AUEET Model Question Paper

The test paper consists of 3 parts. Each part contains 30 multiple choice questions. Answer all questions in each part.

Part – A: Mathematics (40 marks)

1. The variance of 30 observations is 3. If each of the observations is multiplied by 3, then the variance of the resulting observations is :

1) 3
2) 9
3) 27
4) 81

Part – B: Physics (30 marks)

41. A particle starts from origin at t=0 with a velocity of 10 i m/s and moves in x-y plane under the action of force which produces a constant acceleration of (2i + 3j) m/s2 . The y – coordinate in meters of the particle at the instant its x-coordinate is 24m becomes

(1) 12
(2) 6
(3) 18
(4) 3

Part – C: Chemistry (30 marks)

71. Which one of the following hasstable electronic configuration?

(1) N
(2) C
(3) F
(4) Al

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