Computer Application Entrance Exams

Computer Application Entrance Exams

Students seeking to adopt computer application as their career, may appear for all types of computer application entrance exams. In the under graduate level, BCA entrance exams are conducted on national / state / university level. For higher studies, MCA (Master of Computer applications) entrance exams are important.

Having successfully passed 10+2 or 12th exams, a student can seek admission entrance test to pursue BCA course. On completion of Graduation, technology driven talents may opt MCA as their next career option.

There is a wide range of computer application entrance examinations for undergraduates and postgraduates in India. Some key examinations are enumerated below for the convenience of the students.

Others Computer Application Entrance Exams

If you have any query regarding any of the specific exam, please ask in comments of that page. Or you can ask here in the comments below.

Entrance Exams

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