This is a complete set of notes of Plant Kingdom which is a part of Biology syllabus for NEET. Important notes of Biology for NEET for Plant Kingdom are useful for all aspirants preparing for entrance exams including NEET. Important notes are also helpful for revision when you have less time and have to study many topics. You can also call it as revision notes for Plant Kingdom or cheat sheet of Plant Kingdom. It has all important formulae and concepts you can glance at and grasp everything in one go.

Name of chapter  Plant Kingdom
Name of Biology  Biology
These notes will be helpful for exams  NEET

Plant Kingdom Notes, Revision, Summary, Important Formulae

Here are complete Plant Kingdom important notes and summary. This summarizes most important formulae, concepts, in form of notes of Plant Kingdom which you can read for NEET preparation.

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All important notes of Biology for NEET

There are total 38 chapters in Biology that are important for NEET exam. You can see important Biology revision notes that are important for NEET here.

S.No. Chapter
1  The Living World
2  Biological Classification
3  Plant Kingdom
4  Animal Kingdom
5  Morphology of Flowering Plants
6  Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7  Structural Organization In Animals
8  Cell: Structure And Functions
9  Biomolecules
10  Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11  Transport In Plants
12  Mineral Nutrition
13  Photosynthesis In Higher Plants
14  Respiration In Plants
15  Plant Growth and Development
16  Digestion and Absorption
17  Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18  Body Fluids and Circulation
19  Excretory Products and Their Elimination
20  Locomotion and Movement
21  Neural Control and Coordination
22  Chemical Coordination and Integration
23  Reproduction In Organisms
24  Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
25  Human Reproduction
26  Reproductive Health
27  Principles of Inheritance and Variation
28  Molecular Basis of Inheritance
29  Evolution
30  Human Health and Disease
31  Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production
32  Microbes In Human Welfare
33  Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
34  Biotechnology and Its Applications
35  Organisms and Populations
36  Ecosystem
37  Biodiversity and Conservation
38  Environmental Issues

All important notes for NEET preparation

If you are preparing for Joint Entrance Examination or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, then you need to study all topics in their syllabus. Here are important revision notes of Biology, important revision notes of Biology, important revision notes of biology.

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