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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET UG is designed for admission to undergraduate course (MBBS / BDS). The exam was conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) but this year onward will be conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) . The exam was first introduced in 2012 but it was deferred by a year. First Session of Exam will be held in February 2019 and Second Session will be held in May 2019.

NEET Exam Preparation

After the board exams are over, the students go in the hex and under a lot of pressure to choose their stream. Not just the board students, people who want to continue their higher education. It is never an easy task to decide your career path. It’s okay to panic a little bit. Give yourself some time. Explore the options. Find out subjects where your strength lies and what is your weakness. Once you have done that. All that is left to do is to prepare for the entrance exam which is conducted for the course in which you want to pursue your career. Doing is tougher than saying. Of course it is but hey! no one said it’s impossible.

No matter how many books you have read. As soon as the exams approach nearer, there is a sudden “examophobia” which develops in our mind and keeps piling up. You study day in and day out at a stretch but it looks impossible to even go to the washroom which is just next door. Those words glare back to you as if you have really insulted the book by just picking it up. All you wish for is a little boost in your confidence. No worries! we bring to you all you need to boost your confidence. Whether you are feeling stressed, lacking motivation, our encouraging words are going to keep that spark in you lighted. Here are some useful tips for you to add in your schedule. First we are gonna start off with some general tips that all of you can follow and then the last few tips are specifically designed for the people who are preparing for their NEET exam.

3 Tips for NEET Preparation

Let’s look at these general instructions which have been directed for all of the students preparing for any competitive exams and then we will follow the tips for students preparing for NEET exam.

The first few tips are general and directed for everyone.

Tip 1. What’s the time?

Whenever you practice your mock test. Choose a time frame as per the examination time. For instance if the exam is conducted between 10:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Then self conduct a test during that time so that you will get acquainted with the atmosphere of that duration and time. It is helpful in terms that you will get a sort of idea about how to complete your exam as if it is really taking place. You must have heard about method acting in movies that the actors adopt to get a feel of their characters. For instance if the story of the character is based on a young village boy,. The actors just to feel the atmosphere of the village slife stay in villages in order to feel the atmosphere of the rural life. That is what you have to do. Feel exactly like your sitting for the exam. Keep your gadgets away from you. Take a water bottle because that is only material you will be allowed to carry in exam keep a sheet of paper with you. Pretend it’s your admit card. Make you parents your invigilator. Yeah! We agree that they might take it seriously and won’t even let you go to the washroom. Clearly they are much better actors than all of us. It helps a great deal guys.try it and spread the word if you like it.

Tip 2. The loom of time.

As much as it is important for you to keep practicing your topics, it is also important to freshen up what you have learned.Your practice will only make sense if you are able to express it in words on the day of your examination. Sometimes we start practicing our subjects three to four months earlier and by the time our exams draw near we fall into the rings of oblivion. The more practice the more solutions. However it is necessary to find right solutions that will save your irreducible amount of time. Just one thing to remember. If your exams are let’s say going to start in a few weeks do not start revision in the last few remaining days. Rather conduct as much as mock tests as you can. Studying one topic for preparation will get you solutions to only few questions while taking mock tests will simultaneously prepare you for all the topics. So it is better to solve mock tests rather than sticking to one topic.

Tip 3. Mark that Spot.

These days the syllabus for the exams have become so vast that it seems impossible to grasp all topics. You may have covered all topics from various other books but it is essential to keep a track of those topics that you have covered, what we suggest is that whatever unit you study, it is better to copy all the formulas on one page from each topic that you are covering every day. This will save you a lot of your time jumping back to the pages repeatedly.

Now let’s move to tips for students preparing for NEET. This part has been divided into two sections. The first part covers the tips for the candidates who will be appearing for their exam in a few months, whereas the second part is designed for the people who will be appearing for NEET exam next year.

Section 1: Preparation tips for candidates preparing for NEET year 2019

Guys! NEET exam is going to be conducted on 6th May 2018. As you see that you have hardly one and a half month left for preparation and since this examination takes place once in a year. If you do not clear the exam this year. You will be required to appear for the exam next year. Now that is a shock of life. No worries! We have got you covered people.
Implement these tips and we are sure that you get success in your exams.

Tip 1. Read the syllabus.

Syllabus is your Bible. Make it a habit of reading the syllabus before beginning any preparation. If you don’t know your syllabus. Visit the official site. You will find the link at the bottom panel. The NEET syllabus constitutes topics from physics, chemistry and biology from 11th and 12th class. Click the link provided below to know the complete syllabus. The list is in pdf form and it will give you the list of the topics from which all the questions are covered. click here to know your syllabus.

Tip 2. NCERT is the best policy.

According to the official site the topics asked in the paper cover the topics mostly from 11th and 12th class where according to CBSE guidelines all the schools must follow only NCERT books. If you are studying the topics from NCERT that should do the job. But if you are not satisfied with that material. Download Mycbseguide application where you will get sample papers from the previous years, NCERT syllabus of both the classes, chapters summarised, CBSE revision notes, NCERT solutions. Here take a look at this list to serve for science subjects.

For science students preparing for NEET, some important books are here for your reference. Since you get question from Class 11th and 12th only, you must refer to only ncert books.
These books have been known to provide in depth knowledge of the topics with precise details.

Best Biology Books for NEET 2019 Preparation

  • NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII
  • Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET- M.P Tyagi
  • Complete NEET guide:Biology- MTG Editorial
  • Pradeep Publication’s Biology
  • 40 Days Biology for NEET- S. Chakravarty

Best Physics Books for NEET 2019 Preparation

  • 40 Days Physics for NEET- SB Tripathi
  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma
  • NCERT- Physics Part 1 and Part 2
  • Complete NEET guide:Physics-MTG Editorial
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker
  • Physics for NEET-C P SIngh
  • Problems in General Physics by I. E. Irodov

Best Chemistry Books for NEET 2019 Preparation

  • NCERT Chemistry for class 11th and 12th
  • 40 Days Chemistry for NEET- Sudhanshu Thakur
  • Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd for Organic Chemistry
  • Objective Chemistry- R.K Gupta
  • Modern’s ABC of Chemistry for class 11th and 12th.
  • Complete NEET guide: Chemistry- MTG Editorial

Tip 4. Crash Courses

It is a general concern for the students to inquire upon the possibilities of exploring crash courses when they have less time left for preparation. Every student is aware of his/ her potential in his own ways. While one student do not feel any need of help from outside, some may stand reluctantly doubtful of their capabilities. There is no need to feel less able or equipped. This is what coaching centres are for. If it wasn’t so no one one would send their children to school as well. Since the teachers are also outsiders. Yeah! I am on your side.Now about the courses.These courses last for three months duration to a year. Aaksh institute is known to be the biggest provider of study material for NEET and similar competitive exams. The short term courses are available and the admission is still running.The classes go on for 6 days a week and run for 6 hours depending on the batches with a pre-booking of 1000 /-Rs. You can still join the batch. The end date to join the batch is 5th MAY 2019. So hurry up! If you feel you do require coaching.

Tip 5. Self-Evaluation

As already mentioned that every individual knows about his/her capabilities better than anyone else. As you know that there isn’t much time left. what you should do now stop gathering any material which does not have credible source. If you do not want to join the coaching center spread the word among your friends that you are looking for good material for preparation. Someone near you must have taken coaching somewhere, contact the people, get to know the strategies they executed. Conduct self tests for yourself as much s you can and finally evaluate. Evaluation is the highest level in cognitive process. Sit in a peaceful atmosphere, look at your answers. The way you have solved the answers and the solutions provided. Telly whether the answer in the solution books was much shorter than the way you implemented. Implement the one you find easier.

Preparation Guide For NEET 2019

If the candidates are planning to appear for the NEET exam next year that is 2019, then you have ample amount of time for your preparation and trust us no one can stop you from clearing the exam if you start preparing now.

Tip 1. Early to Bed Early to Rise.

Noticing that you have enough time for your preparation what you should do now is plan your schedule in a manner where you are able to finish your units by 12 pm at the most and make a habit of waking up at 6 AM. Assign one unit for one day. Plan your week subject wise. An insight into 12th class statement of marks is enough to show you which subject you could attempt seamlessly. Whether it was biology, chemistry, or physics. The subject in which you got comparably less marks than the other subjects. Start off with that subject. Read half unit in the morning and the rest in the evening. Keep the morning time for revision. What you read or study in the morning retains longer in your memory or you can adjust the time suiting your time preference.

Tip 2. Gather information

Since you know that you have enough time for your examination you should try to gather material from different sources it is always a helping hand if you could take a look at the the inside of the material study the preface . The units are numbered out side will definitely give you an idea about the contents of the books. Talk to your institute teachers if you have joined coaching centres. Talk to your class teachers if you have not joined any coaching centre. They know better the relevancy of the subject. They will guide you well.

Tip 3. Finish syllabus in time

Plan a schedule such that you are able to finish all the subjects within six months of duration and all that you have left is time for revision of the units once more. Never leave revision for the last few days. Make sure that you save that time only for mock tests. Ideally you should save the last month of the preparation only for conducting mock tests. This will help you self assess your practice and measure the standard of your competency level.

Tip 4. No hectic schedules please.

Divide the units maintaining a balance of the hard units and easier units. If you are attempting a hard unit three days of the week then practice the easier topics for the rest. Do not pick units randomly. Begin with a series and follow the order. We have already given you the list of the books. You can identify which books you are going to study. Study the units from the preface. Make a chart. Stick it on the wall of your study room. Fix a room where only you study. Please remember that you should finish one unit first and then move to the another. Students often begin two to three units simultaneously. Strike a balance of the both. That’s your trick here.

Tip 5. Have an objective

As the exam pattern shows that the questions are objective in type. The students are generally required to pick one answer from the four options. Even when you are practicing objective type questions do not marks the answers randomly. This is a seriously bad habit .Do not be lenient because there is no one around. Be strictly adamant about not using any unfair means like gadgets for solving problems. This is fatal for long term. Since you have sufficient time to practice and there is no time boundation. Spend more time on looking for tricks to solve formulas or memorize theories. There is one called “picture theory”. This trick in physics and biology is very helpful where the questions asked are more theoretical in nature. If there is a theory that discusses about Newton’s law of Gravitational force. The theory comes into the picture when you are required to think how the apple fell on Newton’s head and made him wonder about that fall from the tree. Make your studies as engaging as possible. Think of creative ideas while covering units.


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