AMUEEE 2019 Sample Papers Aligarh Muslim University conducts the Aligarh Muslim University Engineering Entrance Examination (AEEE). While many students are preparing for AMUEEE, you can make your preparation part perfect through the sample papers available on this page. Through the sample papers available on this page, students can prepare for B.Tech, B.Arch and B.E. All the important topics get covered through the sample papers and students get a better understanding about the most common questions of the AMUEEE. Many previous years questions are also covered through practicing from the AMUEEE Sample papers. Candidates have to ensure that they begin their preparation as early as possible and target to solve at least one sample paper every day.

AMUEEE 2019 Sample Paper

The candidates can download the pdf link for downloading the AMUEEE 2019 Sample Paper from below.

Set 1 – Download AMUEEE Sample Paper

Set 2 – Download AMUEEE Sample Paper

Set 3 – Download AMUEEE Sample Paper

AMUEEE Mock Test

Taking a mock test will help the candidate improve their performance. The mock test ensures building up confidence and improving speed as well. As many toppers have been there, have always suggested taking as many mock tests as possible. AMUEEE Mock Test is available here and the students who have not begun their AMUEEE preparation may take up the mock test to make sure they do not miss out solving the important questions for AMUEEE.

AMUEEE Questions Mock Test
AMUEEE Full Test 200 Get Here
AMUEEE Physics 60 Get Here
AMUEEE Chemistry 60 Get Here
20 Get Here

Significance of AMUEEE Sample Paper

The syllabus of AMUEE is quite vast. Many a time, considering the length of the syllabus, students often skip valuable questions which can help a students fetch great marks. While some students sort up their preparation through coaching, many students resort to preparation at home because of several reasons. In such cases and many others, finding quality questions for AMUEEE becomes a big task. Therefore, the candidates must check the AMUEEE Sample papers available on this page. These sample papers ease up the job and bring upfront the most asked questions considering their frequency in the previous year question papers.

How to Use AMUEEE Sample Papers?

Now, let’s understand something about the toppers. How is it possible that in spite of the availability of sample papers and mock test to almost each and everyone, only a few rises above. Everyone knows about the important questions and concepts. The loophole in with the preparation is not checking the analytics of your preparation. Consider doing the following while you solve your next AMUEEE sample paper.

Stay Regular – Cliche it may sound, but being regular with the preparation through sample papers is the right key for completing the tasks and syllabus. Candidates have to ensure that they honestly solve one sample paper every day. Taking this simple pledge while your preparations are going on, will help you solve as many tricky questions as a topper.

Learn from your mistakes – Who does not do mistakes? However, what is least written by the candidates are their mistakes made. While solving the sample papers, students must ensure they write on a paper about the sections which made them scratch their heads and how can they be perfected.

Have an eye on the tick tock! – After the candidates solve the question papers, they must check how much time they took to solve it. Note down the time it took you to solve every question. This way, you can specifically know what and where you have to focus so that you consume less time for solving sample papers.

How to Prepare for AMUEEE Entrance Exam?

Candidates can take help of the below preparation tips to make sure that you get the best in return of the time devoted by you. Candidates are also made aware of the important topics which they have to study during their preparation. Have a look!

  • Before beginning to prepare for AMUEE, students must develop a strategy. Without a strategy, the preparation will be meaningless.
  • Take as many mock tests as possible and as suggested above, make sure to keep analyzing what you study.
  • Make sure that NCERT has already been covered. Students have to make sure that they do not miss any important topic of NCERT books.
  • Keep on making short notes as you study. These notes will be unbelievably time-saving during the preparation.

Important Books for AMUEEE Preparation

Name of the book Author Buying Link
AMU Explorer Engineering MTG Editorial Board Buy Here
15 Years Solved Papers for AMU Engineering Entrance Exam Arihant Experts Buy Here
Super 10 Mock Tests for JEE Main Disha Experts Buy Here


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