PolyCET Hall Ticket 2014 – Download Here

The Operator at the Help Line Center enters the data given in the APPLICATION form and uploadsthe photo and signatures after scanning and gives a print out to the student for verification. If thestudent is satisfied with the data entered, operator presses the Confirm  button, and generatesthe hall ticket and issues the same to the student.

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Note: The candidates have to note thatprinting of Hall tickets immediately may not be possible on the last few days, as heavy rush isusual. Hence they are advised to file the application early or they may have to visit the Helplinecentre for collecting the Hall Tickets after two or three days.

Hall ticket issued to you should be checked thoroughly. If mistake is found, it should be correctedthrough helpline centre IMMEDIATELY and get a revised Hall Ticket.

No candidate will be allowed with incorrect data and photo on the Hall ticket to appear for theExamination.

In case the candidate did not receive the Hall ticket, he/she may obtain the same through internet from the Web Sites http://apceep.nic.in or contact personally any help linecenter.

Hall ticket is not transferable. Any tampering of Hall Ticket will automatically lead to thedisqualification of the Candidate.

Hall ticket is an important document and shall be preserved carefully after the examination tillthe admission into the polytechnic is completed.

Candidate will be allowed at the designated examination center on production of printed Hallticket. Familiarize yourself with the location of the examination center. Take the help of HLCpersonnel to know the route map to the examination center.

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