Check GATE 2017 Answer Key along with Question Papers of GATE exam held on 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th February. GATE 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key are made available after exam. They inform test takers of correct answers. Also candidate gets an idea of marks in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). IIT Roorkee which is exam conducting body of GATE in 2017 is responsible for conduct of exam, and all events related to it up to results announcement.

GATE Result 2017 – Result of GATE 2017 has been announced on March 26, 2017 at 11 AM. Check here.

Latest – GATE 2017 Final Answer key has been released on 16 Mar 2017. Scroll down to check the Keys.

GATE 2017 Question Paper and Final Answer Key


Candidates are quite tense before exam about how well they will perform in exam. This tension only increases once they exit exam hall. Immediately after exam, everyone who appears in GATE wants to all correct answers. Since it is a computer based test they do not even have physical copies of question papers to discuss with teachers or friends.

In this situation, GATE 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key prove to be most important. For all papers of GATE 2017, we have updated here question papers and answer keys.

Date and Session Wise GATE 2017 Question Paper With Final Answer Key

GATE 2017 Question Papers, responses can be viewed by candidate who has attempted GATE 2017.

You can log in to GOAPS to do that.

Date Session number Time Test paper code Question paper and Final answer key
4 Feb 2017 1 9 am – 12 noon ME Solved papersQuestion Paper, Final Answer Key
AR Question Paper, Final Answer Key
TF Question Paper, Final Answer Key
4 Feb 2017 2 2 pm – 5 pm ME Solved papersQuestion Paper, Final Answer Key
AG Question Paper, Final Answer Key
GG Question Paper, Final Answer Key
5 Feb 2017 3 9 am – 12 noon EC Solved papersQuestion Paper, Final Answer Key
BT Question Paper, Final Answer Key
CY Question Paper, Final Answer Key
EY Question Paper, Final Answer Key
PI Question Paper, Final Answer Key
5 Feb 2017 4 2 pm – 5 pm EC Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
AE Question PaperFinal Answer Key
MA Question PaperFinal Answer Key
MT Question PaperFinal Answer Key
PE Question PaperFinal Answer Key
PH Question PaperFinal Answer Key
11 Feb 2017 5 9 am – 12 noon CS Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
EE Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
11 Feb 2017 6 2 pm – 5 pm CS Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
EE Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
12 Feb 2017 7 9 am – 12 noon CE Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
CH Question PaperFinal Answer Key
MN Question PaperFinal Answer Key
12 Feb 2017 8 2 pm – 5 pm CE Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
IN Solved papersQuestion PaperFinal Answer Key
XE Question PaperFinal Answer Key
XL Question PaperFinal Answer Key

Note: –

  • In the GOAPS, a module to contest answer keys is available from 10:00 hours (IST) of 03 March 2017 till 10:00 hours (IST) of 06 March 2017. A candidate can challenge the answer key of any question after giving their justification(s) and payment of Rs. 500 (for each question) through the online payment portal available in the GOAPS. For candidates who have appeared in GATE 2017 from outside India, the fee for each answer key challenge is US$10.
  • While challenging the answer keys the candidates should ensure that they quote the proper question number as per the PDF file of the question paper given here. Please remember that if the proper question number is not correctly identified then the challenge may not be considered.
  • Payments for a successful challenge will be refunded. For all challenges on answer keys, the decision of the GATE 2017 committee shall be final and binding. No correspondence or telephone calls on this matter will be entertained.

IIT Roorkee has published candidate responses for GATE 2017

To view the response for GATE 2017 Question Paper by login: Click Here

Official answer keys for GATE 2017 has been released on 27th Feb

Challenges by candidates shall be accepted during Mar 3- 6, 2017.

Unofficial answer keys

It is important to realize that a coaching centers publish answer keys a few hours after exam. Most students prefer to get GATE 2017 Answer Key by Made Easy, and GATE 2017 Answer Key by Ace Academy. Answer keys of such reputed institutes can be viewed from here after exam. It is important to realize that exam conducting body is about to issue official answer keys as per schedule. They will indeed be final and binding with regards to GATE 2017 Result.

GATE 2017 Answer Key by coaching centers such as Made Easy and Ace Academy can be considered as unofficial answer keys. Teachers at educational institutes such as these compile answer keys after exam concludes so that students can benefit from them by knowing correct answers. Unofficial answer keys help lessen tension and clear confusion to a large extent.

Many solutions of GATE exam by Made Easy and Ace Academy are correct. Students trust unofficial keys to estimate exam marks and know answers to questions.

Official answer keys

Answer Keys for GATE 2017 question papers has been displayed on Feb 27, 2017 and challenges by candidates shall be accepted during Mar 3-6, 2017. Only GATE 2017 Answer Key by IIT Roorkee is official. It releases at official website To view it, go through following steps.

  • Visit
  • If answer key issued by IIT Roorkee then there will be question papers and answer keys of all sessions.
  • Navigate to Session > Question Paper > Answer Key.
  • Open question paper as well as answer key.

Order of questions in GATE 2017 Answer Key

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a computer based test. Questions which appeared in a certain order in your screen may differ from the order of questions in answer key. To remove confusion, question papers are made available along with answer keys.

So open both, GATE 2017 question paper and also GATE 2017 answer key, side by side.

Check question and then answer.

What is GATE 2017 Answer Key?

GATE 2017 Answer Key is made available by IIT for candidates who appeared in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. The answer keys of GATE 2017 can be checked to analyze exam performance, and one can also challenge the official keys within the given time-frame before the declaration of results.


AE. Aerospace Engineering.

AG. Agricultural Engineering.

AR. Architecture and Planning.

BT. Biotechnology.

CE. Civil Engineering.

CH. Chemical Engineering.

CS. Computer Science and Information Technology.

CY. Chemistry.

EC. Electronics and Communication Engineering.

EE. Electrical Engineering.

EY. Ecology and Evolution.

GG. Geology and Geophysics.

IN. Instrumentation Engineering.

MA. Mathematics.

ME. Mechanical Engineering.

MN. Mining Engineering.

MT. Metallurgical Engineering.

PE. Petroleum Engineering.

PH. Physics.

PI. Production and Industrial Engineering.

TF. Textile Engineering and Fiber Science.

XE. Engineering Sciences.

XL. Life Sciences.

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