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SPMVV PGCET 2017 Syllabus

In most cases, syllabi prescribed for each entrance test (S.No.1 to S.No.23) is related to the common core First year syllabus of 2014-15, Second year syllabus of 2015-16 and Third year syllabus of 2016-17.

Test- 01 – Biochemistry

Section A: Bimolecular, Physiology and Methodology
Section B: Enzymes, Metabolism and Microbiology
Section C: Molecular Biology, Immunology and Endocrinology

Test- 02 – Biotechnology

Section A: Plant Physiology , Tissue Culture and Biotechnology of B.Sc. Botany, Cell Biology, Genetics and Animal Physiology of B.Sc. Zoology
Section B: Biological Chemistry & Microbiology of B.Sc. Biotechnology
Section C: Organic Chemistry of B.Sc. Chemistry

Test – 03- Botany, Zoology, Sericulture

Section A: Diversity of microbes and cryptograms, gymnosperms, taxonomy, embryology
Section B: Plant Physiology, genetics and biotechnology
Section C: Biology of invertebrates and chordates,cell biology,zoogeography, Evolution, Animal Physiology and Behavior, Ecology

Test- 04 -Organic Chemistry

Section A: Inorganic Chemistry of three years
Section B: Physical Chemistry of three years
Section C: Organic Chemistry of three years

Test – 05 – Economics

Section A: Micro Economics
Section B: Macro Economics
Section C: Indian Economy, Environmental Economics and Current Affairs

Test – 06 – M.Ed. – Education

Section A: Foundations of education, communicative English
Section B: Psychological foundations of education, Personality development
Section C: Educational Technology and Computer Education, School Management and Systems Education

Test – 07 – English

Section A: Literature based questions (Poetry & Prose)
Section B: Literature based questions (Drama & Novel)
Section C: Language based questions

Test – 08 – Home Science

Section A: Food Science and Nutrition
Section B: Human Devolopment and Family Studies
Section C: Human Physiology, General Physiology, Home Science Extension and Family resource

Test- 09- Mathematics

Section A: Differential Equations and Solid Geometry
Section B: Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis
Section C: Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus

Test- 10-Microbiology

Section A: General Microbiology, Microbial Physiology and Metabolism, Molecular Biology.
Section B: Immunology, Medical Microbiology and Applied Microbiology.
Section C: Chemistry related to Biological Sciences; and Biophysical and Biochemical techniques

Test- 11 – Journalism

Section A: International Current Affairs Section (Last 6 months)
Section B: National current Affairs. (Last 6 months)
Section C: Media related questions

Test-12 – Music

Section A: Musicology – Paper-I
Section B: Musicology – Paper-II
Section C: Musicology – Paper-III

Test-13 – Bharatanatyam

Section A: Paper- I Hastabhinayam, Sarirabhinayam, Aharyabhinayam, Chestakrithabhinayam
Section B: Paper – II Indian classical Dances, folk Dances, Rasa Theory, Nayakanayaki Bhadas,
Section C: Paper -III Comparitive study of Natyasastra, Abhinayadarpanam, Nrutta ratnavali &
Silappadikaram, Dasarupakas, Epics & Puranas

Test – 14 – Physics

Section A: Paper I (Mechanics, Waves and Oscillations)
Section B: Paper II (Thermodynamics and Optics)
Section C: Paper III (Electricity, Magnetism and Electronics)
Paper IV (Modern Physics and Electronics)

Test – 15 – Social Work

Section A: Paper I Social work profession, philosophy and basic social science concepts
Section B: Paper II Social work intervention – Basic methods
Section C: Paper III Social work intervention – Auxiliary methods;
Paper IV Social work with family and children, communities, health and mental health

Test – 16 – Telugu

Section A: Paper I Studied under Part-I (B) Telugu: Prachina Padyabhagamu, Adunica Padyabhagam, Navala and Grammar.
Section B: Paper II Studied under part –I (B) Telugu: Prachinapadyabhagam, Adhunica Padyabhagam, Gadyabahgam, Drama, Alankaras, Grammar and Essay
Section C: Paper II (History of literature) and paper III (History of Telugu language, Grammar and Dialects) Studied under Part II Telugu of B.A

Test-17- Women’s Studies

Section A: i) Indian Heritage & Culture; ii) Science & Civilization
Section B: i) Status of Women in India & Andhra Pradesh-Facts & Figures; ii) General Awareness on Women’s achievements issues and problems
Section C: i) General Awareness: Current Affairs, General Knowledge; ii) Specific reference to women

Test- 18- Physical Education

Section A: History, principles of physical education and sports Psychology
Section B: Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education
Section C:Test Measurement and Evaluation sports Training and Principles of officiating.

Test – 19 – Commerce

Section A: Business Economics, Financial Accounting-I, Business Organization & Management
Section B: Banking and Financial Systems, Financial Accounting – II
Section C: Business Laws, Income Tax and Practical Auditing

Test – 20 -Statistics

Section A: Probability and Distributions
Section B: Statistical Methods and Inference
Section C: Applied Statistics – I, Applied Statistics-II

Test – 21 – B.Ed Spl (H.I)

Section A: English Language proficiency
Section B: Telugu Language Proficiency
Section C: Teaching Aptitude

Test-22-M.Voc (FTAD)

Section A: Fashion Designing
Section B: .Apparel Designing
Section C: Textile Science and Textile Testing

Test-23-M.Voc (NHCS)

Section A: Nutrition & Dietetics
Section B: . Biochemical Methodologies
Section C: Health Care Management

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