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CUSAT CAT Previous Year Question Papers

Common Admission Test (CAT) Previous years Question Papers are given below.

Given here are some previous year papers of Cochin University of Science and Technology Common Admission Test.

You will find here CUSAT CAT Test for First Degree Programmes in Engineering & Technology/Lateral Entry Programmes, CUSAT CAT Test for Graduate Programmes, CUSAT CAT Test for Post Graduate Programmes and CUSAT CAT Test for Post Graduate Programmes.

The CUSAT CAT Engineering exam paper contains sections of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The paper consists of 250 objective type questions. Of this, question number 1 to 125 will be of Mathematics, 126 to 200 will be Physics and 201 to 250 will be Chemistry. All questions carry equal marks.

Each question has four alternative responses marked A, B, C, D. You have to darken the bubble fully by using a ball point pen corresponding to the correct response as indicated in the example shown in the answer sheet.

Each correct answer carries 3 marks and each wrong answer carries 1 minus mark.

Cochin University of Science and Technology offers LLM, MCA, LLB, M.Sc., B.Tech, PH.D, B.Com, M.A. and many other courses. Candidates, who want to appear, have to give Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission in respective courses. Candidates who will be appearing in the entrance exam must know about syllabus, pattern and questions regarding the same. Therefore you are advised to go through the CUSAT CAT papers and practise accordingly.

CUSAT CAT Sample Questions


Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is:

A.2: 5
B.3: 5
C.4: 5
D.6: 7

Answer (C)

In a mixture 60 litres, the ratio of milk and water 2: 1. If this ratio is to be 1: 2, then the quantity of water to be further added is:

A. 20 litres
B. 30 litres
C. 40 litres
D. 60 litres

Answer (D)


The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

A. viscosity of ink
B. capillary action phenomenon
C. diffusion of ink through the blotting
D. siphon action

Answer (B)


The nucleus of an atom consists of

A. electrons and neutrons
B. electrons and protons
C. protons and neutrons
D. All of the above

Answer (C)


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