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NID GDPD 2012 Question Paper

The question paper of NID GDPD Design Aptitude Test 2012 is given here.

NID (National Institute of Design) GDPD (Graduate Diploma Programme in Design) 2012 DAT Question Paper

Question 1 (8 sub-questions x 1 mark each= 8 marks)
For sub-questions 1a–1h below, indicate the correct answer by circling the option letter, as shown in this example:
NID Design Aptitude Test

Q 1a) Which among the following is NOT a function associated with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)?
i. Remote sensing
ii. Meteorological application
iii. Nuclear power generation
iv. Tele-communication

Q 1b) The musical instrument, Mohan Veena, has evolved from which of the following?
i. Sitar
ii. Santoor
iii. Shahnai
iv. Guitar

Q 1c) During the tenure of which of our following prime ministers was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan the President of India?
i. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
ii. Indira Gandhi
iii. Chandrashekhar
iv. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Q 1d) Nandan Nilekani is presently the Chairman of
i. Infosys
ii. Wipro
iii. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
iv. Planning Commission

Q 1e) Ramesh has received a crossed cheque from his employer. Which of the following is the correct statement:

i. The cheque can be encashed across the counter
ii. The cheque can be credited to his account only
iii. The cheque is valid for an indefinite period
iv. The cheque will bounce on depositing

Q 1f) Which among the following is NOT a member of SAARC?
i. Maldives
ii. Afghanistan
iii. Iran
iv. Pakistan

Q 1g) The following symbol reminds one of
NID Design Aptitude Testi. First World War
ii. Second World War
iii. American War of Independence
iv. Revolt of 1857

Q 1h) Given below is a black-and-white picture of the flag of:
NID Design Aptitude Testi. Bhutan
ii. Nepal
iii. Sri Lanka
iv. Maldives

Question 2 (2 sub-questions x 1 mark each = 2 marks)
For sub-questions 2a, 2b below, indicate the correct answer by drawing arrows from the words in the left column to their correct answers in the right column, as shown in this example:
NID Design Aptitude Test

Q 2a) Match the following cities and rivers:

Lucknow Ganga
Cuttack Shipra
Ujjain Mahanadi
Allahabad Gomti

Q 2b) Match the following:

Natyasastra Manu
Arthasastra Kalidas
Meghdootam Bharat Muni
Manusmriti Kautilya

Question 3 (2 sub-questions x 5 marks each = 10 marks)

Q 3a) Explain renewable energy in five sentences.

Q 3b) Explain in five sentences how the Lokpal Bill could improve governance.

Question 4 (2 sub-questions x 5 marks each = 10 marks)

Q 4a) Using a simple pencil line drawing (no shading), add a visual in the empty square to complete the story.
NID Design Aptitude Test

Q 4b) Write out in English the above story in the space provided below, in not more than 100 words.

Question 5 (2 sub-questions x 5 marks each = 10 marks)
In each of the squares below, complete the drawing (using only pencil lines, no shading), to create an object. Use minimum number of pencil lines. Also write in English, the name of each object in the space provided below each square.
NID Design Aptitude Test

Question 6 (2 sub-questions x 5 marks each = 10 marks)
Using short sentences in English, complete each of the stories given below. Each story should have exactly 5 sentences. Write only in the blank lines provided below.

Q 6a) The sky was dark._______________________________________ We had ice cream to celebrate.
Q 6b) _____________________“How can you prove it?”, said the watchman. __________________________.

Question 7 (10 sub-questions x 1 mark each = 10 marks)
Based on your experiences and observations, answer all the following questions. Tick your choice
or fill in the blank as applicable.
Q 7a) The length of a new wooden pencil (without an eraser) used by a 1st standard student in India is
(i) 170 mm (ii) 6.5 inches
(iii) 20 cm (iv) 18 cm

Q 7b) The Ashok Chakra has ____ spokes.

Q 7c) The MRP of the 80 gram packet of Maggi (popular brand of easy-to-cook noodles) is ____

Q 7d) The approximate net weight of water in a full plastic bucket used at home is
(i) 25 kg
(ii) 15 kg
(iii) 12 kg
(iv) 30 kg

Q 7e) The diameter of a Music CD is
(i) 12 cm
(ii) 150 mm
(iii) 5 inches
(iv) 10 cm

Q 7f) The green wire in a three-pin plug is for
(i) live current
(ii) neutral
(iii) earthing
(iv) none of above

Q 7g) Which of the following will displace more water when placed in a bucket full of water – two kilograms of potatoes or 2 kg of pulses:

Q 7h) Mention the current price of petrol in your town/city:

Q 7i) Which one of these is heavier – 1 kg cotton or 1 kg of 1” length iron nails?

Q 7j) What is the similarity between a solar eclipse and the Indian festival of Diwali?

Question 8 (8 marks)
In the space given below, a part of the scene is already drawn for you. Complete the scene by drawing two adult human figures in relevant postures and correct proportions, using only line drawing.
NID Design Aptitude Test

Question 9 (5 marks)
Given below are shadows of the same object kept in different orientations. Now draw the object in the space given below in the orientation it is usually used in. Use line drawing only, with maximum details.
NID Design Aptitude Test
Question 10 (12 marks)
Choose any one of the following – (a) Plain rice OR (b) Maggi.
Now in 6 steps explain the process of cooking it for four persons. You may use labelled drawings to support the description.

Question 11 (12 marks)
Imagine you have gone for a forest camp with your friends. The camp rules do not allow you to carry mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets. You also forgot to carry your watch from home. Early in the morning on one of your expeditions, you get separated from your friends. Explain 4 ways through which you could identify and keep record of time.

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