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JEECUP Answer Key 2019 will be available after the exam held successfully in April 2019 at all the test centers. Un-Official Answer Keys are released by the various coaching institutes same day. The Official Answer Key for JEECUP 2019 will be made available online on the website along with the option to challenge incorrect answers. The JEECUP 2019 Answer Key will be available in candidate login page, final key shall be available in pdf format. Candidates can cross check their answers and calculate their marks in the entrance examination. The candidate can calculate the marks as per the marking scheme given by the Council. The answer key will be released for all groups namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7.

JEECUP Answer Key 2019

The candidate will be shortlisted for admission on the basis of their performance in the entrance exam. Check the schedule for JEECUP 2019 Answer Key from the table below.

Event Date
JEECUP 2019 exam date 3rd week of April 2019
JEECUP 2019 Answer Key by coaching centres likely to be available 3rd week of April 2019
JEECUP 2019 Answer Key / Challange 3rd week of May 2019
Final answer key could be available on 4th week of May 2019

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After you log in, you can get JEECUP 2019 question paper and answer key (official). It will be great if you can please email them to [email protected]. This will help us in providing free study material to JEECUP aspirants next time also. Thanks in advance!

Answer Key (Un-Official) by Shakti Coaching

To download the above answer key – Click Here

How to Download the JEECUP 2019 Answer Key?

Candidate can download the Answer Key to cross check their answers by simply following the instructions given below:

  1. Click on the link which will be given on this page to download the JEECUP 2019 Answer Key (All Groups)
  2. Candidate need to click on the link for the Group for which they wish to download the answer key.
  3. The answer key shall be available in pdf format.
  4. Download and cross check the answers.

Challenging the JEECUP 2019 Answer Key

Though the responses in the Answer Key are examined by the experts of the JEE Council of Uttar Pradesh, there might be mistakes in it like presence of multiple correct options or absence of correct option out of the four options mentioned in the question. In such a case, the candidate can file for objection(s). The candidate shall be able to make objection online by paying the requisite amount for the objection in the answer key. Also, the candidate should have a valid proof or explanation for the objection raised. The council shall refund the amount if the objection in the answer key is proved right.

Significance of JEECUP 2019 Answer Key

The Answer Key is a crucial part in any entrance exam. As every student after the exam wants to check their performance and know if they will qualify the exam or not, At this point the Answer Key comes as a rescue. Since the result is announced a bit late, the candidate with the help of answer key can at least estimate the probability of whether they will qualify or not. There are two types of Answer Key which shall be available for JEECUP 2019:

  1. Official Answer Key: This answer key is released by the official exam conducting bodies. It is more authentic and is released a day or two after the exam is held. The candidate can file for objection(s) if there is any in the answer key. On the basis of the objections raised, then a final answer key is released.
  2. Unofficial Answer Key: The unofficial answer key is released by the coaching center or Institutes. It is usually available on the day itself the exam will be held. However, it is not as authentic as the official answer.

How to calculate the score using the JEECUP Answer Key 2019?

The candidate can calculate their probable marks as per the instructions given below:

  • If the answer in the OMR sheet marked by the candidate matches with that in the answer key, add 04 marks.
  • However, since there is a negative marking, the candidate need to deduct 01 marks, if the answer marked in the OMR sheet does not matches with that in the Answer Key.
  • Count the number of correct answers and multiply it with 4.
  • Count the number of Incorrect answers and deduct them from the score of overall correct answers.

Formula to calculate the score using the JEECUP Answer Key is as follows:

Total Marks= (Number of Correct Answers x 4) – (Number of Incorrect Answers x 1)

JEECUP 2017 Question Paper with Answer Key

If above window does not load, click here to download previous year JEECUP Question Paper with Answer Key.

Insofar, official details of JEECUP Answer Key 2019 have not been announced. Information on this page is as per last year brochure and for reference purpose only. As soon as JEECUP releases JEECUP Admission 2019 information brochure, details will be updated here.

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