KEAM Syllabus – The Official Prospectus of the exam will have been released with complete information on the exam. All the candidates who are preparing for the exam can read the KEAM Syllabus in detail on this page and prepare for the exam accordingly. It is important that the preparation of the exam is done as per the exam syllabus as it will help the candidates to stay focused. Also, a wayward exam preparation is nothing but time wastage.

KEAM Syllabus

We have hosted the Syllabus of KEAM on this page for the subjects of PCM. KEAM Entrance Examination is conducted for admission to Engineering Courses. This year there will not be state level entrance examination for the Medical & Allied Courses and Architecture Courses. Read detailed exam syllabus in the following section.

Important Topics for KEAM Examination

KEAM Syllabus for Physics

Introduction and measurement
Description of motion in one dimension
Description of motion in two and three dimensions
Laws of motion
Work, energy and power
Motion of system of particles and rigid body rotation
Mechanics of solids and fluids
Heat and thermodynamics
Current electricity
Magnetic effect of current and magnetism
Electromagnetic induction and alternating current
Electromagnetic waves
Dual nature of matter and radiations
Atomic nucleus
Solids and semiconductor devices
Principles of communications

KEAM Syllabus for Chemistry

Basic concepts and atomic structure
Bonding and molecular structure
States of matter
Periodic properties of elements and hydrogen
S-block elements and principles of metallurgy
P-block elements
D-block and f-block elements
Chemical equilibrium
Redox reactions and electrochemistry
Chemical kinetics
Surface chemistry
Coordination compounds and organometallics
Basic principles, purification and characterization of organic compounds
Organic reaction mechanism
Organic compounds with functional groups containing halogens
Organic compounds with functional groups containing oxygen
Organic compounds with functional groups containing nitrogen
Polymers and biomolecules
Environmental chemistry and chemistry in everyday life

KEAM Syllabus for Maths

Sets, Relations and Functions
Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equations
Sequences and Series
Permutations, Combinations, Binomial Theorem and Mathematical Induction
Matrices and Determinants
Linear Inequations
Trigonometric functions and Inverse Trigonometric functions
Conditional identities for the angles of a triangle
Graph of the trigonometric functions;
Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
Lines and Family of lines
Circles and Family of circles
Conic sections
Three Dimensional Geometry
Statistics and probability
Functions, Limits and continuity
Application of Derivatives
Indefinite Integrals
Definite Integrals
Differential Equations

This completes the Syllabus of KEAM. Please find the detailed outline of the topics included in the syllabus for all the subjects from the links given below.

Detailed KEAM Syllabus

KEAM Syllabus – Archives


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