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JEE Main 2018 Paper Analysis – The Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (JEE) Main will be held by CBSE in April. After exam, JEE Main Paper Analysis 2018 for Paper 1 and 2 will be available here. JEE Main Paper Analysis 2018 will indicate exam pattern, difficulty level of exam, distribution of questions as per difficulty, distribution of questions topic wise. Exam analysis intends to help candidates understand how academia felt about exam and whther they performed well or not as per general analysis.

Views of test takers will also be included in JEE Main Paper Analysis 2018 for Paper 1 and 2. Using this and answer key of JEE Main 2018 helps in estimating marks scored in exam and chances of qualifying.

JEE Main Paper Analysis 2018

JEE Main Paper Analysis 2018 will be available in April 2018 after exam.

Until then, you can check last year exam analysis below.

JEE Main 2017 Paper Analysis

  • Overall, the examination was moderate in level of difficulty
  • In comparison to last year, the JEE Main 2017 was much easier.
  • The most difficult section was Physics but candidates agreed that none of the question was out syllabus.
  • Question in the examination were not also tricky or lengthy like last year.

JEE Main Paper Analysis – Mathematics

Topics Question
Differential Calculus 6
Integral Calculus 4
Algebra 10
Coordinate Geometry 4
Trigonometry 2
3D and Vector 3
Reasoning and Statistics 1
Total 30

JEE Main Paper Analysis – Chemistry

Topics Questions
Atomic Structure 1
Solid State 1
Surface 1
Chemical Kinetics 1
Solution 1
Thermodynamics 1
Stoichiometry 2
Equilibrium 1
Redox 2
Thermochemistry 1
Electrochemistry 1
Aromatic Isomerism 1
Polymers 1
Bimolecule 1
Hydrocarbon 2
Acid derivative 1
Environmental Chemistry 1
G.O.C 3
Carboxyl 1
Periodic Table 1
S­Block 1
Group-17 1
Coordination 1
Chemical Bonding 1
D­Block 1
Total 30

JEE Main Paper Analysis – Physics

Topics No of Questions
Error and Sig. figure 1
1­D Moton 1
Work­Power and Energy 1
Momentum Collision 2
C.O.M and M.I 1
Rotational Mechanics 1
Gravitation 1
S.H.M 1
Elasticity 1
Heat 2
Wave and Sound 4
Current Electricity 2
Electrostatics 2
Capacitor 2
Electromagnetism 2
Geometrical Optics 1
Wave Optics 1
Modern Physics 4
Total  30 

JEE Main Paper Analysis – By Students

“The question paper was easy. If anyone has prepared well for class 11 and 12 then I am sure they will be able to score above 250. Since my physics is strong I did not had any difficulty in solving the questions but mathematics section was a little difficulty.” – Akhil Sharma

“Physics was the toughest section but non of the question was out of syllabus or too mind boggling. The level of the examination was also moderate. I gave JEE last year as well and this year it was mush easier” – Rajesh Kumar


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