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Best Books and Study Material for GATE 2019 EE (Electrical Engineering) Paper

Electrical Engineering is a very popular field in the GATE exam. More than 1 lakh students appeared in the GATE EE paper last year. Looking at the high level of competition, GATE preparation gets tougher. It is important thus, that you refer the best GATE preparation books only. Given here is the list of best reference GATE Books for Electrical Engineering (EE).

GATE Books for Electrical Engineering (EE)

Comprehensive List of Important Books for GATE 2019 EE

S.No. Book Title Author
1. Network Analysis Van Valken Burg
2. Solutions of Network Analysis GK Publications
3. Engg. Circuit Analysis Hayt and Kemmerly
4. Network Analysis Soni and Gupta
5. Graph Theory Narsing Deo (Cutset and Others)
6. Circuit Theory Chakravarthy
7. Circuit Theory Roy Choudary (Networks and Systems)
8. Electric Circuits Schaum’s Series
9. Network Theory Prof Yoganarasimhan
10. Electronic Devices Circuits Boylested and Neshelsky
11. Microelectronic Circuits Sedra and Smith
12. Electronic Devices Circuits Millman and Halkias (Black Pad)
13. Microelectronics Millman and Grabel
14. Integrated Electronics Millman and Halkias
15. Electronic Circuits Schilling and Belove
16. Switching and Finite Automatic Theory Kohavi
17. Digital Logic and Computer Design Mano
18. Digital Electronics malvino and Leach
19. Digital Systems, Principles and Applications Tocci
20. Microprocessor and its Applications Goankar
21. Microprocessors B Ram
22. Microprocessors Douglus V Hall
23. Automatic Control Systems BC Kuo
24. Control Systems Nagarath and Gopal
25. Modern Control Systems Ogata
26. OP Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits Gayakwad
27. Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation AK Sawhney
28. DC Machines Measurements and Measuring Instruments GB Bharadhwajan
29. Electrical Machines Nagarath and Kohavi
30. Electrical Machines PS Bimhra
31. Electrical Technology Hughes
32. The performance and Design of AC Machines MG Say
33. Electrical Engg. (Problems and Solutions) Natesan
34. Electrical Machines Mukherjee & Chakravarthy
35. Electrical Machines JB Gupta
36. Elements of Power System Analysis William D Stevenson
37. Modern Power System Analysis Nagrath and Kothari
38. Electrical Power Systems Wadhwa
39. Power Systems VK Mehta (For basics of PS)
40. Power Systems Badri Ram
41. Power Electronics PS Bimbhra
42. Power Electronics Singh, Khanchandani
43. Power Electronics Rammoorthy
44. Electricity and Magnetism BS Agrawal
45. Engineering Physics (For Basic Electricity & Magnetism) Gaur and Gupta
46. Physics PART II (Electricity and Magnetism) Resnic and Hallday
47. Basic Electronics Millman and Grab
48. Electromagnetics Administer
49. Engineering Electromagnetics William Hayt
50. Problems and Solutions of Engg. Electromagnetics By Experienced Teachers
51. Field Theory KA Gangadhar
52. Elements of Electromagnetics NO Sadiku
53. Basic Electrical Engineering Nagarath and Kothari
54. Previous GATE – EEE question papers GK Publications
55. Brijlal and Subramaniam Electricity and Magnetism
56. Previous IES (Objective questions only) Question Papers GK Publications
57. Civil Services Prelims in GK Publications

Complete List of Important Books for GATE EE – GATE Study Material for Electrical Engineering.

Topic Book
Signals and Systems Signals and systems by Uday Kumar S.
Electrical Machines Electrical Machines by I J Nagrath, D P Kothari.
Power Systems Electrical power systems by C. L. Wadhwa.
Control Systems Control systems engineering by Madan Gopal, I. J. Nagrath.
Electrical and Electronic Measurements A course in Electrical and Electronic measurement and instrumentation by A. K Sawhney.
Analog and Digital Electronics Integrated electronics: Analog and digital circuits and systems by Jacob Millman, Christos Halkias, Chetan Parikh.
Power Electronics and Drives Power electronics circuits, devices and applications by Rashid M. H.

Books to study Engineering Mathematics.

  • Advanced engineering mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig.
  • Intermediate Mathematics by B.V.Sastry and K.Venkateswarlu.
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics By B.S Grewal.
  • Introductory methods of numerical analysis by SS Sastry.

How to score high in GATE Electrical Engineering Exam?

The GATE exam is all about understanding concepts and application in problem solving. You must start your preparation as early as possible. The major topics are covered in engineering colleges between 3rd and 6th semester. So pay attention to your Electrical Engineering college classroom notes. You must have also studied from Nagrath, Wadhwa books during your college. If you studied diligently during your semesters, you can refer to your notes for GATE preparation.

The biggest challenge in your GATE exam could be the numerical type questions. Do your calculations calmly and correctly. Even a digit change can lead to huge errors in final answer and you will lose marks.

Solve previous year papers.

Some other GATE Books for Electrical Engineering (EE).

  • Network Theory – Engineering Circuit Analysis by HaytKemmerly
  • Analog Devices – Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Boylestad
  • Digital Circuits – Digital logic Design by Morris Mano
  • Control Systems – Control Systems by NagrathGopal
  • Electrical Machines – Electrical Machinery by PS Bimbhra
  • Power Electronics – Power Electronics by UA Bakshi
  • Power Systems – Power System Engineering by Nagrath Kothari
  • Signals and Systems – Signals and Systems by Oppenheim Wilsky
  • Engineering Mathematics – Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Kreyszig
  • For Objective Problems – GATE for EE by RK Kanodia.

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