NEET 2019 Sample Papers – Medical aspirants across the country can now boost their preparation with sample papers of NEET 2019 released by NTA. You can download PDF files of NEET question paper and their solutions from this page. Question papers are in 11 languages namely English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu. Each model paper has 180 questions from the official syllabus of this national level medical entrance exam. Get here all NEET 2019 Sample Papers with Solutions by NTA and extra sample papers also. Best of luck for National Eligibility Entrance Test!

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NEET 2019 Sample Papers

It is best to solve previous year question papers of NEET, sample papers, mock tests before going in for the actual exam. They help attain good speed, accuracy, and knowledge. Download PDF files of NEET 2019 sample question papers in required language from the table below.

S.No. NEET 2019 Sample Paper Download Question Paper Download Answer Key
1 English Get here Get here
2 Hindi Get here Get here
3 Assamese Get here Get here
4 Bengali Get here Get here
5 Gujarati Get here Get here
6 Kannada Get here Get here
7 Marathi Get here Get here
8 Oriya Get here Get here
9 Tamil Get here Get here
10 Telugu Get here Get here
11 Urdu Get here Get here

The PDF files you get from above table are the same NEET 2019 Sample Papers that have been published by NTA. The National Testing Agency released them before issuance of admit card of NEET 2019. So there is actually no better place to practice for NEET exam than these.

Of course, you need to practice more papers. So here we have provided more model papers for you.

NEET Sample Paper

Proper way to use NEET Sample Papers to prepare for NEET

Now that you have NEET sample papers, here is how you should use them.

  • Buy some OMR sheets from your nearest stationery shop or from Amazon.
  • Buy a ball point pen from your nearest stationery shop or from Amazon.
  • At home, or hostel, wherever you are staying, arrange a table-chair in an area where you will not be disturbed.
  • Take pen, omr sheet, watch / clock, water bottle, laptop or phone.
  • Now in your phone or laptop, download one NEET sample paper from this page. Then switch the phone to aeroplane mode so that no one can disturb you.
  • Set an alarm for 3 hours.
  • Now start solving the paper. Keep marking answers in the OMR sheets.
  • After 2 hours 45 minutes, check that you have marked all answers you attempted in the OMR sheet, and revise the paper.
  • After 3 hours, stop writing.

Now that you have attempted the sample paper of NEET you have got an actual feel of the NEET exam. This is exactly how you will feel in the exam hall.

First time when you attempt a NEET sample paper, you may face some problems like time management. But as you attempt more sample papers, you will get better.

Now after you attempt the NEET sample paper, here are some more things to do.

  1. Analyse your performance. See which topics you could easily answer questions from, and which ones were tough.
  2. Then prepare well for those topics where you faced problems. Also, easy ones, you should revise from time to time.

We are continuously trying to provide you with more NEET sample papers in PDF format along with solutions or answers. You can share your feedback with us in comments below.

Purpose of NEET Sample Papers

Purpose of sample papers of NEET exam are to first of all help you understand the exam format and its difficulty level. It also helps in self-analysis. Whether you are going to coaching classes or not, NEET sample papers play an important role.

To this date, all toppers of NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER have always practised sample papers. Since NEET is a pen and paper based test, so sample papers also act as substitute for mock tests.

CBSE has, until now, maintained the difficulty level of NEET exam. You never know how the NTA will set the difficulty level, it is likely to remain same as earlier. So there is hardly ever any change in that, so you can expect your NEET exam to be as easy or difficult as you find the sample papers.

Are questions repeated from past year papers or sample papers?

Many teachers say the same thing: Do not expect questions to come in your NEET exam exactly as they were in previous year papers or in sample papers, but the question types and formats may get repeated. 

Word to word questions do not get repeated, but you will definitely find a lot of similarity.

Your next question can be this: How much marks are guranteed by practising sample papers?

Answer to that is : That is completely up to you. :)

Your performance in NEET can be as good as 720 out of 720, if you have worked hard and consistently. And definitely we believe that you have the capability to do that! Just keep working and do not stop believing in yourself.

NEET 2019 Sample Papers are also useful for NEET 2020 aspirants

So you have decided to appear in NEET 2020? Congratulations! You are embarking upon a noble journey, where one day, you will don the white coat and help lives.

NEET is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG) which is the single medical / dental entrance exam for ALL medical and dental colleges in India with the exception of AIIMS and JIPMER. So if you are planning to pursue MBBS/BDS then NEET is the most important exam for you.

To crack NEET, with or without coaching, solving sample papers is crucial.

NEET Sample Paper with Solution PDF Free Download – Here you are getting sample papers of NEET exam in PDF format along with answers (solutions). Each paper contains as many questions as there are in an actual NEET exam. So ideally, when you attempt any of these sample papers, you should take as much time as is the duration of actual NEET exam.

Go ahead, download the above papers, and get ahead in the race!

Best of luck!!

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