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Jammu & Kashmir B.Ed 2017 application form for the entrance exam is available online on the official websites of JKBOPEE. B.Ed 2017 Jammu / Kashmir online application form must be submitted by eligible candidates on or before last date of submission. The facility to apply online is at www.jakbopee.org / www.jakbopee.net. Requisite fee must be paid online for completing the application process. To help candidates fill the form easily, details of Jammu & Kashmir B.Ed Application Form 2017 are given here.

Event Kashmir & B.Ed SE Jammu
Receipt of online application form 27 Jan 2017 15 May 2017
Last date to submit online application form 17 Feb 2017 28 Feb 2017 15 Jun 2017

Jammu & Kashmir B.Ed 2017 Application Form

The Application Forms have to be submitted online only through BOPEE websites or links given below within the prescribed date. The procedure for filing Application Form and eligibility etc of the candidates have been given in detail here. The candidates must necessarily, in their own interest, go through the Information Brochure before attempting to fill up the online Application Form.

  • Click here to Apply Online for Jammu B.Ed 2017
  • Application process for Kashmir B.Ed 2017 is over now..!!

The candidates have to upload the following self-attested certificates along with the Application Form:-

  1. Permanent Resident Certificate
  2. Qualifying marks certificate (where result is declared)
  3. Date of Birth Certificate
  4. Reserved category certificate, if any, (including Sports) on the prescribed proforma.

After successful submission of Online Application Form, a provisional Registration Slip having Application Number and all candidate details will be generated. Candidate may take a print-out of the same and retain for future admission procedure.

Application Fee

Application Fee is Rs 800.

The payment of rupees 800 (Rupees eight hundred only) as fee is to be made also online through integrated Payment Gateway which can be used to make payment with any national Credit Card/Debit Card. The procedure for filing Application Form and eligibility etc. of the candidates has been given in detail in the e-Brochure. The applicants must necessarily, in their own interest, go through this e-Brochure before attempting to fill up the online Application Form.

Instruction for Photographs

Candidates must also follow the following instructions:

  • Please ensure that the photograph is taken in a light coloured background.
  • The photograph/signature/thumb-impression images to be uploaded in JPG/JPEG format.
  • The maximum size of the photograph to be 500 KB and for signature/thumb-impression to be 200 KB.
  • The photograph must be snapped with a placard indicating name of candidate and date of taking photograph. In case name and date are written on the photograph after taking it, the application will be rejected.
  • The name and date on the photographmustbe clear and legible.
  • Photograph should be without a cap and goggles. However, spectacles are allowed.

The applicants are advised to fill the online Application Forms on their own or through a responsible person. The applicants can also contact the Help Desk of I.T. Section of BOPEE for any assistance/guidance in this regard on any working day within the prescribed last date. The reserved category candidates have to upload their category certificate alonwith the online Application Form.

  • For Kashmir Region – 0194-2437647 / 0194-2433590 / 0191-2479371 / 0191-2470102 / 9596243215 / 9596243216 / 9596243217 / 9596243218 / 9596243219

Application Form Correction / Modification

The candidates can change / modify their online Application Form at any time before its submission. Once the form is submitted, the entries made therein cannot be changed. It is in the interest of the candidate to recheck before submitting the online Application Form. They are advised, in their own interest, not to share their login details with anybody, lest he/she may get an opportunity to change important details in the Application Form. They can check the status of their Application Form on the official website of the BOPEE.

If any form is not confirmed for want of required information, the candidate concerned must report in the BOPEE office Srinagar or Jammu by or before 22nd February, 2017 failing which his/her Application Form shall be rejected.

How to apply for B.Ed Entrance Exam 2017?

  1. Fill the Online Application Form on their own or through a responsible person in their presence. In case of any difficulty, they may approach the BOPEE offices Jammu / Srinagar along with the original documents with prior telephonic (Help Line) appointment and payment of a nominal fee of Rs. 100/= (Rupees one hundred only) through POS machines available at the BOPEE office Jammu/Srinagar for filling the online Application Form.
  2. Visit the BOPEE website www.jakbopee.net and click on the link B.Ed. (Kashmir) on the home page displayed to you.
  3. A page with various links regarding B.Ed. (Kashmir)-2017 Entrance Test like e-Notification, e-Brochure, e-Instructions, e-Application, e-Application status, e-Admit Card can be seen which are to be used by the applicants for various purposes.
  4. Click on the link e-Notification and go through the displayed admission notification. Similarly, click on eBrochure and e-Instructions to go through the online/electronic brochure and instructions for submitting the online Application Form. (Please make sure that you read the instructions in the e-instructions page and also keep all the required documents/scanned documents (soft copy) handy before you start filling up the Online Application Form).
  5. Next, click on the link e-Application. A page with two sections is displayed. If you are not registered yet, click the Register link in the Preliminary Registration section, otherwise Sign In with your credentials (Application Number, Payment Id and Date of Birth).

    • If you click on the Register Link, a page with the heading “Preliminary Registration Form” will be displayed. Fill up this form carefully, as the entries made in this Form cannot be changed later on. Click on the Register Button at the bottom.
    • An Application Number like 5BOP1701234 will be generated and shown on the Payment Page. As the payment of fee is to be made online only, you can make use of the debit card/credit card for this purpose. The service charges, as displayed on this page, shall be charged by the Bank for providing Payment Gateway Service to the applicants. Now click on the Proceed for Payment Button.
    • The Payment Gateway page will be shown to you in order to select the mode of payment as desired by you. The Gateway will then verify the credentials of the card etc; and on successful authentication it will prompt you to make the payment. Click on the pay Button to authorize the payment of examination fee.
    • On successful payment of fee in favour of BOPEE, you will be shown the page with the message Preliminary Registration Completed Successfully and your Payment Id like 6259940091550100 will be shown on this page which is extremely confidential information. You should not disclose it as it will be used for subsequent „Sign In‟ and other examination related processes.
    • Note down both, your Application Number and Payment Id, keep these secret and do not share with anyone. You may also take a print out of this page for future reference. Do not forget to „Sign Out’ properly and close the browser of this page.
      Note:  In order to complete the Application Form, you need to „Sign In‟ to the system again, but before doing so, make sure that you have the following:

      • Scanned Photograph in JPEG format only, with name plate and date of taking the photo;
      • Scanned Signature in JPEG format only;
      • Scanned Thumb Impression in JPEG format only;
      • Scanned relevant Certificates in JPEG format only;
      • Permanent Residence Certificate (mandatory for all);
      • Marks Sheet of the Qualifying Examination (mandatory for all),
      • Reserved Category Certificate (where ever applicable).
  6. Now repeat the steps 2, 3 & 5 above. A page with two sections will be displayed. In the „Sign In’ Section, provide your Application Number, Payment Id and your date of birth to Sign In.
  7. A Page with Application Form will be displayed. Fill in/select the entries carefully and then click on the Save and Continue Button.
  8. A page to upload photo will be displayed. Browse the computer to select your photograph file and then click on the Upload Photo Button. On successful uploading of the photograph, a link with the title Proceed to Next Step will be displayed on this page along with the uploaded photograph. To change the photograph which you had uploaded, you can click on the link To Change Photo Click Here and repeat the uploading process.
  9. After clicking on Proceed to Next Step a similar page would be displayed to upload the Signature. Upload your signature and then click on Proceed to Next Step.
  10. A page would be displayed to upload your Permanent Resident Certificate (jpeg format) in the same manner. After uploading your PRC successfully click on the link Proceed to Next Step. Repeat the step for uploading Marks Sheet of Qualifying Examination.
  11. If you are a category candidate then upload your category certificate on the page displayed to you, otherwise click on continue and upload later link at the top right side of the page. In case a candidate uploads a category certificate by mistake he/she can click on the ResetRCC button to remove the uploaded Certificate and click on Proceed to Next Step.
  12. Now upload your Internship Completion Certificate (if available) or skip this step by clicking on continue and upload later link at the top right side of the page. In case a candidate uploads Internship Completion Certificate click on Proceed to Next Step.
  13. Now upload your Difficult Area Certificate (if applicable) or skip this step by clicking on continue and upload later link at the top right side of the page. In case a candidate uploads Difficult Area Certificate click on Proceed to Next Step
  14. A page with the title “Confirm Your Form Details” will be displayed. Check all the entries that you have made up till now, including the Photograph, signature, thumb impression files and links to the uploaded certificates shown in either red or blue color. The red color of the link indicates that the certificate has not been uploaded and blue color indicates that the certificate has been uploaded. In order to view the particular certificate, click on that link. Make sure all your required certificates have been uploaded. If not, you can click on the Modify button, upload the certificate/make changes to the form. If all the entries are correct, then only click on the Button Continue. Otherwise click on the Modify Button to repeat the process and submit the correct details.
  15. If you have clicked on Continue Button, a page with the title/message “Registration Completed Successfully” will be displayed. On this page, you have a link view/print. Click on this link to view or print your Confirmation Page. Make sure that your printer is connected to the system and only then click printer icon/link on the top left corner of this Confirmation Page in order to print the Confirmation Page. Then click on the close icon/link to close this popup window. This page has also a Submit for Acceptance Button. Click this Button when you are sure that you have correctly filled up your Application Form. By clicking this Button, you will be locking your Application Form and no subsequent changes will be allowed in this Form. However, if you are not sure, do not click this Button. You can Sign In as many times as you like until you click Submit for Acceptance Button. Do not forget to Sign Out and close the browser of this page.
  16. Now repeat the steps 2 & 3 above and then click on the link e-Application status on the date given in the admission notification to know the status of your application in case you have submitted the application for acceptance. If the status is Accepted, it means that your application has been provisionally accepted. You can now dowload the Conformation Page with the updated status and e-ackownledgement Card from the available links. If you find that the status is Incomplete, it means that there are deficiencies in your Application Form and for which you have to contact the Board Help Lines/Help Desk for further clarifications.
  17. Similarly, repeat the steps 2 & 3 above and then click on the link e-Admit card to view/print the admit card whenever available, after the notification for the said purpose is issued by BOPEE.

JAKBOPEE B.Ed Complete Information

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