CAT Common Admission Test

What 3 steps can you take if CAT is the most important goal in your life

Stop! First ask yourself.

How important is CAT for me? What will success mean for myself, my parents and my family? Am I willing and ready, and do I want to take whatever steps are necessary for achieving my goal? And, am I willing to make effort in 100% whole-hearted way to my ensure success?

“Step 1: Honestly evaluate how good are you at Maths and Vocab for CAT”

Do you realize that most people (other than engineers and science/Maths graduates) are not strong in Maths needed for CAT?

Do you realize that most people taking CAT do not have large, rich vocabulary of about 4,500 words including unusual and odd words needed for these exams.

To really discover how good you are at Maths and Vocab, you can take a mock test in realistic exam environment by timing yourself. This helps you discover how ready are you for the exam, which requires two skills : knowledge of subject (Maths, vocab, comprehension, data interpretation) and speed in solving problems and answe ring question.

Want to take this quick test for CAT vocab?

Here are the last 10 words from the CAT/ MBA to test yourself: iridescent, jettison, jingoism, lackadaisical, langour, lapidary, latitude, lionize, loiter, lull. If you know less than 8 words, you are perhaps not as good as you think you are.

Step 2: Join good coaching for Maths, Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Mock Tests”

To get success, joining good coaching is really helpful because:

  1. Ensures your regular learning under expert guidance.
  2. Makes it easy for you to measure your progress in mock tests in realistic exam environment.
  3. Gives you an all India rank so you know where you stand Which coaching is the best? Each city has some good coaching and that you’ll have tofind out by asking others and visiting some of the famous institutes in your city.

“Step 3: Use the Vocab-Builder Mind Machine to memorize 4,484 words 3 to 7 times faster and to repeatedly revise them in 23 hours for permanent retention”

To get success, you need to memorize vocab and my Vocab-Builder Mind Machine is really the only practical solution (coaching can’t help you memorize, they can just give you book or cards).

The mind machine also trains you to “enter the learning state” so you learn other subjects better, too.

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