Kerala University UG Admission 2017 Online Allotment Process

Kerala University UG Admission 2017 Online Allotment Process is given below. Candidates are advised to read all the instructions carefully.

Spot Admission

University of Kerala has published the Rank List of Candidates who belongs to Schedule caste / Schedule tribe on 22 Aug 2017 for Spot Admission. Candidates can check list from the official website i.e or from the link given below.

  • Check Rank List for SC/ST Spot Admission – Check Here

Fourth Supplementary Allotment – Published on 31 Jun 2017

Supplementary IV Allotment for the UG 2017 admission has been published by University of Kerala on the website. Candidates can check their Allotment Result by Login into their account, using Application No. & Password from the official website. Link to check the Allotment is also given below.

Further Allotments and Admission to Colleges

The Second and Third allotments will be conducted online for the vacant seats remaining after the earlier allotments. The applicants who got allotted in first, second and third allotment could take admission to the allotted colleges only after the Third Allotment. And thus, the allotment memo for admission will be available from the website only after the third allotment.

After the trial allotment and the period earmarked for revising options, the first allotment list will be published in the website on the date to be notified. The allotment list will show the personal details, the college and the Programme to which the candidate is allotted to and the fee to be remitted. The candidate has to download the allotment memo which has to be produced before the Principal at the time of admission, from website after entering details of the prescribed fee as per the procedure mentioned in clause 8.2. The candidates who get allotment have to remit the University fee as per the procedure mentioned in clause 8.2 and ensure their seat, and those who fail to remit the fee in time will not be considered for further allotment.. The candidates will have to follow the notification of the University with regard to the date of admission in the concerned college.

Remitting of fee

The fee due to the University for the Programme will have to be remitted in any branch of State Bank of Travancore using the special Chalan of Kerala university available in the „Allotment‟ page of valid applicant‟s homepage in the website ( The original pay-inslip from the bank should be produced in the college at the time of admission. The candidate without the original pay-in-slip will not be allowed to join the college. The candidates should keep the original pay – in-slip after verification in the college. It will be required for further allotment, if any.

For General candidates

Kerala University UG Supplementary Allotment 2017 Released!

For SC /ST candidates

Kerala University UG Supplementary Allotment 2017 Released!

Note: Medical Inspection fee of Rs.10/- and Women’s Study Unit Fee of Rs 15/- are to be collected by the College, as one time payment, in addition to the amount remitted to the KUF for utilization at the College level.

SC/ST candidates shall claim the refund of fees from the SC/ST Board.

Colleges are requested to collect fees due to them directly from the candidates.

Application forms for Matriculation and Recognition are to be collected from the candidates and submitted to the University along with the University copy of the challan of admission fee.

Downloading Allotment Memo

Downloading Allotment memo After remitting University fee for the prescribed Programme, candidates can Login to their homepage using their application number and password for downloading the memo. Using the link „Allotment‟ the applicant can view his/her allotment details. After furnishing the details of University fee for prescribed Programme, the student can download allotment memo which has to be produced before the principal at the time of admission.

Those candidates who do not remit the fee on or before the date specified and in the specified method above and enter the details in the Website will lose their current allotment as well as the eligibility for further allotments.

Cancellation/Activation of options after the first allotment

Candidates who remit the fee as per the first allotment within the prescribed time limit will have the facility to cancel/activate their higher options before the second allotment during a specified period which will be notified.

After the first allotment, the options below the „allotted one‟ of the candidate will automatically be removed from the option list of the candidate. For example, if a candidate had registered 20 options in all, and if he/she is allotted his/her 10th option, all options from 11 to 20 will be automatically removed from the option list. Options from 1 to 9 will remain valid and will be considered for future allotments. He/she may cancel/activate any options among the remaining options as per his/her desire. But the candidate will not be permitted to register any fresh options to the existing ones.

Existing options registered by the candidate, available in the Home Page, can be cancelled one by one by clicking the “ CANCEL ” button shown against each option or all higher options can be cancelled by clicking “ CANCEL ALL HIGHER OPTIONS ” button, if the candidate desires so. Option once cancelled can be activated again using “ ACTIVATE ” button, within a specified time period.

If a candidate is satisfied with an allotment and does not want to be considered again for further allotment(s), he/she must cancel all the remaining higher options. A candidate retaining all or any of his/her higher options after an allotment, is bound to accept the new allotment, if any, failing which, he/she will lose the existing allotment as well as the new allotment; moreover he/she will not be considered for any further allotments.

The facility for cancellation/activation of options will be available during the notified period only.

Second/Further Allotment and Remittance of Fee

The second/further allotment list will be published on the date to be notified. A candidate who gets an allotment at any stage will have to remit the prescribed fee for the course allotted, through the method specified above. The candidates need to remit the fee due to the University only once during this process of allotment which would confirm their seat in any of the colleges as per their preference and eligibility.

Note: The date of reporting to the college concerned for taking admission will be notified in due course.

Post Allotment Activities

Reporting at the College : Candidates who get allotment will have to report before the Principal/Head of the College/Institution concerned for admission on the dates notified, with the following documents:

  • Print out of completed online application generated by the Candidate.
  • Fee receipt (Original copy) towards Registration fee
  • Allotment Memo (Latest)
  • Original mark list of the qualifying examination
  • Fee Receipt(Original Copy) towards special fee affiliation, matriculation, recognition, eligibility fee
  • Certificate to prove date of birth
  • TC from the Institution last attended
  • Course & Conduct Certificate
  • Original Community Certificate/BPL Certificate
  • Income certificate in the case of SEBC/ OEC candidates.
  • Original certificates to prove the claim for grace marks, if any.
  • Eligibility certificate from the University of Kerala in case of candidates who have passed qualifying examination other than HSE/ VHSE conducted by Government of Kerala or the examination conducted by CBSE and CISCE.
  • Any other relevant certificate for any claim made in the application.

Verification of Documents : Verification of Documents: The Principal/Head of the Institution shall be personally responsible for verification and satisfaction of the correctness of the records produced by the candidate at the time of seeking admission in the College/Institution. The candidates should fulfill the eligibility criteria at the time of online registration and all relevant documents shall be submitted at the respective colleges during the time of admission.

All candidates securing admission to the FDP should compulsory remit the university fees (General-1360/-, SC/ST-675/-) in any branch of SBI by downloading the admission fee chalan.

Special Instructions

  • Failure to report for Admission: Candidates who do not take admission on the prescribed date will lose their admission. They will not be considered for any further regular allotments under any stream.
  • Candidates have the freedom to change their password, however, they should take note of the password and application number carefully for future login.
  • Application of candidates who do not register their personal and academic data online and who do not give their options online within the time schedule will not be considered for allotment. No opportunity will be given to incorporate any details after the last date of submission of application. Late or defective application will not be considered under any circumstances.
  • Any kind of false information will lead to cancellation of admission.
  • Any boards, where the grades are awarded instead of marks, the candidates should enter the corresponding marks, while entering the academic data.
  • No rounding of marks / percentage to the nearest whole number will be permitted.
  • The University will not entertain any request for change of the dates of Online Centralized Allotment.
  • Any other item not specifically covered in this prospectus will be decided by the University and that decision shall be final.
  • Preventive measure against ragging: If an applicant for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he/she had indulged in ragging, admission shall be refused or he/she shall be expelled from the educational institution.

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The last index marks listed below is purely based on the database used for UG admission 2015-16 upto the Third Allotment.

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