which of the following President / Presidents died during his / their term of office Zakir Hussain
b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
c) Fakruddin Ali Ahmad
d) S. Radhakrishnan

Select the correct answer from the code given below
a) 1, 2
b) 2, 3
c) 1,3
d) 3, 4

120. Bhopal gas leak case falls under general classification of law of :
a) Crimes
b) Negligence
c) Torts
d) Contracts

121. The basis of the jurisdiction of courts in India is
a) Pecuniary value
b) Subject – matter
c) Local limits
d) All of the above

122. Which section of the Code of Civil procedure enunciates the doctrine of res sub judice
a) Section 11
b) Section 10
c) Section 12
d) Section 9

123. Pleading must state
a) Facts
b) Law
c) Evidence
d) All of the above

124. Noting is an offence which is done by a
person who is ….
a) 100 years old man
b) 6 years old boy
c) 12 years old girl
d) 18 years old girl

125. Under which of the following situations the Indian Courts would have jurisdiction?
1. Crime committed by an Indian in a foreign country
2. Crime committed by a foreigner in India
3. Crime committed by a person on an Indian ship
a) 1 & 2
b) 1 & 3
c) 2 alone
d) 1, 2 & 3

126. In law, a man is presumed to be dead if he is not heard of as alive for
a) 4 years
b) 7 years
c) 10 years
d) 15 years.

127. Ownership and possession are
a) Same
b) Similar
c) Different
d) Identical

128. A contract is
a) An agreement enforceable by law
b) A set of promises
c) An Agreement not enforceable by law
d) A promise to do something or abstain

129. Illegality renders a contract
a) Punishable
b) Void
c) Illegal
d) All of these

130. Only that person can be appointed a judge of the Supreme Court who is a citizen of India and:
a) Judge of the High Court for at least five years
b) Advocate of the Supreme Court for at least 10 years’ standing
c) Judge of the High Court for at least ten years
d) Advocate of the High Court for at least fifteen years.

131. The Constitution of India is:
a) Highly federal
b) Highly unitary
c) Neither federal not unitary
d) Partly federal and partly unitary

132. Among the following State, which one sends the highest number of members at Lok Sabha?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Bihar
c) Karnataka
d) Madhya Pradesh

133. Which of the following is defamation;
a) X says, “Y is an honest man, he never stole Z’s watch”, intending to cause it to be believed that Y did steal Z’s watch
b) X is asked, “who stole Z’s watch?” X points to Y
c) X draws a picture of Y running away with Z’s watch
d) All of the above

134. Under Muslim Law, the only natural guardian is
a) Father
b) Mother
c) Grand-Father
d) Grand-Mother

135. Who was the first woman judge of the supreme Court of India?
a) Justice Sujata Manohar
b) Justice Leila Seth
c) Justice Fatima Biwi
d) Justice Ruma pal.

Question: 136 – 150
Direction: Choose the appropriate closest meaning.

136. Provoke
a) Incline
b) Persuade
c) Encourage
d) Instigate

137. Trivial
a) Customary
b) Frivolous
c) Irregular
d) Voluminous

138. Horrendous
a) Beautiful
b) Coherent
c) Dreadful
d) Support

Direction: Choose the correct option

139. A written statement by a person, who signs and swears by it, before court is called:
a) Advowson
b) Affidavit
c) Affirmation
d) Affray

140. The onus of proving a criminal case rests on the
a) Accused
b) Plaintiff
c) Judge
d) Prosecution

141. Insolvency refers to
a) Inability to pay debts
b) Unsoundness of mind
c) Undissolvable estate
d) To be left without a penny in a will

142. With reference to Crime response the following:
a) It is a state wrong
b) It is a civil wrong
c) It is a private wrong
d) None of the above

143. The Maxim ‘ ignorantia juris non excusat’ means
a) Ignorance of law is no excuse
b) Ignorance of fact is no excuse
c) Ignorance of law is an excuse
d) Ignorance of facts is an excuse

144. A post –marriage agreement to live separately in future is
a) Void
b) Voidable
c) Valid
d) Invalid.

145. The minimum age of membership of legislative council is
a) 25 years
b) 30 years
c) 35 years
d) None of the above’

146. X’ is accused of an offence of rape. He can be subjected to the following tests for investigation
a) Polygraph test
b) Narco analysis Test
c) Brain Electrical Activation Profile (BEAP) Test
d) None of the above

147. What is Law?
a) Is Justice
b) Is rules of Human Conduct
c) Is what is right and just
d) Is legislation

148. A finds a rupee on the highway not knowing to whom the rupee belongs. A picks up the rupee. A, has committed the offence of
a) Dishonest appropriation of property
b) Theft
c) Dishonestly receiving stolen property
d) None of the above

149. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by U.N. General Assembly on
a) 10th December, 1945
b) 10th December, 1946
c) 10th December, 1948
d) 24th December, 1945

150. The quorum of the International Court of Justice is
a) 09 judges
b) 10 judges
c) 12 judges
d) 15 judges

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