SPMVV PGCET 2018 Syllabus

Test- 01 – Biochemistry

Section A: Biomolecules & Metabolism, Immunology&Molecular Biology
Section B: Analytical Techniques, Genetics, Cell Biology
Section C: Microbiology, Physiology & Nutrition, Enzymes, Endocrinology

Test- 02 – Biotechnology

Section A: Organic Chemistry, Genetics & Immunology
Section B: Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology, Cell &Tissue Culture
Section C: Microbiology, Cell Biology, Enzymology & Bio Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Test – 03- Botany, Zoology, Sericulture

Section A: Microbial Diversity, Cryptogams and Gymnosperms, Anatomy and Embryology
Section B: Taxonomy, Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, Physiology
Section C: Biology of invertebrates and chordates, Animal Physiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology

Test- 04 -Organic Chemistry

Section A: Chemistry of d-block elements Theories of bonding in metals: Metal carbonyls Chemistry of -block elements
Section B: Stereochemistry of carbon compounds Benzene and its reactivity Active methylene compounds Organic Spectroscopy (UV, IR and 1H-NMR) Infra red spectroscopy Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-NMR)
Section C: Solutions Electrochemistry-I Electrochemistry-II Phase rule Evaluation of analytical data, Separation techniques.

Test – 05 – Economics

Section A: Demand Concept, Indifference Curves Analysis, Production Function
Section B: Demand and Supply of Money, Trade Cycles, Central Banking System
Section C: Structure of Indian Economy, Planning in India, Impact of Globalization, Demonetization Current Affairs of Indian Economy.

Test – 06 – M.Ed. – Education

Section A: Philosophical foundations of education, Sociological foundations of education, Education contemporary India and education and gender differences
Section B: Human development and theories of development, Learning and teaching process, Information and communication technology
Section C: ICT in education for enriching learning, inclusive education, policy perspectives for children with special needs, environmental education

Test – 07 – English

Section A: Vocabulary, Tenses, Parts of speech,
Section B: Active & Passive Voice, Direct & Indirect speech, Correction of sentences, Questions based on on simple literary terms.
Section C: Prose Fiction & Short Story, Poetry and Drama (questions based on texts prescribed for General/Special English Syllabus for Degree students)

Test – 08 – Home Science Food Science and nutrition FNS ( all 3 specializations) 

Section A: Pregnancy, Lactation, Infancy
Section B: Preschool Children, School going children, carbohydrates.
Section C: Lipids, proteins and Aminoacids- diet planning, community Nutrition.

Test – 09 – Home Science HDFS

Section A: Basis of human development, Prenatal development, Period of neonate,
Section B: Period of babyhood, Early childhood, Principles and policies
Section C: Contributions of agencies/programmes to early childhood education, Adolescence, health needs, Definition and classification of children with special needs, Marriage

Test- 10- Mathematics

Section A: Differential Equations and Vector Calculus
Section B: Abstract Algebra and Linear Algebra
Section C: Real Analysis and Solid Geometry

Test- 11-Microbiology / Industrial Microbiology 

Section A: Microbiology, Cell Biology, Biomolecules
Section B: Immunology, Molecular Biology, Analytical Techniques
Section C: Food Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology.

Test- 12 – Journalism

Section A: National current Affairs (Last 6 months), International Current Affairs Section (Last 6 months)
Section B: Sports and Cultural Affairs (Last 6 months), English Language Skills
Section C: Media awareness

Test-13 – Music

Section A: Musical concepts-Grama – Murchana – Jati –Raga – Mela – Janya; Swara nomenclatures, 22 sruthis; Musical forms:-Outline knowledge of musical forms.
Section B: Musical Instruments, classification of musical instruments.; Tala, Angas, Saptatalas, 2 sets of Laghujatis, TalaDasaPranas; Desadi,MadhyadiTalas, Mudras , Ragalakshanas;Lakashana grandhas.
Section C: Music institutions and Music Education,Musicologists of the 20th century and their musical works;Women composers and Musicians of the 20th century.

Test-14 – Bharatanatyam

Section A: Hastabhinayam, Sarirabhinayam, Aharyabhinayam. Chestakrithabhinayam, Indian classical Dances, Folk Dances
Section B: Rasa Theory, Nayakanayaki Bhadas, Thaladasapranas, Comparitive study of Natyasastra, Abhinayadarpanam
Section C: Nrutta ratnavali & Silappadikaram, Dasarupakas, Epics & Puranas

Test – 15 – Physics

Section A: Mechanics & Properties of Matter, Waves & Oscillations, Optics
Section B: Lasers, Thermodynamics & Radiation Physics, Thermodynamic potentials and Maxwell’s equations
Section C: Electricity, Magnetism, Electronics, Modern Physics, Crystal Structure.

Test – 16 – Social Work

Section A: Social Science For Social Work, Social Work History and Ideology, Work With Individuals and Groups
Section B: Work With Communities, Social Work Research, Management of Development & Welfare Services
Section C: Fields of Social Work, Industrial Sociology, Legal System in India, Personal & Professional Growth

Test – 17 – Telugu

Section A: Prachina Padyabhagamu, Adunica Padyabhagam, Novel
Section B: Kathanikalu, Natakam, Telugu Sahitya Charitra
Section C: Telugu Bhasha Charitra, Adhunika Basha Nirmanam, Vyakaranam-Sandulu, samasaalu, alankaralu, chandassu.

Test-18- Women’s Studies

Section A: Indian heritage and culture, Science and civilization, Status of women in India and Andhra Pradesh Pre Independence and Post Independence era.
Section B: General awareness about women, Prominent women in Indian History and Sports, Women – Health and Education – facts and figures
Section C: Legislative Provisions for women, Women and Entrepreneurship, Prominent women in Entrepreneurship, Women in Politics and prominent women in politics, Women’s Issues Problems and current affairs on women

Test- 19- Physical Education

Section A: History of physical education, National sports policy, sports psychology
ection B: Cell, respiratory system, Food and nutrition,
Section C: Sports training, skill, Technique and tactics, Posture and physical fitness tests, Principles of officiating, History, measurement and officiating of following games- Basketball, cricket, hockey, kabadi. Foot ball, hand ball, valley ball, kho-kho.

Test – 20 – Commerce

Section A: Business Economics, Financial Accounting-I and II,
Section B: Business Organization, Function Management, Cost and Management Accounting Section C: Banking and Financial System, Business Laws, Income Tax and Auditing

Test – 21 -Statistics

Section A: Descriptive Statistics, Moment, Skewness, Kurtosis and Probability Theory, Random variable and Mathematical Expectations, Discrete and Continuous distributions.
Section B: Curve fitting, Correlation, Regression and theory of attributes, Theory of sampling and Theory of Estimation, Testing of Hypothesis and Non- Parametric tests.
Section C: Analysis of Variance and Vital statistics, Time Series analysis and Index numbers, Statistical quality control, O.R. and L.P.P, Transportations, Assignments and Job Sequencing

Test – 22 – B.Ed Spl (H.I)

Section A: English reading Comprehension, English grammer, Parts of speech, Tenses. Transformation of sentences in English- Simple , Compound, Complex and voices.
Section B: Telugu Language Proficiency- పటన గహణశ , సంధుల, సమాల, జయల, అలం ాాల, ఛందసు .
Section C: Teaching Aptitude and General Knowledge – ability to recognize individual difference, ability to communicate, ability to deal with children etc., Analytical and creative thinking. General knowledge and current affairs.

Test – 23 – M.Ed Spl (H.I)

Section A: Psychology and education, introduction to disabilities, inclusive education
Section B: Philosophical foundations of education, audiology, speech
Section C: Language, communication, educational intervention and teaching strategies, basic research and statistics

Test – 23 – M.Voc (FTAD)

Section A: Introduction to textile fibres, Design, Fabric construction methods,
Section B: Dyeing, Manufacturing and Properties of different natural and man-made fibres, Classification of Sewing machines and their applications
Section C: Draping, Basic embroidery stitches, Design research and process, Colour and Colour Theory

Test – 24 – M.Voc (NHCS)

Section A: Nutrition and Dietary adequacies, Diet therapy, Nutritional care for Deficiency Disorders Section B: Macronutrients-Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat, Micronutrients-Vitamins and Minerals, Micro-Organisms
Section C: Health Care, Public Health, Clinical Analysis, Reproductive Health.


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