CLAT Question Papers

Students who aspire to have a career in law will be appearing in the CLAT exam, organised by National Law University. Total number of total questions is 200, divided in to sections of English comprehension (40 questions), Numerical ability (20 questions), GK and current affairs (50 questions), Logical reasoning (40 questions), and Legal aptitude (50 questions).

In the questions of English Comprehension , you will find passage based problems wherein a passage of around 200-300 words is given and around 10 questions will be asked based on your understanding and analysis of the passage. There is generally only one passage. Apart from passage, other questions will be of correct spelling type, fill in the blanks, jumbled sentences, correct meaning, idioms and phrases and such.

The Numerical Ability section is  more or less Elementary Mathematics. Questions are on integers, rational numbers, percentages, profit-and-loss, geometry, sets, solution of equations, trigonometry, and such basic mathematics. The questions are not difficult per se, but the candidate needs to be accurate and quick in answering as time is seemingly limited. To ace this section, one must practice such questions in a timed manner.

In the GK and Current Affairs section, it has been observed that a lot of emphasis is laid on general knowledge. Thus, apart from keeping in touch with daily news and world affairs, one must have a strong grasp of general knowledge.

In the Logical Reasoning section, certain conditions are set in each question, based on the analysis and critical deduction of the same, questions have to be answered. The candidate is expected to take each condition into consideration and arrive at correct solutions.

The final section of Legal Aptitude does not intend to test your knowledge of law. Instead, it tests your aptitude towards problem solving of the legal kind.

CLAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

To get a better and detailed idea of what type of questions are asked, you may go through the previous year papers given here for your reference.

Previous Year Question Papers for Undergraduate (BA LLB / BBA LLB)

Previous Year Question Papers for Postgraduate (LLM)

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